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    My name is Arturo and I'm from Mexico. I'm a big Lana del Rey fan, of course, and I really appreciate pop history... I miss the old Britney.
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  1. She's not a one song artist. She's a full record realness artist. I think Videogames and Born to die went to the mainstream as much as Bad Guy or Royals, but Lana didn't went for the same public, that's why you think they're not big enough. I disagree with you about that Don't Call Me Angel comment. It's like the worst song ever. And Lana is not going to have her "biggest hit" in a collab with Ariana (it's so basic).
  2. .... and as I said, they compared it to Norman ******* Rockwell. Lana's influence is everywhere and I loveeeeee it <3 I'm in love with "Seven", it should have been the first single
  3. OMG! Reputation is AMAZING! I like it even more than 1989
  4. My comments: 1. It sounds like you turn out that Madonna song (X Static Process) into a full album 2. There are some super wow songs: Exile, Seven, August and & This is me trying... My favorite: Seven <3 3. I totally get where she went. And believe me, I LOVE a "boring" album, al least that's how the general public named "Norman ******* Rockwell". But I didn't like Folklore a lot :/. Yes, it sounds like an isolation album (not in a good way) 4. I don`t know why in the world her label picked Cardigan as the first single 5. I'm still here for Taylor What do you think guys?
  5. Growing has nothing to do with make an amazing piece. There's a huge difference between 1989 and Rep, but the first listen of Reputation, you were like "WTF! I only hear hits or what?". I really love "Seven" and "Exile" right now. I hope the rest of the album is amazing.
  6. I love Taylor. I was a big fan of 1989 and Reputation, and I know she admires Lana and she likes to play to be her sometimes... But this is not Taylor at all. Even the name of the album and some songs, I was like "I kinda know that vibe". The first single is boring. I'm still listening the album, and I loved "Exile" cause it's strong, but I will see the other songs. Hope she gets the recognition she wants for this album.
  7. Now I feel bad for her. And don't start. I know she's a millionaire, she has a hot husband and of course, she's doing better than me lol. But seriously, she's trying to hard to make it to the number one and it's not going to happen. Her music is really basic since Witness. She just lost it Even Lady Gaga got herself into the gay music industry again with that poor and basic single with Ariana. But Katy is not even doing that.
  8. It's crazy to see a post about Gloria in Breatheheavy. I'm mexican and I used to be super obsessed with her in my childhood. I'm not sure if she's guilty of the crimes, but I was glad when she got free. She was VERY GOOD in her old days. I think right now she's super focused on the LGBT+ community and she makes ****ty music for gay clubs, when she doesn't need to. The LGBT`community always followed her, and she's a great writer, but for me, she lost it with her last albums. Yes, she's the mexican Madonna. Not Paulina or Thalia.
  9. Lana del Rey is hitting #1 with her very first book of poetry "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass". We're going to listen her voice and Jack Antonoff music in her very first word album on July 28th. And then, she's giving us the hard cover book on September 29th, and then on October 2nd the CD and Vinyl versions. All the money raised goes for the Navajo Project: The Navajo Water Project is Indigenous-led, and registered as an official enterprise on the Navajo Nation. Their work creates meaningful, high-paying jobs, many with benefits like 100% employer-paid health coverage. Still to come... Chemtrails Over the Country Club (her new album). She said is gonna be out on September 5th. The Queen is giving!
  10. I don't know if you already discuss this, but back in December, some guy recorded a video when we can see Lana del Rey up in a beautiful vintage car in the streets of L.A, shooting a new video. Back then we thought it was for California or another single from Norman ******* Rockwell, but no, gurls... The marketing Queen knew she needed a video for the new era ASAP and she filmed just 4 months after NFR release date. I have the proof right here: It's not the first time she did this with a new single. I remember she filmed "Love", the first single of Lust for Life much before she even said something about it. And she gave us Honeymoon just one year after Ultraviolence. She's ready and she's comingo for blood!!!!!!!
  11. And it was a big scandal... First she said, they criticize me 'cause I don't take my clothes off (when nobody said that), and then goes with this video. Girl, I'm always more naked in a summer in Mexico and I'm not making a big deal of it. Gosh! Hope it goes #1 on Billboard and Rain on me #2 hahahaha just kidding
  12. She's not that kind of artist, but I feel like this drama helped Ariana and Lady Gaga (she's in Interscope too). All of this happened like 2 days before "Rain on me". Not saying the success of the song is about this drama, but Ariana was a hot topic before the premiere. And Lana was trending on Twitter for 13 hours with more than 1.5 million responses. Ariana and Gaga were trending for only 5-7 hours (the day of the video premiere) Lana del #MarketingQueen
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