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  1. 7 hours ago, DuranDuran said:

    I think that she was made to think that she personally could not do it herself. That all legal actions are only through her lawyer.

    It is a legal trap. A murky water in observance of formalities, specifically to confuse people when needed... What I mean, for ex., Viv, in her "Daddy" press tour, claimed that Brit had never filed a petition for the removal of her father or the termination of Сship.  And Viv was not lying, cuz formally Britney did not submit such petitions. But we know that Britney asked many times her  court-appointed lawyer and judges to remove her father and terminate the Cship.

    So seems it 's not enough just to say 'I want to end Cship'. You must say 'I am petitioning for termination of Cship'. And even after that, you may be ignored. Like Britney filed an oral petition of termination on June 23. And Penny pretty much ignored it and turned to Brit's court-appointed lawyer, although she had the power to accept any petition bypassing Ingham.

    This. The entire team was complicit in the cship and was profiting off it. It sounds like Britney spoke up (based on the June 23 testimony) many times over the years and was completely ignored. And they shut her off from most of the world, monitored her nonstop, so she really had no way of doing her own research or talking people who could provide her with valuable information. She didn't know because they didn't want her to know. 

  2. 5 hours ago, rebellion_is_the_way said:

    For me, these sentences will not be explained even after years. Imagine you are at a hearing, the person you are defending is in the room and you say, "The hearing should be sealed,  and should not be shared with public ,since the privacy of our client's children will be compromised". I think a judge( or rather a good judge) would understand from that sentence how these people have been gaslighting Britney for years.


    Britney's mothering choices are still on trial. And this is done to Britney herself with her own money.and still happening. What a shame...

    100% feels like gaslighting to me. Protecting medical privacy is one thing, especially given how harsh HIPAA violations can be. But we've had court docs about the kids for years now, especially since the Jamie/Preston incident, so I can't imagine that's a valid rationale any longer. Besides, if Britney chooses to speak about her own children in open court that's her right -- and she did bring up how they were made to sit in the car when she was in that "treatment facility" but again, her right. They can't silence her forever. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Britney671 said:

    I think she doesn't really have a drinking issue I think it was just forced unto her. Maybe she liked having people to talk to. Would explain the sudden mind body spirit she loves so much. I'm here for it .

    I would lean this way. AA isn't necessarily limited to people who have a drinking problem. NA meetings (narcotics, drugs) are usually hard to come by, whereas AA meetings are easy to find, so sometimes you'll see people attend AA to get that similar feeling of support on a more regular schedule even if alcohol was never their "drug of choice."

    Similarly, Al Anon (not to be confused with AA/Alcoholics Anonymous) is for people whose lives are impacted by alcohol/drug alcohol use/abuse but are not abusers themselves (parents, partners, family of users) and could easily be called AA for the sake of not getting super specific because the whole damn thing is supposed to be anonymous. We know Jamie has/had a drinking problem, so it's also possible that if people in Britney's life saw her heading down a similar path or being at risk for use/abuse, it would make sense for her to not drink/drug at all and use any of the above meetings to connect with sober people. All of these meetings can be amazing support systems, even long after someone has been sober for whatever reason.

    As to the regularity/longevity of involvement in any of these, people should stay consistent with them long after they are sober. I have family members who are 30+ years sober and still attend meetings because it's important to be surrounded by others who are sober to understand you're not alone. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Markthepop said:

    Honestly, if a racist or someone who does not mind human trafficking is an ally to LGBTQ, I don’t care for them anyway. My rights are not more important than any other human being’s. And eating out with Jamie Spears? 🤢🤮#cancelled

    Bravo Tv GIF by Slice

    Oh for sure. But who knows how much Gaga was truly aware of. 

  5. 14 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    Take the process server incident. When it happened, Perez posted photos of the guy's wounds (they looked to be taken with a pro camera, not a crappy digital one). TMZ posted the process server's version of events of what happened. Twain later said that Perez was a "strawberry" (Easy E-speak for "ho"), who had been bought off by The Machine including Perez in the opening sequence of Brit's concert. Twain also said that Blair Berk and Harvey Levin went way back, so that explained why TMZ was getting on the inside scoops on the legal stuff.

    It's also been noted that a Brit romance story (K-Fed, Indian choreographer, Jason Trawick, you pick) gets dropped in the media on the same day that an Adnan story appears.

