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  1. Talk about nailing the assignment.. Sebastian stan and Lily James are busy filming the biopic in what can be considered the biopic of the Celebrity s** tape pioneer Rocker Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson lee. While these two were already A Listers when they're infamous honeymoon tape was sold via Vivid video. I just hope if they do full frontal Sebastian better bring his A Game, Tommy apparently has a big one, a Music video he did covered it in a sock, completely flaccidamd according to the director it completely covered it. Big league they say according to Tommy lee, a rare 14 yard one..
  2. They do 90s festivals and mixtapes festivals. Plus they did a tour with NKotB and Boyz 2 men. There is a huge demand for 90s festivals. It's like the 80s festivals, it's for the people in my generation that loves 90s music. It will happen to you guys, to. They always create festivals for fans to celebrate their youth before being an adult and having children and responsibilities took over.
  3. It took 41 years for a girl group to win best british group, 41 years, meanwhile Anerican Girl groups TLC and Destiny's child won best international group some 20 years ago.. Is great Britain really that misogynistic towards females of their own Music industry.
  4. Courtney stodden spilled the tea and had the proof, Chrissy Teigan bullied her when she was a 16 year old Bride and sl** shamed her, wishing the then 16 year old take a dirt nap (basically death threats) in the name of feminism and that she Courtney enjoys getting **** every night considering she was in a controversial marriage to a 51 year old man, and that her mother must be proud of the ***** she raised.
  5. Since her debut in 2006, Taylor Swift pretty much has proven her legacy. As a teenager country singer songwriter, Taylor was able to tap into an audience that was once deemed unmarketable in country music, Teenagers especially girls and British audiences who listen to Country music. She has sold over 200 Million records, thus making her the best selling female act of the 21st century. Folklore and Evermore defined the mood of the pandemic and has been hailed as the soundtrack of the pandemic by critics.. 11 Grammy awards, First female and artist to win it for 3 different genres. Fearless: The most awarded country album of all time. 1989 The most awarded Pop era of all time And now Folklore which is considered Chamber Pop and Alternative and Adult alternative (more mellow and melodic based). Also is a Brit award winner winning Best international female in 2015.. And 28 Guinness World records entries.. To end this with a classic touch of my sarcasm, and how is everybody, it's Taylor swift's world, we just live in it Congrats Taylor swift.
  6. If you're hoping to see the Best selling American Girl group and the highest selling R&B/Hip hop Group TLC on tour soon, well you're looking at 2026. T-Boz, who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, a rare disease only found in the African American community, says until the world is safe from Covid l-19 aka Cooties as she calls It. TLC will not be touring until the ****ing pandemic is over and gone..
  7. They announced a reunion.. I think ava max was born in 84 and had the best surgery to look like a teen. Carly rae jepsen turns 36 this year, and her call me maybe look made her look a decade younger, and I feel it was done on purpose so she could appeal to Justin's teen audiences back then. Only now she does Music her age, and it flops.
  8. She forced Spotify to change their payments of artists and songwriters, she forced apple Music to pay artists during the 3 month free trial, to which she granted 1989 as an exclusive there. When her catalog was reuploaded on spotify, Spotify gave artists a two week premium exclusive on new releases.. Her Universal Music contract allows other artists to own their masters now. Olivia Rodrigo, actually owns her Music thanks to Taylor swift and her universal Music deal, and if universal Music sells their public shares on spotify, the money goes to all artist's Outside Prince, nobody made the Music industry fix pay rates and royalties the way Taylor swift has.
  9. Mariah Carey's pride collection is better than this. At least she gave us Loverboy tees, the rainbow album cover minus her face for male crop tees, short shorts for men for home, literally she knew what we wanted and all profits go to GLADD and HRC 50/50. Mariah doesn't collect one penny from her pride collection..
  10. Name me another artist that debuted in the 2000s, that can do a stadium tour, win album of the year 3X for 3 different genres. She also proved that sticking to just one genre of music is a thing of the past. Cant wait for her to resurrect heavy metal Music as only she can.
  11. Screen Legend Tom Cruise returns his 3 Golden globes ahead of the current Hollywood foreign press Association controversy where it was discovered not a person of color was part of the 87 Member voting committee, this comes after NBC announced the 2022 ceremony is cancelled, to give them time to fix the issue by 2023..
  12. New enlarged breasts plus a bloated pelvis, one has to wonder what happened to her and when is it too much surgery? She's slowly reminding me of Heidi Montag who was dragged by critics and people on Myspace for her monthly plastic surgery, even her own family stopped talking to her til she got help. I noticed since the page six story broke out, Aubrey hasn't been herself at all.
  13. It goes more into her life than a two hour film, I say it's better, you even get more of a grasp how jealous Yolanda actually was, the minute she met her husband, that's when the psycho came out full speed. You also see more of what happened at the hotel, including hearing the gun shot. Also They did a better job at the live performances.
  14. @Slayer This explains the Confetti video, both of them were covered up as men, while Jade had the unbuttoned t shirt and tank top. This explains a lot of the unusual armogrophy, instead of their killer slay the dance floor. It makes Sense..
  15. Folklore and evermore Taylor swift Future Nostalgia Dua lipa Melanie C Melanie C The rarities Mariah Carey Confetti little mix Disco kylie minogue What the future holds, pt 1 Steps
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