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  1. Buying CDs, that i still always do, i will never stream something precious like music
  2. Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz stan here! I know Bill is like n1 fan of Britney but I didn't know anything about this I only know he met her in Berlin at the meet & greet in 2018, there is a photo on his Insta.
  3. Well put together article. I hope it can reach audience outside of the fandom, which i believe should the true target. I'm waiting for the 2nd part
  4. I have Prerogative, Curious and Curious in Control. Prerogative is very very good
  5. Wish i didn't know this This made me sad a bit and I always knew she was ok promoting the 3 tracks on her album, and not a "forced" thing by the label.
  6. I have only Prerogative ( planning to buy Curious soon ) so i can only talk about that. Prerogative is sweet, it has apricot and pink pepper in the opening, and it dries down to a super warm resinous vanilla scent, i don't smell the coffee at all. I absolutely recommend it
  7. Favorite OST of all times, that are also my favorite movies ever - Titanic - The Lord Of The Rings - Harry Potter - Romeo + Juliet - Troy - The Crow
  8. I think Someday ( I Will Understand ) is the most slept on even tho is not my favorite
  9. My profile pic is tiny with grey background ( on mobile )
  10. I love the song, as with all other BOMT tracks. ( My fav album ) I really like this slower, more ballad version that she did here
  11. I only have Prerogative so i can only speak about that. I didn't expect that fragrance to be so good! I'm waiting for Prerogative EGO
  12. Britney Spears news on TG1 is so cringey but at least they talked about it
  13. Since 2016 I'm vegetarian, but i eat very little amount of dairy products or eggs, so i'm almost vegan.
  14. DAY 30 A song that reminds you of yourself In this challenge i already put some of my favorite songs that reminds me of myself in entries of previous days, and i don't want to repeat songs. Today I've chosen a song by one of my favorite artists/bands of all time, very close to my heart, another one from Tokio Hotel in a live version of a concert near my city i wish i was gone to
  15. DAY 29 I really don't know songs that reminds people of me but i think this could be one of them and i did not post anything about Avril yet, so i picked this one
  16. DAY 28 A song that makes you think of life This song is one of the songs that makes me think of that A masterpiece of a song, the best of Guns N' Roses in my opinion.
  17. DAY 27 The "get you in the mood" song I can't think of other songs
  18. DAY 26 Music video with celebrities in it From Back To The Future
  19. Monsoon is their biggest hit You probably listened to that or Übers Ende Der Welt ( Ready, Set Go! )
  20. DAY 25 This song is very personal to me This goes back to elementary school. A classmate of mine was talking to one of his friends and suddenly she pulled out a magazine with Tokio Hotel in the cover. Looking at the cover I was shockingly curious about one of the member, because he had an extravagant look and i was super curious to know more about him and the band. She explain to me that the guy with that look is the singer of the band and he has a twin brother that also play in the band as the guitarist in the german band Tokio Hotel. The twin brother look and style is so different and that I couldn't believe they were twins. With that in mind and me being a curious person, i wanted to listen to the band and know more about them. I checked their music and i felt in love immediately. At that time they had only german songs out except for Monsoon. I immediately became a fan and bought CDs and DvDs of live concert and knew everything about them. In my life I listened to a very great amount of artists and bands and I can say that is no other artist similar to them, their sound is truly unique and magical. This band is very close to my heart, that made me pick up the guitar and starting learning. This song in particular is my favorite song from them and also one of the first songs i listened from them and brings back everytime emotional feelings. There is no english music video ( By Your Side ) available on youtube apart from the german one so i'll post that.
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