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  1. Ahhhhh I wanted to go to that one soooooo bad!
  2. Shakira Shakira, oh baby when you talk like that 🙌🏾
  3. Legendary Lovers seems to be a bop amongst this community 🙌🏾
  4. Yeah the Bon Appetit video definitely has an insanely amount of views!
  5. If you are anything like me, I refuse to drink the pop star kool-aid. What exactly does that mean or entail? I have no doubt that the media and music critics choose a pop star to tear down every so often, after they once built them up, vibed with their music and genuinely praised them. It happened to Gaga, Britney, Nicki and Demi to name a few. I personally consider myself a grown *** man and able to make my own decision as to what music I personally enjoy and what music gets a hard “nah son” from me. As of late, the scrutiny has been focused on Katy Perry, her pop persona and her music. While I do believe she will benefit ultimately and will start to create buzz like she once did, once such pendulum returns to her good side. Ms. Perry will eventually get the recognition and praise that her music, lyrics and talent deserve. Katy has written many pop bangers that solidify her place in the popverse and after her most successful era, which was her “Teenage Dream” era, an album that earned her five number one singles, many wrote her off and were satisfied with that peak... As contrary to popular belief Ms. Perry has delivered some pop gems after such era that are worthy of praise and these are my picks: 1. Act My Age: while this pop gem did not make the “Witness” album it was packaged as a deluxe song, it certainly had enough personality to make it a super successful single. This song is very reminiscent of songs off “ Teenage Dream” and the lyrics and chorus are the epitome of an ultimate Perry song. Such a fun pop anthem. 2. Walking On Air: The song that keeps on giving. This song, the 90s beat, Perry’s vocals, every single damn thing about this song screams hit. Very sad that it was not chosen as a single, because this could’ve kept “Prism” afloat a while longer. Anything 90s just makes me happy 😃 3. Never Really Over: This is one of those songs that just like a broken record, gets stuck in your head. Justbecauseitsoverdoesntmeanitsreallyover. I mean, that spit fire lyric delivery has anyone trying to keep up with Katy. Produced by Zedd, this song simply told the world that Katy still has it in her to deliver enjoyable and good pop music. 4. Bon Appétit: I will never get tired of saying this, but this pop masterpiece did not receive the recognition it deserved. This song was so underrated and so slept on, it should be considered a crime. This would’ve sounded so great playing in gay clubs, lights down low but as they glimmer all over your body while you secretly sing it to your crush who is across the room, while you try to make unsuccessful eye contact ...ok let me stop right there. Also check out the 3LAU remix of this song, because it is straight fire 🔥 5. Harleys in Hawaii: this song is such a different sound for a typical Katy Perry song, but boy oh boy, is this a win for Ms. Perry. Her silky voice over a more mellow, laid back breezy beat while she sings about riding Harleys in Hawaii ( an odd tittle for sure) is sure to make you want to pack your bags and ride something in Hawaii. A great example of Katy’s writing skills, where she can turn a silly memory into a pop gem. These are my top five, do you guys have any songs that think should’ve made the list? Let me know on your comments below. Related:
  6. Why are these not the first singles 😩 they sound like pop bangers 😩 let me be here ******* manager, gotchubooooo
  7. I actually think that their last album (the one without Camila) was their best and most solid body of work. I’m team Lauren personally, love me a passionate raspy voice 🙌🏾
  8. Oh boy, I see that posture has improved m, because you are just reaching 😊
  9. I find it incredibly annoying when people here incessantly come for Katy, but they were so offended about her making the “Have not shaved my head ” comment. They dont want anyone to participate in any bullying against Britney , but they, themselves are the epitome of bullies. Can we just support pop stars and recognize they are humans and make mistakes like everyone else? It’s legit gross the amount of bullying displayed in this website.
  10. What kind of post is this? Are you really questioning the taste of millions of people and also well respected music critics ? Of course we love Dua and we love her, because she is an outstanding artist that is beyond talented and stands her ground amongst the rest.
  11. Their first album was straight fire 🔥 don’t at me!
  12. she is radiating! her smile, the glow, the bump the long blonde hair, all a yes!
  13. It ME! Hi all the way from Boston!
  14. I think she is a WHOLE gem! Undeniably talented, her lyrics, her music, playing multiple instruments and a very solid voice. She deserves all her accolades and wins. Taylor will forever be one of the women in pop music that will remain a staple. While she is no Whitney she is a whole force to be reckoned with! Love me some Tay Tay!
  15. These gays would prefer for these women to sell their soul, just for the sake of them having another hit smh
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