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  1. Was not expecting the video to end that way, especially after we got into shoe sizes Two sides to every coin, but I’m choosing to look at this as Britney being smart about what she says about working. If she upholds the narrative that she’s not working then there is no need for Jamie or anyone else to be involved, thereby no need for the conservatorship, and she moves on as a free woman and makes her own choices. She already said in court she won’t work till Jamie is out, so while it’s good to hear her voice, I’m not at all surprised the answer is I don’t know. Any answer other than that outside of court might make things more difficult for her legally.
  2. I got so excited until we figured out the details This is a bigger letdown than the new Britney music that Jordan teased
  3. Do Somethin is so underrated But Hung Up really took me back. What a ******* moment Edit: It's too early for me to remember not to use profanity on here. But trust that this is praise.
  4. The Joy of Pepsi song and commercial live rent free in my head Hands down her best campaign with Pepsi
  5. Was this era in general (FF and X) off? Absolutely. BUT.. I loved Britney on X Factor. I enjoyed watching her interact with guests and the hosts. Britney has always pulled weird expressions and had a tendency toward social anxiety, so nothing weird there to me. I loved her outfits. Idk why people are dragging her. She had the most gorgeous dresses during X Factor. And every reality competition show is scripted. A close friend of mine has done The Voice and American Idol. Her whole persona and storyline were scripted for her by producers. The contestants are all called ahead of time to audition - good or bad. So the whole Britney ear piece wearing, scripted judging, can't think for herself narrative is irrelevant here. Everyone on those shows is told what to do or say (at least vaguely).
  6. Once the Baby Bottle Pop Challenge took off, the movie deal was imminent
  7. I was just going to say the same thing, because I don't remember it feeling like four years without Britney. Obviously, we had the paps following her every move so the whole world still knew where she was and what she was doing. But outside of that, as you said, we had Chaotic (show/single), My Prerogative, Someday, and Do Somethin as singles plus the Greatest Hits and B in the Mix albums. We had videos for all the singles, and didn't she do a making the video for Someday? Did I imagine that? Even without having a new, full length album (not remixes) to promote, she was still everywhere. She did a ton of interviews (late shows, and I think Ellen and/or Oprah) during this time and appearances (e.g., MTV, red carpet for Willy Wonka with that iconic golden ticket tank) alongside K Fed because people were fascinated by her even when she wasn't working fulltime. And we had the M&Ms tour as someone mentioned. (It's early here, feel free to fact check me because I don't have the energy haha..) The lead in to the Blackout era was an amazing time to be a fan, regardless of how it charted or what happened with performances/promo. I'm dating myself here, but I still have the CD I burned in 06/07 with all of the leaks I was able to find on Limewire. I was so eager for new content and because this was a huge time in music for leaks, I was constantly online trying to download any and every song before the album dropped. Until the last few years, there really were no true breaks in Britney's career. For an avid fan, there was always something you could tune into or track down that was new or reworked in terms of music and she was never truly out of the public eye (by choice and otherwise). Britney also did a lot for the fan club at this time and was incredibly candid in her letters of truth. For all the ups and downs she experienced between ITZ and Blackout, she was pretty vocal and open about her life during these years. For someone just a few years younger than Brit, I found it refreshing to watch her find her voice and speak her truth at a time in her life where she was really trying to find herself and grow as a woman.
  8. So many good ones were already posted from the ones that came to mind for me.. which were Overprotected (that orange skirt and blue top are still perfection), My Prerogative, and 3.. So I tried to think of some other iconic moments Boys deserves some recognition here. Literally every scene in Do Somethin. Hello, Mona Lisa-ney
  9. Just an update on my obsession of the day The press release isn't on either of the major press release sites I would have expected to find it on. It's also not on the LA courthouse press release page.
  10. Posted this in other threads, but might as well post it here. Did we verify the press release screen shot? I'm online for work now (work in media) and can't find this on any of the usual PR websites. There are some strange errors in the screen shot.
  11. This. And the release isn’t even written in an appropriate journalistic style. Really hope this isn’t fake, but I have a lot of doubts.
  12. Did anyone verify the legitimacy of this press release? I’m going to try and track it down when I log on for work today (member of the press), but just reading the screenshot I have to say this isn’t written in AP or Chicago styles like a true press release. @Jordan Miller were you able to track down an original?
  13. I’m trying to catch up on the other thread about the press release to find out if it is legitimate. Did we ever figure out where it came from? I can probably dig into it a little more when I log on for work in a couple hours.
  14. I think you have to submit an application to listen and be approved. So maybe some media outlets will get approval. I’m tempted to try it since I’m a member of the press, but this is so far out from what I write about that I doubt I’d get approved. Should I go for it?
  15. I’ll probably get dragged for this, but it was fun until it wasn’t fun. Early Britney was literally everywhere. This was amazing for my BOMT Stan days. When I tell you I rushed to get the BOMT CD single, then the album, then tour tickets. I couldn’t get enough Britney and for years there was more than enough Britney music, content, merch, and appearances to go around. Enter the ITZ era. It was too much. So much Britney in so many different places. The promo started to feel forced. The media and public started turning on her. Britney started speaking up (yes, queen, finally) and acting out, even before k fed. For all her success, and for all the great tracks we got during ITZ, it started to feel like her team over saturated Britney the brand and you couldn’t blink without seeing her. Blackout felt like she was back. Gimme more came out and I had renewed faith. But we all know how that one goes.
  16. Just when you think it can’t get any weirder Holy joystick, is it June 23 yet?
  17. OK I am living for that IG page right now. So many iconic looks. I've always loved her chunky heels, and now I know who makes them.
  18. Damn. Did anyone get a screenshot? It's not loading correctly for me and the IconicBritney account that seems to have called attention to this is suspended
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