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  1. Someone atleast get her a decent phone
  2. Good for her! Still..... Hope she gets a prenup... She needs to protect herself, nothing against him he seems good for her but a lot of people who claim to love her have taken advantage of her so I hope she protects herself! Hope she has lots of kids
  3. I'll only believe it's true IF we find out that after she slapped her she said "now get to work *****" Sus apart from that body guard everyone whose worked for Britney says she's nice Seems like team con job to make people hate her. Make her look abusive to her working class staff so she seems like an out of touch crazy rich b... and then throw in allegations of neglecting animals cos people like me like animals more than people. At first NGL I read it and was like "oh she's crazy and what she's neglecting her dogs f her" Then ten seconds later I remembered who probably hired her house staff and that this is Britney spears not Naomi Campbell
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't see her releasing a full album for the foreseeable future? I feel like she's going to go to a private island and paint for the next five years, get married have a couple kids , write an autobiography work on her mental health and the trauma that she's had for being in this 13 years and it's almost selfish of us to even contemplate her going under the pressure of the entertainment industry for quite sometime. She could never release another track and she'd still be relevant long after we're all dead and gone
  5. You forgot to add her biggest hits to her setlist: Candy I wanna be bad Another dumb blond Stars are blind Did ya understand that Perfect day In my pocket Crush Is it chicken or tuna
  6. Britney was the icon of the 2000s. The icon of her generation. She was compared to the best dancers because she put on events. She could keep up with her dancers not just do a wee bit of choreography. That Madonna Britney xtina performance is not remotely one of her best performances but it was an event and for another performer it'd be the highlight of their career . However the people saying she hasn't changed. Personalities do change. Even in 2003 Britney had changed. She had been constantly bashed, smeared and hated on by a public and media who now hated her. She was so damned sad and seemed disillusioned and was searching for something. After years of judgement abuse, a failed marriage, having kids, the hellish existence getting older and wiser, decieved judged having your privacy invaded and having no say in your life or career is going to leave trauma and that's going to change a person it can harden you, make you bitter, and it can make you more guarded. We are all the changed by the events in our lives and the people we meet. Everything leaves traces We're never going to get 22 year old carefree Brit back. But I'm looking forward too seeing who new Britney is and what her post c/ship mission is...
  7. Serving 1993 Janet Jackson vibes. ******* dig it.
  8. Not a fan of this but love your work and have had tilt your head back in my work out playlist since you leaked it I have a question that's bugged me since the days of myspace , in the lead up to black out I remember hearing a snippet of a song thats lyrics were "get back get off of my back get back get off of my back" it was a ******* banger from what I heard , the vocals sounded identical to britney's but I've never been able to find it because of the actual song get back on blackout deluxe having the same name as some of the lyrics. Have you ever heard this ?? What ever happened to it!
  9. What the **** does any of that mean ? 😂 It's like she just kept pressing space bar and clicking random suggested words and made word soup 😂 This insta is wild every week I change my mind about if it's her or her team. I have bipolar and if it is her she's either manic as **** or just finally happy to be able say and do whatever she wants. If it's not her , it's an amateur hour attempt by team c to make her look unstable which is failing cos everyone is here for it. I dunno what the ****s going on but she looks amazing and I'm glad she's got shoes?! 😂
  10. How dare they not call halsey their correct pronouns... how lazy and ignorant are allure! How hard is it to type "flop". Halsey identifies as a flop respect this.
  11. Well we know she feeds stories ...well allegedly but we know... So no doubt she feeds stories to Perez and TMZ too Over the years all those "Sources close to Britney spears say she's going off the rails" stories did come from sources to Britney after all.... Absolute scum.
  12. https://youtu.be/f0AvvFuXpAc "Not loopy ******* Lou they haven't let her out of the nuthouse again have they 🤣"
  13. I hope she does have a celebratory party. There was nothing wrong with her partying at 25 when she has shared custody the media just made it out like she was .... I hope she doesn't get surrounded by fake friends and hangers on but Britney needs good times and I never liked Paris but I think there's a genuine friendship there .... Honestly.... I just want her to have her damn life back
  14. Honestly I get angry just thinking about what they've done to her, she has every right to be angry, what would really be crazy is if she was being polite and praising these people. Stop judging her. *** ****
  15. Blocked off the internet hopefully. Maybe Papa Spear brought demi a froyo so they are all good. Honestly, I they don't say anything... Demi is one of those people who are just so awful you just wanna oppose anything they support.
  16. Probably but I don't get why people say horrible **** about her in the comments when they claim to support her. People suck
  17. I feel like the fans are all good with whatever she posts if it's actually her. I found the dancing videos cute and dorky. I found the posting of the same pic over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again really ******* weird. What I hated the most are the fake fans who probably only know BOMT and toxic was "is this a sign " "what does this mean" "she's unwell" "this isn't normal" **** those people judging her. If she wants to post vids of her doing cardio to bops good for her. I do think her Instagram is sketchy at times but more and more I'm starting to think it's actually her most of the time and we're just judging her really harshly when it's possibly her only outlet. I think she's only recently started reading the comments and she's fighting the haters a bit .. maybe it's so hard to figure that account out I dunno tbh but I have seen so many so called supporters say horrible **** about the way she looks, sounds and dances and I ******* hate society for being so negative
  18. 1. Make me 2. Gimme More 3. Radar But make me is the most unforgivable. Great song horrendous video and I didn't like the unreleased video either 🤷🏼‍♂️
  19. I love how Britney didn't sing one note on her duet with Juno Lou 🤣🤣🤣 but was fine with Miley
  20. We know that allegedly JL leaks stories fake or real to the tabloids and I reckon the whole family did it for years. I genuinely believe Britney didn't want anything to do with her parents I genuinely recall talk of Britney getting a restraining order on Lynn at some point in 07. Whenever Britney rebelled through her life her family always seemed to be super controlling and trying to almost punishing her for it (the Vegas wedding) She was cutting them off and they couldn't have that... She fired Larry, she never wanted to work with max again family hires them both ... I just think they don't see her as a human and they see her as an ATM
  21. Britney should be able to leave RCA as soon as she's free and take all her masters with her. They can keep Britney Jean tho
  22. Colon I know Ive been hard on you Liver I'm sorry for the things I put you Britney before you squeal on me I'll ask for sympathy it was all Jamie Lynns idea.
  23. Jails too good for Juno Lynn, Britney should open up a pita pit in Kentwood and have Juno work as a bathroom attendant. Or I dunno the gas station in Kentwood... It's alright it's ok you're gonna pump our gas someday. And Lou is a homophobe so they should send her to Guantanamo and make her watch drag race , queer eye and will and grace 24/7 365.
  24. I remember being so pissed because I got Christina's debut album for Xmas instead of oops when I was little.... Which made me get my first job as a kid so I could get oops 🤣 I still bop to self titled and stripped and the singles from her other eras I loved the rivalry though...it was ******* iconic. I don't take any of that back it was fun and Christina was mean but I like her now. I kinda always did tho Stripped is a straight up classic and if Britney ever releases new music I'd love her to do something truly raw and eclectic like that or velvet rope but I'm not fussed.
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