    Just trying to go through some of the emails one by one and started with Adnan and trying to figure out how/why team con was already working on their own narrative about Britney's pre-con days.

    There's an old blog that was trying to point fingers at Perez/TMZ for changing the narrative back in 09/10. Sounds like team con really wanted this process server story to distract people. Over the course of several posts, the blog notes that Adnan was served Feb. 2 (by Ram Mozkowitz's partner Jason Alexander--not the Vegas marriage Jason), making the Feb. 23 "date served/hit and run" incident absolute nonsense. Ram was not alone on the 23rd and was not there to serve papers. He was with another partner, Jesse Martell, who allegedly did not leave the car that he and Ram arrived in. There are also some allegations of Ram and/or Jesse brandishing firearms at Adnan, which could explain why he tried to take off in his car. Adnan pled no contest to the whole running Ram over with a Mercedes fiasco. 

    Blog photos with each story are all from JFX




    Edit: Links posted with a BreatheHeavy URL rather than breatheheavy.wordpress.com. AAAAND it keeps happening. What am I missing?

    Also, meant to add that Ram's attorney questioned why this fiasco didn't get MORE media coverage 

    Author’s Note: Olson indicated he was surprised that the media had not covered the story yet.  I am surprised as well given the prominence of the names involved and previous interest by the media in Ghalib. I will meanwhile make another attempt for fair comment from Ghalib’s attorney.

  6. 19 minutes ago, toysoldier88 said:

    Somenthing major must have happened after circus era that made her loose any hope of getting out this mess... She kinda surrended until 2019, those monsters probably started to give her unnecessary drugs ( pretty clear during Femme fatale) making her believe she needed this conservatorship..:lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:


    14 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

    According to court docs obtained by the NYT, she was fighting it in court in 2014 and 2016. 

    And the alleged 2010 breakdown after hearing once again that she would not be allowed out of the cship

  7. 37 minutes ago, Pawnshop_ said:


    Wow. Britney needs out of Hollywood ASAP when she’s free. I know custody complicates her moving but damn everyone seems connected to each other somehow, shady AF and super fake.

    Also, I will never get over Lady GaGa saying nada about Britney & her manager being connected to you know who… yikes. 

    Gaga was out there eating bbq with daddy Spears and the rest of team con like it was nothing :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

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  8. I just started a similar thread to this one, albeit without nearly as many details as @Steel Magnolia provided, and was linked over to this tread. 

    I was trying to figure out if Sam L and Lou had some sort of ties since both have been linked to Britney, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes. But now my mind is just blown away with all the info here on what went down in Britney's life from 2007/2008. There were so many new stories about her back then that it was hard to make sense of what was happening, but in retrospect the pieces are really coming together.

    Someone with more time and better investigative skills than me needs to draw some sort of chart linking all the characters in Britney's life together. How are Sam A and Lou connected? Sam L and Lou? Lou and Bobby Campbell? What the hell really happened with Andrew Wallet? Were KFed and Mark Vincent Kaplan complicit or cooperative in setting up the cship? There are so many players in this game. I know everyone is looking at Jamie right now, but the media needs to dig into everyone else that was around in the year before the cship was set up and the year it was established and when it was later made permanent. How can we get all of these details out beyond Exhale? 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, OceanLabyrinth said:

    See, there's that insidious way of his as he creeps into another's life to take ultimate control. What the hell is that about? Is there a psychological diagnosis of this loony behaviour? It's beyond creepy. I hope to god Britney keeps him a hundred miles away from her when she's free. The guy is like a creeping psychological cancer that slides in when you least expect it because they charm you. And then that sinister darkness befalls every facet of your life and you realize you have no control because you handed all your power over to somebody like this. 

    I just can't stand that Sam L acts as if he's an ally to Brit. These voicemail leaks have me so confused. I find it so hard to believe he is on her side. He did almost exactly the same thing to Courtney Love that he did to Britney and Courtney has been very vocal about how he should not be trusted. 

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  10. 9 minutes ago, OceanLabyrinth said:

    Yes, even Lady gaga mentioned in a tweet that Jamie Spears makes great barbecue ribs after a get together arranged, I assume, by Loucifer. Lady gaga's manager (his name escapes me right now) is fairly close with Sam Asghari by all accounts. Sam, I think, called him a very dear friend (or it might have been the other way around). Either way they like each other's company. They even recently met up 'randomly' in Italy. The whole thing is completely incestuous and you can understand why some people in the fan base are suspicious about Asghari's motives. Time will tell, I guess.

