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  1. For those who have 4 minutes to kill, this is a somewhat sarcastic "rant" I posted on Facebook back in 2009 when I was 19 after I got back from the Circus show. I may regret posting this, but I figured since it's the anniversary, why not? I also have met other Britney fans in person since then 😭 I remember the comparisons even then how she wasn't performing up to her previous tours, but I have nothing but nostalgia for this time now. The stage in the center was a unique concept and Britney did seem to enjoy herself performing, especially IYSA and Get Naked. It was a true comeback show
  2. This reminds me when I made my dad listen to "Shadow" to show Britney's "artistic side" and vocal abilities . I don't think it worked. Your dad seems pretty open to music In addition to a Greatest Hits play, you mentioned he's Christian, so he may enjoy some of tracks from Britney Jean, no lie
  3. I'll raise you Be Good To Me Kind of random, but the redemption song Knock You Down by Keri Hilson came on my shuffle last night. I recently found out Danja produced it and I thought that it could have been an great single for Britney during the Circus era.
  4. Honestly, I don't think she would be capable of such a responsibility, as nice as it would be I think Fe and Britney jived well together and I do not doubt Fe was on top of Britney regarding getting her from point A to point B. But if a conservatorship must be in place, it wouldn't make sense to have a friend head it. Not only do I think that's how a judge would see it, but if Fe accepted the role, she may need to put her foot down and say "no" to Britney from time to time on matters regarding finance and travel. And I just don't see her doing that or even be comfortable doing that in the first place lol That may be why Fe didn't return as Britney's assistant after the conservatorship was put into place, as she inferred in the documentary I don't think Fe was a bad influence, there was so much responsibility she had while working for Britney. She wasn't in charge of where Britney went and who she saw, which seemed to have been one of the biggest concerns during the implementation of the conservatorship
  5. My fave is Britney What's funny is that during Britney's hiatus, I tried to find another girl to stan. I may turn this into another thread some day, but my top two were Kathrine McPhee and the great Ashley Tisdale. If Britney never existed, it'd probably be Madonna. I started getting into her around the time I was getting into Britney. I had her "Music" album. Granted, I wasn't "obsessed", but if Britney wasn't there, my interest in Madonna probably would have blossomed. Also, it didn't hurt that some of my earliest memories are listening to songs from the Immaculate Collection, thanks to my aunt Later that year, I also got into Jennifer Lopez. I remember liking her style and dancing from the JLo and her remix album.
  6. I heard this at a gay bar last weekend on their playlist. My friend mentioned it and I was surprised it made the "crossover" this early
  7. Money can buy you happiness up to a certain point, where you are able to live comfortably with more freedom. I think I'd be happiest with guaranteed money
  8. An album that comes to mind is Mika's "Life In Cartoon Motion" (2007). Its lyrics relate to coming-of-age and I was 16 when the album came out. I think it was the first time I was able to relate to song lyrics, and ended up learning each song by heart. I remember I would go cruising and blast that CD in my car that summer
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