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  1. I agree! This performance, although often praised with many views on YT, has always rubbed me the wrong way I believe this was her first televised performance of the ITZ era (aside from the VMAs) and she was trying a new look, basically, that's goal was to depart from the last era's image. Especially since the charts had completely transitioned out of teen pop to more rock and hip hop influence People in this thread already mentioned main differences, which had Britney holding her mic and had her play out a different gender / ***uality role in the performance, which to me, just didn't work for her The Stronger AMA performance gives me the same vibes Bottom line, it looked like they were trying too hard
  2. Oh! Someone mentioned unsolved mysteries. I enjoyed scaring myself watching Lifetime's daytime reruns of this as a kid haha
  3. My top 3 that I was nearly religious about as a kid (and that I believe still hold up without the nostalgia goggles) were Alex Mack, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats, which all aired on Nickelodeon in the 90s
  4. I think the song Gimme More was pretty popular. I was a senior in high school we were learning basic dances and we're assigned groups to come up with their own routine and I believe one group did gimme more. I remember hearing the album playing in the background as they were talking (My group danced to The Way I Are by Timbaland )
  5. I think the town historical center has a Britney section with memorabilia, which might be worth researching and checking out If it's still active, it's probably a good idea to call the facility ahead to get the hours or schedule an appointment
  6. This was a funny skit. Britney's a great actress. I remember watching this and being surprised how "mean" Britney was 😂
  7. Britney comes from a time when pop stars didn't curse, which is a bit of an antiquated idea in today's standards
  8. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction would be ideal, complete with a wardrobe reveal
  9. Total Britney Live in 2000! I was 10 at the time and remember recording the special on VHS because I had to go to church 😆 I watched that tape over and over again that summer too
  10. I like the idea of honoring the bridges of pop songs! It's nice that HIAM's mainstream influence is recognized by Billboard. That style was a bit of a risk at the time, especially for a first single, but Britney brought it (I was half expecting a song like Oops, which has a dramatic bridge that ends on that held high note and overlaps the chorus at the end - I think called a polyphony - which was a style unique to Max Martin at the time)
  11. If I remember correctly, Stupid Girls was specifically aimed at Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. I don't think the "Don't Let Me Get Me" line was meant as an insult. I guess she thought she was being compared to Britney by the media and maybe her management, at the time. Or, it could have been a simple name drop haha. I loved the Misundastood album
  12. It's hard to measure, but in regards to press coverage, and we'll say general public knowledge, I'd say the last biggest pop culture moment (aside from Britney's debut and maybe the snake) was her shaving her head. The 07 VMA performance I think was lumped in with the year long wall to wall coverage of party pics "bimbo summit", and unflattering candids. I think a good indicator of pop culture relevancy is parody and she has gotten it this past year with semi-popular videos on TikTok and an SNL skit with seemingly mysterious insta videos and photos. I'd say she is more relevant in pop culture today than she has been in the last decade. Not necessarily a "moment", but a series and general "public awareness" aka people who read the entertainment magazines are aware lol. Also, the coverage of her conservatorship is obviously making the rounds, too
  13. Piece of Me comes to mind (Edit: I had Slave 4 U down, but then I remembered I never really liked that song anyway )
  14. From the rope holding, to the lifting, and costume changes (and I have to mention the standing arm movements) I strongly agree this is very POM. I hope we get these official audio tour versions leak someday. Her voice sounds great on both tracks. On a side note, I was enjoying the commentary of the guys near the camera 😆
  15. This may sound cynical, but I think Toxic didn't win because she wasn't going to be there and there was nothing major for Britney to promote. Though, if she was going to win any moonman ever, pre 2008, Toxic had the strongest case. On a side note, does anyone remember a rumor that the newly engaged Britney would be married at the VMAs? I watched the whole show, waiting for her and Kevin to come out and be united in holy matrimony, live on stage. They were playing their relationship up for the media at the time, so it really would have been plausible, even if it wasn't a real union. That would have been a hoot.
  16. That Oops performance is one of my favorites, simply due to her immaculate execution of the breakdown. She was on fire
  17. I believe anybody can be cancelled with the right optics in the description of the action, no matter how trivial. It may not even be what the person did, but what the person didn't do
  18. One singer that comes to mind is Lily Allen. I was 17 during the Alright, Still era when I picked her up. I thought her songs were clever and funny. Ended up falling in love with her second album and saw her in concert. She took a long hiatus and released an album about 5 years later and I remember distinctly not enjoying the lyrical content for most songs on the album. I've come to realize that her crass lyrical tone really hadn't changed between albums, I think I just became more mature in my understanding of things in the world. And all of the things her critics pointed out before in her music, I started to agree with lol. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to her music. I think she has an amazing voice and I can appreciate the dichotomy of her innocent sounding voice singing really raunchy or taboo lyrics. And hey, I'll listen to those raunchy songs in a throwback moment and enjoy them. The difference now is, I can separate myself and beliefs from her content whereas before, as a 17-19 year old disaffected youth, I had an emotional connection with the lyrics and related to them, and her, more. And, in effect, don't consider myself a "fan" of hers anymore
  19. This is a great find! It's interesting, because you'll hear when she sings the song live at later dates, she mimicks some sections of vocals on this track, rather than the studio version. For example, you'd expect her to hold the high note toward the end of oops (like in stronger), but instead she follows the guide and doesn't hold the "innocent" from the end of the bridge of the song. Also evident in the bridge is her holding the high note during "above" (with a vocal run), instead of singing the 3 notes featured on the album version.
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