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  1. She was already iconic but Toxic cemented her in pop culture. “It’s Britney *****” reinforced it. Some of you may be too young to remember (and I feel super old saying this) but around 2006-2007 she was the most famous person to exist. To this day I think she is one of the most recognisable women in the world.
  2. He had/has no business looking after financial affairs, I hope it’s all thoroughly investigated. I truly believe they (team con) never believed she would become so self aware/independent/free and so thought they would never be held accountable. Just proves how strong Britney is.
  3. I think some of you forget that by speaking out sooner he could easily have been pushed out by team con and so probably thought it was best to support her privately so she had a support network around her.
  4. Autumn Goodbye - I really didn’t like it when I was younger but every so often “I never promised you a happy ending…” will randomly pop into my head and I have to listen.
  5. Yes, I listened to this opinion and gave my own opinion in response…
  6. Let her be happy. Why is that so hard for some of you?
  7. I also get infuriated by this fan base on this topic. The constant talk about not trusting Sam completely undermines Britney’s autonomy and judge of character, I just don’t understand how people think they know better than she does in her own relationship.
  8. It’s the album that made me discover Britney and I’ve never looked back.
  9. Wasn’t there rumours/reports of her calling one of the boys London?
  10. I’m convinced she will be back - the crazy thing is that after this is over, not only will Britney be able to make her own choices, people will be able to contact her again 🙏
  11. His only hope/desire is to fall back and hope he gets a cut in the future, it’s disgusting.
  12. I would recommend discussing the vilification of Britney by the media (and inherent misogyny in that/how it would not be acceptable today) and how that (amongst other things) aided to her negative public perception, ultimately playing into the hands of the conservators.
  13. I’m so happy for Britney at this time. TMZ want her to fail so badly it’s disgusting - acting as if the media didn’t have a hand in putting her in the position she is in now. They want nothing more than to be vindicated by her failure. Having listened to the “Pieces of Britney” podcast, I strongly believe they played a bigger part than I had initially thought (would highly recommend - especially for those like me who thought they knew everything there was to know about the story already, there’s a lot of stuff from sources/paparazzi I was not aware of and it’s shocking).
  14. No, the documents don’t go into a vacuum. Jamie isn’t above the law by reason of him resigning/ending the conservatorship.
  15. Is he not under a statutory obligation to file annual accounts in any case, which means the “approval of accounts” effectively is a procedural matter which then enables the conservators to discharge their duties? I’m not convinced they could terminate without this step.
  16. Rosengart Should investigate the **** out of why a system that is supposed to protect her is actively trying to make her look bad - these “media relations” payments are clearly ****ed.
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