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  1. I think Sam is also involved in the conservatorship.Thats why he lasted so long with her.
  2. This song version was uploaded on YouTube 7 years ago..The rapper on Spotify just reposted it for clout.
  3. I know..I’m aware that it went to #1 on trending..I really found her recent video to be way too controlling..We all should step up in this..It’s a personal choice whether to participate or not.
  4. Yes..I guess breathe heavy should take some initiative regarding this topic....
  5. Exactly my point..We need to keep it trending..I don’t know why no one is actually speaking up..!! This matter needs more attention!
  6. I really took a step back as I was focusing on my college work etc..But Britney has been posting several cryptic messages on her Instagram... someone asked her in one of her previous posts to wear a yellow top if she’s not okay and SHE WORE YELLOW. (I really don’t know how to insert IG posts in between) You can check her Instagram for facts... Then today she posted a video replying to fans comments..Things I noticed in it : 1.She told that she LISTENS to her comments..Meaning she really can’t completely access her Instagram. 2.Shes reading them from a screen.Meaning someone’s really standing behind the camera (Look at her eyes) 3.Shes rocking back and forth as a mechanism to cope up with the stress..You can see it in the entire video... We all need to help Britney.I know many of you might have gave up on her.Many of you might have lost all hope of her making music or getting her freedom. But she’s the one,Her music was the one that was there for us when no one was. She’s literally ASKING us for help. How can we all help: 1.Trend hashtag #freebritney again. 2.Comment the hashtag under her recent Instagram posts. 3.Send comments to her to wear ‘Pink Dress’ If she's in danger 4.Comment positive things and free Britney hashtag 5.Attack anyone who tries to post defamatory comments under her posts I don’t know how to tag everyone But I want to request everyone to please help her. This is no longer a joke..She’s a human being..She needs rights If you can see this post please tag everyone so that they can see this.
  7. It’s time for Britney army to wake the **** up...She clearly told that she LISTENS to her comments meaning she has no control over her Instagram..After telling her fav song is toxic she told that she actually doesn’t have any favourite song in the world..Which means some of her posts are forced...Trend #freebritney again...She’s literally asking for help... It’s time we need to wake the **** up And if this still doesn’t trigger you I really don’t know what else will..
  8. Hope y’all are steaming Mood Ring..If it hits the top 20 on billboard charts I’m gonna upload my ***** real hard..

  9. So recently..Say So remix went to #1 and Nicki minaj got her first #1 But if you ask me her previous songs deserved number 1 rather than say so remix Say so remix actually sounded like it was fan made..While Savage Remix had that potential to be #1 What do you guys think?
  10. This should have been the cover when she released the album..This matches the vibe of the album better
  11. We all know Britney doesn’t sing live and only sings live a few parts as her baby nasal voice is very hard to keep up entire time..Plus her killer dance choreo in past I think her Oops era was the best vocally where she fully adapted to the baby voice and it didn’t damage her voice too much And era wise I don’t know much but ofcourse i would go with Britney Jean era..Where she wasn’t even singing and plus her piece of me performances weren’t that great.. Album wise I would again say it has to be Oops Because it does showcase her vocal talent with many songs not to forget Where are U Now which should have been a single And ofcourse vocally her worst album for me would be Britney Jean cause it’s too much autotune and ofcourse it was Mysh in most parts so 😬
  12. This won’t go to #1.The original is far more better and is unique just because Doja Cat sings as well raps in the song...And plus remixes of popular songs don’t go #1
  13. Okay so we gonna ignore the fact that it might have been used some time to cover his thing down there 🤦🏻‍♂️✌🏼😇
  14. My favourite album by Britney is In the zone.I believe even if she released some of the songs now they’ll still sound fresh..! Since in new here I don’t know if this has already been done before! Heres my Album Ranking: (Not including the Bonus Tracks) 12.Brave New Girl Okay this Song isn’t that bad..But the title,The lyrics and the vibe match more with the Britney album..It seems a bit out of place on this album so it’s my least favourite 11.Shadow This is a great song and has very good lyrics..But compared to rest of album it’s a bit too emotional..I feel the main emphasis of in the zone was to be bold and fearless so this heartbreak song is a bit too much for me..But still a great song! 10.The Hook Up This song is very catchy and makes me groove to it but..Let’s be honest.It does sound a bit dated.But I still really love this song and enjoy listening to it.! 9.Everytime Okay before y’all attack me..This is a very emotional song and the fact that Britney wrote this on her piano shows her talent as an artist.But..She does get a lot of **** when she sang this live in the onyx hotel tour..And please this was for JT..And I don’t like JT so..🤷🏻‍♂️ 8.Early Mornin’ The only reason why I placed this song higher than everytime and the hookup is due to the bold meaning behind this song.This song is about having ********* *** when Britney tells her hookup to call all his friends..This song shows much about Britney’s transition from sweet innocent girl to a bolder hot woman. 7.I Got That Boom Boom (Ft.Ying Yang Twins) This is very groovy and catchy..But sometimes I need to be in the mood to listen to this song..So placing it at this place And plus it’s bold meaning where Britney tells his man to hurry up and start their *** before the sun rises 6.Showdown Another bold song..Plus it’s tone and it’s composition..It’s another masterpiece.Its about a couple having breakup ***...Again I have to be in the mood to listen to this song..Else I love it!! 5.Outrageous I know many of you may get triggered by this.But Let’s all agree it’s very catchy..If Britney hadn’t hurt her knee..Britney night have transitioned into featuring hip hop artist into her songs..Plus the dance for the music video..Her hot outfits in the music videos..This song had so much potential for its composition and the music..Well I should have posted it much lower since it was written by R.Kelly but I love this song and even used to workout to it sometime 😬😂 4.Me Against the Music(ft.Madonna) This song had so much potential in it..Only song in history to feature Madonna,Awesome Dance break,Iconic Music vidéo,Iconic performances,Everything related to this song was perfection..I don’t know why it couldn’t make it to top 10 on the billboard charts..Any way I love this song..This is even great to workout to! 3.Toxic Well..Do I need to explain that..Every person regardless of their age,Gender,Sexuality,Preference,etc loves shaking their *** to toxic! This also gave Britney her only Grammy and Ofcourse Britney herself chose for this to be a single..A masterpiece and iconic song in every way. 2.Touch of My hand This is probably the first song which openly speaks about female ************..Imagine releasing such a controversial song in the 2000s..And that too being released by the sweet virginal image girl Britney..! I love the Lyrics,The composition and The message..Plus it still sounds fresh up to this date..! 1.Breathe on Me I mean..Britney loves it her fans love it..Plus I can only imagine how iconic and hot would have been the music video if prime Britney had shot one for this..It would have completely changed her image...Sadly we didn’t get a music video for this but cmon it’s a great song..The message,The composition and The melodyof this song.. What are your album rankings for in the zone??! Also I’m adding this alternate album cover which I like more than the original
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