    Found it! Gaga's manager is Bobby Campbell, who has been spotted with Sam A. And let us not forget Sam A plugging those damn Chromatica Oreos that Bobby gave him.

    WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide:


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  11. 12 minutes ago, OceanLabyrinth said:

    Yes. Wasn't Lou Taylor involved in the Amanda Bynes case and then Sam Lufti took over her conservatorship? Totally weird. Could someone please verify or discredit this please? If so, they come across as people who like to pray on vulnerable female celebrities. That should be alarm bells enough.

    I believe Amanda's parents are her conservators, but she did have ties to Sam, initially calling him a "brother" and later saying he hacked into her Twitter to post as her. 





    And there were Tweets on Amanda's alias account about Lou trying to reach out 


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  12. 14 minutes ago, OceanLabyrinth said:

    Oh, this will be an interesting read. I always get the feeling with Sam Lufti that he is the eternal fence sitter who always has loyalties to both sides of a camp and plays them off with each other in order to gain his own leverage in the situation. Like the father of all frenemies! He has a somewhat insidious way of implanting knowledge in order to enmesh himself in a situation or person in which he can ultimately take control. Not sure I am a fan, tbh. He seems to currently be setting himself up as the saviour of the Free Britney movement which is quite distasteful. This glut of voicemails he's just released he could have done way back. Why now? And he always seems to be involved in Britney's life no matter many times he's told to stay the f.u.c.k away. It's reminds me of what stalkers do.

    Definite stalker vibes, but I can't help but be suspicious of the fact that Sam and Lou target so many of the same people in the same ways 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Roger said:

    They framed Britney together, this is what me and some other members think. Some goes as far as thinking that Lynne Spears introduced Sam L. to Britney. 

    Oddly enough, he was pictured with Miley and Adam Leber in 2014. Adam hanging out with his someone his protégé has a restraining order against. How f'ed up is that.

    Take a look at these threads:





    OK so I'm not crazy for thinking there's a link here. Can't believe I missed the other threads. Thanks for linking :saycheese_make_me_mm_hat_smile_peace_sign_grin_glory_britney:

    Are we saying there is a possibility that Sam is intentionally sent into the lives of vulnerable female celebrities to drag them down so Lou could step in and put them under a conservatorship? 

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  14. Is there some sort of connection between Sam L and Lou T that we know of?

    After Sam L's leaked voicemails, I couldn't stop thinking about the restraining order that Courtney Love (and her daughter, sister, and ex son-in-law) took out on him. Then I remembered everything Courtney said about Lou T trying to put her in a conservatorship.

    Naturally, the next thing I'm jumping to is how Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan were both targeted by Sam and Lou as well. 

    Is there any sort of connection between Sam and Lou? It seems so odd to me that both of them have gone after the same women. 


    For your reading pleasure:









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  15. The one that leaked back in 2009 that was reposted with the collection of voicemails always seemed legit to me. I just wish people listened back then. I feel like the only places picking up the voicemail in 2009 were gossip/tabloid sites without much credibility behind them.


    The other three leaks don't sound like Britney at all to me. Anyone else? :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:


    Two things I can say with certainty: Britney knew the cship was wrong from day one and tried to fight it all along. Sam L was not good for Britney then and would not be any good in her life now. There are literally videos of Brit asking paps for their phones and telling them Sam is hiding or tampering with her cell. Check out these videos 


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  16. 17 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    tbh tributes have always been about that, other artists paying homage to whoever is getting the award, dead or alive.

    It wasn't until the likes of Justin and Beyoncé, that suddenly all the awarded people had to perform themselves, and though that's more enjoyable to the fans, like the case with Britney at the BBMA 2016, I've always found that kind of weird. It's like performing at your own wedding, or something like that . "We're recognizing your career and achievements, but you have to come and put on a performance in order to receive the award" :ehidk_britney_um_eek:

    And I think it all comes to how times have changed and how artists are perceived in terms of their age. This kind of tributes used to be for older artists, with huge careers, and that were most likely not expected to be able to perform.

    But now, artists are getting this recognitions at a younger age each time, which is both a compliment, for achieving so much at such a young age, but at the same time it's like telling them, you're way past the age of the regular performers we're having on this show. 

    Solid points. I guess it just feels extra gross in this case because we know Britney has little to no say over her career. And then fact that she could not hide her obvious discomfort. 

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