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  1. Its was for 2021 but then covid happened so they needed to pause the filming for a few months
  2. Britney was always closed a private, but in the last 13 years she wasnt only private, she was silenced. We all know the 2007/8 saga been there done that but did they have to Pre record, script and supervise every interview she had? Even to talk about albums, every interview has like 10 cuts. She didnt have a “normal” interview till 2016. And the way she talked in 2016, she was so open (as much they let her). I strongly believe she wants to open all, save her legacy and explain herself, by herself. Like she did in her website pre 2008. If she wants an open case, it’s obvious she wants to talk. If she was so closed why did she chose to talk about the cship in 2016 in that glory interview they had to cut out?. And a short while after that, they scraped all the glory interviews altogether.
  3. Most of the people here are 30+ Millennials. Its hard for them to think about the new artist and still stuck in the “Popstar” mind set. A lot of time have changed. Billie is everything gen z is. From looks to singing . Shes polished but not at the same time
  4. from REDDIT: Why is Joe Alwyn not a A list actor? He’s boring. He has no public persona that makes him marketable in any sort of way. When he talks he looks bored and his voice is barely audible. He’s the equivalent of a white crayon. My personal theory is that , with the contract that comes with being Taylor Swift’s beard, he isn’t allowed to bring any sort of attention to himself. By this I mean : Taylor’s team controls his social media, so he can’t go on live, post whatever pics, etc. He is specifically instructed to not reference TS in any interviews. This is the case specifically to keep their relationship on the low and “private”. Being an A + lister’s boyfriend won’t guarantee someone A list roles. Back to point 1, you have to have a marketable image. Joe’s acting isn’t that special, either. ROTTEN TOMETOS Highest Rated: 93% The Favourite (2018) Lowest Rated: 44% Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) PROS AUDIANCE BOX OFFICE YEAR 73% 97% Harriet Gideon (Character) $43M 2019 81% 74% Boy Erased Henry (Character) $6.7M 2018 93% 69% The Favourite Masham (Character) $34.2M 2018 60% 64% Operation Finale Klaus Eichmann (Character) $17.6M 2018 75% 51% The Sense of an Ending Adrian Finn (Character) $1.2M 2017 44% 41% Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Billy (Character) $1.7M 2016 62% 41% Mary Queen of Scots Robert Dudley (Character) $16.4M 2018
  5. I see you cry about it for months. we get it you're the bad boy, rebel teenager of exhale. so coo now go to your room and think about what you've done. this place isnt a gaga daily. its a GOOGLE authorized publisher that @Jordan Miller fought a lot of time to be.
  6. Theres alot of white people with dreadlocks and afros. Those hairstyles arnt poc exclusive
  7. Like tbh Britney is the queen of bad hair day but we cant talk about it because shes a woman you cant insult a girl’s appearance but free to do it to man. let people do what they like they dont do it for you
  8. I think her post 2016 dresses are too short. Like yo i can see your underwear.
  9. it would have been smart to combine tsc and BJ. like take all the 5 strong songs and treat it like bgmp. she couldve release 3 as a standalone single in 2010 after the tcsbs ended. saving her the BJ fiasco snd being +2 albums old. between ghmp and tsc theres only 2 album. ghmp came after itz so it made sense for tsc to come 4 albums after. it wouldve made the wait for glory bigger.
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