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  1. Well when Beyoncé is treated like the messiah can y’all really be surprised? Without seeing the list I can bet This Is America is in the top 10. Am I correct? Of course I am
  2. Yes it’s a bad thing because it’s desperate. You even said both just want to get the views. Dancing in the shower naked when there’s constant jokes about not dropping the soap in jail because you’re going to get **** is vulgar. Todrick’s NHHH video was feminine AF but was still a better video than his last one. People don’t need to be full on nude in a music video. There are ways to go about doing that without being completely tacky. Britney in Toxic and Beyonce in Partition are examples where being nude is artful and not just for views
  3. There are many nasty people out there period. What he said is homophobic af and he should be called out. And then the audacity to be like “y’all do you” like if being gay is a choice and very “keep it out of my radar” energy is what makes his comments even more disgusting
  4. Thank you! Omg not once did the thought cross my mind that someone would mistake what that word was. I even had to go edit the message. I’m pissed that he decided to go on such a vile rant. I’m glad Dua called him out. I’m also pissed that it will taint with the songs legacy
  5. Adele is on a six year gap. No mainstream female has ever gone that long without releasing an album. It won’t sell these mega numbers y’all think it will. Will it do well? Sure. Will it sell millions first week? Nah
  6. Not this ****er running his mouth and tainting my baby’s hit like that. PSA the word starts with an F not an N @Rik my god what kind of monster do you think I am?
  7. Gwyneth Paltrow also sold out of candles that smelled like her ******* and she’s a laughing stock so
  8. Always loved her. She always made great points on The View when I caught snippets of it
  9. Few have come close to match her temper. I wish I had been a mod back then
  10. Ok now that one I actually believe those clowns got me banned
  11. Imagine she was Lilith calling us all ****ers and crazy *********
  12. Imagine someone fighting with THE Britney Spears on here over her Instagram posts
  13. He’s so quick to jump to defend when people make comments about BTS but then comes on here to spew the same **** towards Camila. Hypocritical
  14. And why do you automatically assume everyone is white? Pretty ignorant of you to assume that and also ignorant that you’re not aware that Latin people come in all different shades. I know Latin people darker than some black people. What kinda quip you have to say about that? It’s like a badge of honor to wear now to see who the most offended person in the room is. Get a hobby
  15. Was she the one that got spray tanned? Petty for everyone to keep dragging this poor girl for mistakes she made as a child.
  16. You leave Camila out of your list Successica. She’s the only one I can tolerate..and Doja. Lil Nas isn’t revolutionary and just a sideshow attraction at this point. And I mean Millennial acts were serving something else so I fail to see the comparisons. Also Doja and Meghan are Millennials
  17. No we are not AND he is supposedly doing this to raise money for those that are imprisoned. This is a disrespectful way to go about doing that. It’s vulgar and just damages gay people even more by making people think that all we care about is what he’s depicting in this video. It’s tacky and it’s also tacky when Cardi and Meghan did it for WAP. These videos are just to get more views to chart more. It’s not about “art” or “breaking boundaries” or whatever the hell people are saying he’s doing. I haven’t seen the video, but just seeing the stills that have been posted I don’t need to to know that it’s tacky and not genuine
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