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  1. He also revealed that after his card got stuck in an ATM, he was allowed to get on Britney's dancers' tour bus. Most dancers were kind, but some would make comments such as: "Why is fan travelling with us?", and also "You come to all the shows..." like it was something freakish. He explained they don't pay his bills, so that shouldn't bother them, and that some people get wasted to the same pubs every night, mate w/ anything that walks... He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and he's not promiscuous. He simply loves to travel the world and attend great events. He didn't like some of Britney's entourage much, the way some men way back then would stare at her, etc.
  2. She was referring to another one. @Easy There, I'm sure it's another one she was referring to; do you have their name?
  3. Still live. Alex has truly lived THE LIFE! Very kind and articulate guy.
  4. @Puppy He says he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her, yet her team was abusive to him and even did certain unspeakable things (and he could not tell Britney in their presence). @Easy There @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN Well, he sure supported our Queen a lot!
  5. "itsderrickallen: Robin and Larry stood there on the sidelines and pointed and laughed at her and the fans the whole time" Alex explained how some fans were left in tears right after a photo op w/ Brit. Fans sometimes could not even tell when pictures when being taken, make sure they were looking at the camera, their eyes were open, and that Robin and Larry would purposely sabotage the whole experience. He also explains her team was mental.
  6. King Alex is LIVE now spilling HOT beans! https://www.instagram.com/themrkingalex/live/ EDIT: He just revealed how Hellish it was during the Circus Tour. He's now talking about Vegas.
  7. Myah Marie confirmed the second verse of Body Ache was left open for Britney and Anthony Preston to write. As for the rest, I believe Britney had a hand in writing (lyrics and/or melodies) to a greater or lesser extent.
  8. @Kyky They took a 5 pixels screenshot and apparently did something to make her look worse. The original video: Also... Here are recent unedited paparazzi photos from just three weeks ago: And these: @0009000, I agree. Madonna truly does look beautiful. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian are all (much) younger and use just as many filters and cosmetic enhancements, so I don't get the bigger scandal when it's Madonna. If anything, the fact Madonna is older makes it more understandable for her.
  9. @JayTawndre @Slayer @Jsh83 @Kevney I can't at most everybody here automatically assuming such "unfiltered pics" are real. @Jordan Miller, what's the source of this? How reliable is it? Would you have posted it was it Britney Spears instead? I understand the discussion you're initiating, but TONS of people in music, film and modelling (incl. adult work) have recourse to filters and/or surgery, fillers, implants, Botox, etc. All this serves to do is humiliate Madonna even more. Let's leave Madonna alone. The final approved pics will always be the real ones to me; I really don't care about bad outtakes, esp. if fake. Britney, years before she turned 39, already admittedly had some work done, and lots of her photos were edited, so... Isn't it Perez Hilton who posted the supposed unedited stills of Britney on set of the Piece of Me MV? @ovoxo @Jakeuskhan @Spicechinodiva @ICouldntThinkOfOne
  10. That's true for some TV performance, but the DWAD DVD was dubbed.
  11. Add K-Fed to that. People often forget him on here even though he's the one family member, so to speak, that profited the most from the c-ship right after Jamie.
  12. @rower2222 No. As explained earlier in this thread, Jamie needs to be removed first. Asking for termination of the c-ship right away, Jamie would fight it tooth and nail. If removed as conservator, it will be much easier for the c-ship to be lifted, esp. since the new conservator will be able to argue in favour of Britney's competence and will have cleaned out her closet, so to speak, by putting her Estate in order and exposing certain misdeeds by Jamie and/or others, etc. And if Britney is absolutely required to be evaluated for the c-ship to be lifted, a better doctor will be assigned to her—one that is not compromised! @Forever222 @s&m @everybodygoesdown
  13. @Mutya You're welcome. Where exactly have you seen that MJ fans won that case against Sony? Last I heard, Sony and the Michael Jackson Estate had consistently been winning, and the case is still in litigation going all the way up to the Supreme Court of California. More info: https://www.mjvibe.com/mj-fan-vs-sony-estate-lawsuit-hope-is-not-lost/
  14. I once suggested that idea... Did not go too well... But ironically, certain fans will not stop making "Myah Jean" threads and videos, thus publicizing the scandal/allegations even more! I've come to terms w/ this. Britney, the main artist herself, doesn't care at all! Not at all! So why should we? I tell myself it's Britney's voice oftentimes enhanced by Myah's, and I leave it at that.
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