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  1. 16 hours ago, Mike08183 said:

    Sorry I meant to respond to this sooner but I was too busy at work. Conservatives actually have jobs and don’t hang around on exhale all day. Now I don’t necessarily agree with Trump the person but if you actually did some real research(again NOT Pink news) you might actually come across factual information. I also suggest using DuckDuckGo if you actually want to find information that’s not censored by Google.  Highly encourage you also look into what he’s done for gay rights (worldwide). 
    Also speaking of gay rights (assuming you voted for Biden)... you do know he’s in bed with China right? And guess who hates gays? China. I’m sure your a Pete Bootyplug supporter too. He’a also compromised by China too. Also that dang Hunter Biden laptop... have you looked into that? Some top officials claiming there’s child **** on it. Not good for your boy Biden. Also just a reminder Biden sniffs children.

    Can’t wait to come back to this thread after **** hits the fan with your delusional president elect. 

    Awww sweetie, I work in the medical/healthcare field, so I do have a job, a job helping people during the current pandemic which your Orange Daddy has denied and has been the major reason why America is the leading country in Covid cases and Covid deaths, so I am not entirely sure who you are trying to insult there 🤷🏾‍♂️ Yes,shocking brown people have jobs and great jobs for that matter, bet your mind was blown away by that previous statement.  I do not need any suggestions for any media outlets I should be following, I am more than ok in that end. I like facts and follow them regardless of party, but that’s something you wouldn’t understand because clearly you’ve been on your knees for the past years blowing Trump. Who told you that Pete and Biden are in bed with China, that same DuckDuckDumb website who you choose to freely believe even though there are no facts to back up such claims? I also live in America where your President allowed and normalized for Trans people to be discriminated against, while it comes to serving our country. Speaking of weird behavior, did we forget about Trump grabbing  women by the *****, the fact that he has standing r*** allegations against him or that he was close to Jeffrey Epstein a convicted minor *** trafficker? So you can have several seats in that end 👉🏾  Your President is a crook, he will always be a crook and remembered as the worst President in American history. Stay mad 😂

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  2. 1 hour ago, Mike08183 said:

    You’re delusional sweetie, not me. I have a background in politics and don’t get my knowledge from Pink news articles like you. We are not the same. 
    The left always defaults to calling anyone whose not a Democrat delusional or uneducated. Literally insults are the only knowledge you bring to a conversation. Carry on loser 

    Awww hun,  I really must have  struck an orange  🍊nerve. I’m sure your political “background” has catapulted your political knowledge to new astronomical hypocritical heights. You are the epitome of stupidity. You are right we are NOT the same, I do not stand for or believe in anything that comes out of Trumps mouth. Insults? You literally called people stupid on this platform.  You keep giving Mr. Trump them free bj’s while some of us continue to respect and stand up for democracy and decency. Parler is waiting 🙃😂

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  3. 10 hours ago, Mike08183 said:

    Really getting sick of the narrative that if you voted for Trump you’re responsible for the riots and also supported them. Complete bull****. Are people too stupid to realize this was an intentional set up by Democrats?  First Trump colluded with Russia, then its Trump won’t denounce white supremacy, then it’s Trump incited a riot and should be impeached. It’s so blatantly obvious why MSM/Demonrats hate Trump so much. I honestly think 80% of America is brain dead 

    Spoken like a true delusional MAGA Supporter! Girl, there’s always Parler  🤙🏾

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  4. 1 hour ago, dr35 said:

    I'm here for this post. **** the GP for labeling Ms. Perry a flop. Katy is such a joyful spirit, and I've seen both the Prismatic and Witness Tours, they were great. Post 'Teenage Dream', 'Prism' was a very similar record, but for me I stand by my obsession with 'Witness'. These are my KP Bops –– 

    1. Chained to the Rhythm 

    2. ROAR

    3. Walking on Air

    4. Hey, Hey, Hey

    5. Harley's in Hawaii 

    'Bon Appetit' is such a close one for me too, as is 'Dark Horse'. The fact is KATY PERRY is the pop-star we all don't know we need anymore. The landscape has shifted, but Katy is still churning out perfection. 'Smile' is catchy as hell, and 'Daisies' was great too. 

    ok, I'm stanning now. 

    I stab YOU!

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