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  1. That's a little confusing indeed. I also was expecting a longer hiatus for her. Now this looks not honest and premeditated (don't get me wrong, you know how much I love LM). What bothers me the most is that, if it was to have a 2 months break, she could have wait to end of the Confetti era and tour. Isn't touring the best part of the job? Especially when it's the last one as a group. She made only one performance for sweet melody. Fans were waiting for months, took concert places to see the 4 girls at first, then had the concert postponed, to end with just the 3 of them. Real fans were supportive because they know how bad she feels in her personal life. But I can understand fans can feel upset or betrayed now. Maybe she didn't like the album and didn't want to promote and defend it after all.
  2. Britney would have slay a lot of Janet songs. She's so good at whispering/singing songs. Same for several Billie Eilish songs.
  3. He wants to play the gangsta bad boy, but he's just a piece of sh...... !
  4. That is so mean and painful to watch. Good for her she has temperament and knows how to answer. Addiction issues are not a joke!
  5. Oui, et cervelle de canut et praluline 😁
  6. You're not totally wrong, I love French toast too... and French kiss
  7. I'm glad you recognised the Pisa Tower
  8. I let you guess where I am from Clue:
  9. Wow, this video is... boring and not classy at all! The original was bad, but the remix is worse.
  10. I have to say I agree with almost all your points. It's not the best song ever, but it's catchy. I'd add that the absence of Jesy is more disturbing than I expected. She really brought something special, and I miss it for this first song without her. I wouldn't say the 3 of them are now generic, but it's definitely flatter without her voice (at least on this song).
  11. Maybe it's an announcement that she has an announcement?
  12. Of course she wants Britney to be free... The girl needs to work
  13. If he has no intention to apologize, or at least to acknwledge he acted bad with Britney, he should remain silent. Instead of victimizing himself again. Didn't he understand the purpose of this documentary is bigger than that? We speak about a women whose life is wasted by her family, and he still complains about being the bad guy. He really thinks the world revolves around him. I wanna punch him in the face so much....
  14. This is amazing. I am so glad Britney's case is finally tooken seriousely! This document really is a blessing, it feels like people finally understand how tricky and difficult her situation is. And they finally see her under a new angle. The Britney who shaved her head or was crying in the middle of the street is lo longer considered as a crazy person, but as what she really was at the time: a human being in distress... I really hope it will help her to get her freedom back. I'm so psyched up now, I don't think I could hold a new loss in court
  15. I won't repeat what everyone said above, I agree with the fact that is was a little flat. The sound was not really good for the first part. The visual were nice, but I just think it's too bad the show seemed more designed for TV than for the stadium and the actual audience. Only the opening and the closure looked like a real concert for me. Abel is a really good singer, but his single presence on stage was not enough for that type of event.
  16. I don't understand the hate I personally liked her album Phoenix, it has good songs and she's a pretty good singer. "Your song" has been my jam for several months However, I'm not completely fan of her style, she's like trying too hard to be se.xy. And she ends looking vulgar sometimes. Maybe she didn't really found a trademark... I think she's got the potential to be really huge worldwide (we don't see her a lot in France), but does she have the good team for that? Wasn't the launch of Phoenix postponed several times? We waited so long that the excitment flopped, just like the sales. I am curious to listen to the EP. But is only and EP a good idea, while Dua Lipa launches full albums / remixes / deluxe editions...?
  17. I'm so sorry guys, I know I will make enemies by saying that , but I found the performance a little... messy. There is too much going on this stage, I don't find them in sync, nor completely at ease. Maybe it's the way it's filmed. No shade to them, I like them a lot in their videos, but I wasn't amazed by this performance as you all were...
  18. 25 minutes of video, in Jamaica, at the beach... And he's shirtless for what? only 15 seconds ?
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