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  1. She was so beautiful that night! I loved this performance. Indeed, you can see she was nervous, and she did her best to add energy in the performance. Even if it was not as good as the old performances, I havn't seen her like this since a long time, and I was so happy for her. And this outfit...she looked like a goddess
  2. Can't she have a skilful hair and make up team? I just don't understand how nobody in her entourage says her : "No Britney, that is not good on you" or, "Britney, you kept these extensions for too long, it's time to remove it" These wigs are so cheap and shiny, they look like nylon thread. I am sad her beauty is so often ruined by the lack of taste she, or her team have...
  3. He's kind of cute, but really? This last picture is pointless. There is nothing **** here. He starts to become an attention ***** to me...
  4. YES! Thank you for this topic about Kate Bush. I love her so much and I really feel she's not acknowledged enought by the new generation!
  5. The same way they cancelled or modified videos they considered "inappropriate" As if they didn't give the green light to Everytime, Perfume or Make Me video conepts at first... I definitely don't understand her team's choices sometimes.
  6. Sam Smith is a good exemple. When he started to lose weight, it made the headlines but it didn't overshadow his music (I guess). His change was more about the fact he started to feel at ease with himself, than about his wheight loss. Actually, Sam Smith was less "extravagant" when he was skinny than now... Usually, it's quite the opposite when people lose weight, especially female pop stars, they have a tendency to show more skin, to the detriment of the good taste, and the good music.
  7. I can't agree more Now let see if she's got a good management around her
  8. She looks beautiful and glamourous but indeed, it's disturbing, she's like a completely different person... If she feels happy, healthy and blossomed that's great ! Do you think this transformation will reflect on her new sounds and videos? Will she "sexualize" her image (hello Mariah!) or will she remain the elegant beautiful diva she used to be? And do you think this weight loss can modify her voice? (or is it a stupid question?) I can't wait to hear new music from her!
  9. I love her so much ! The pictures with the green suit are gorgeous. But the cover is really "Handmaid's Tales" style
  10. Gaga + Ari will never be as iconic as Britney + Madonna. Maybe I'm naive, but the relationship between Britney and Madonna looked sincere. I think they really admire an respect each other. Gaga is such an opportunist, she uses everything to buzz. Not long ago, she was BFF with Madonna too, but there was more competition then love. We all saw how it ended... Gaga never talked about Ariana as an inspiration, it comes from nowhere (except from their record companies) She will find another princess in two weeks if the song doesn't top the charts. I don't even see why they linked them as Queen and Princess, they have completely different styles. And in my opinon, Ariana is good enough to have her very own crown, she doesn't need to share the throne with somebody like Gaga...
  11. I don't like to pour water on a drowning girl, her drug/health issues are serious and she needs help. But I don't manage to find her likeable. And as there's no smoke without fire, she's probably not that nice. She looks sneaky. Even when she talks about her relapse, she doesn't seems genuinely remorsful. I wouldn't be fully suprised if she had another one... She turned it as a commercial thing, all her last songs turn around this topic, but it sounds fake to me. Just like the Grammy's performance, everything was so staged : the "come back", the song, the white dress, the tear, the sad faces in the audience... I am pretty sure I am not the one to feel this, and it's probably why her last songs tanked. And probably why people are so willing to "cancel" her. Nobody should endure all the criticts she gets recently, it must be awful. But actually she does the same with people who don't even speak about her, she's seeking attention. So, of course she cares about what people (especially celebrities) say about her!
  12. I agree, this is all wrong... Moreover, Tom Daley looks like he's 12... He had a lot of *** scandals the last years, the way he sexualizes himself that much makes me so uncomfortable.
  13. "Who Was The Bigger POP Culture Icon In 2003? Britney or JLO?" Are you really asking??????
  14. Definitely Billie Eilish ! I don't know why, something in her smile reminds me the young Britney. Both have characteristic voices, not strong as a Mariah, but deep and beautiful. I'm sure that would give soemting really beautiful and smooth.
  15. I hated Britney Jean, but as Jordan took it out of the game, I'd say Femme Fatale. I didn't click with this album, it was too electro-ish for me. The sounds had nothing original, it followed the music trend of this period. Britney never really had very meaningful or personal lyrics, but this album is the worst, it could have been sang by any other popstar... By the way, I really think Glory was underrated. Most of the songs were really cool, and the whole album is coherent.
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