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  1. None of them I really miss that exclusivity that Britney had before 2011, she never featured in a song and the only artist that managed to feature with Britney in a single was... Madonna - MATM: I prefer POM version without Madonna - Kimme More: never knew about this one, the bridge is actually insanely cool! - Drop Dead Beautiful: gonna pass on this one for obvious reasons - S&M: she sounds like she had a cold while recording this song And the lyrics are just too much - TTWE: trash I've heard better homemade stuff on YouTube - SMS: trash x2 gotta delete that SMS then, it sounds like a Soundcloud ad dafok - chillin' with you I already knew that Juanita had poor taste in music, but still, how can you record a mess like that and be 2 to validate it? - PG awful mess, glad that it flopped hard and it's now veeeery forgotten, coz that song would've really hurt her image, just gonna pretend that it doesn't exist I was sooooo disappointed by Britney, I wasn't expecting her to sing such silly stuff, even OLL is more mature - SP: sorry Tinasha but you're very forgettable, charity I guess I'm going with MATM cause the MV helps a lot, SP is too forgettable & PG The only pop girl that I'd want Britney to collab with is Rihanna. Shakira can be an awesome choice too. And that's it.
  2. I'm massively impressed by her performance of 'New York' I've never seen it before, that's why I felt like doing this thread right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn425JGGvRU Her voice sounds way more powerful than Ariana's in that 30 seconds clip I knew that her voice was amazing, but honestly I never thought that she had such a powerful one... at 10 wtf Even The Voice Kids finalists rarely sound like that? I was just wondering why she didn't record Private Show & What You Need with her contralto voice like displayed in that video? It would've worked 15 times better since that kind of voice is adapted to these kind of songs? Especially when she sounds so bad/ridiculous in these On the other hand, her baby voice is more adapted for songs like Make Me or If I'm Dancing or Change Your Mind. A contralto doesn't work with these songs that much. But it would've been amazing with What You Need or Private Show. She could've added long runs and ad-libs to WYN (I gotchu I gotchu I gotchuuuuuu) with a technique/power similar to the one she displays in the video. If she heard these songs, she should've just tried to sing them with her contralto tone? Let's get back to the original question of the thread: would you want Britney to record a whole album with that specific very-powerful tone or to go rather with a falsetto voice (like in Mona Lisa, it can be pretty amazing 'coz Mona Lisa's got to flyyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyy)?
  3. I mean it even introduced kids who were born after FF to Britney, Gaga & Rihanna They even know Criminal
  4. It worked a lot better on social media, with millions of views (more than 100k TikTok videos just with the FreeBritney hashtag, when hundreds of thousands of FreeBritney tweets, imagine how many people may've seen it, plus the comments on instagram). The billboard would only be seen by New Yorkers... It wouldn't have any kind of impact tbh, maybe some media coverage but we already have among the biggest outlets speaking up about the issue in many countries
  5. I've been wondering why didn't she move from California in 2007 Then I remembered that she has two kids and shares custody with KTrash, the main reason explaining her silence for the last 12 years. To answer to your question: no, she'd need a visa & only her handlers can fill the necessary documents for it.
  6. Janet Jackson performing-wise and music-wise. Normal to be heavily influenced by someone else musically since she was 17-19 from BOMT to self-titled. 'Britney' screams Janet Jackson from A to Z, same for DWAD. Madonna didn't influence that much Britney imo: musically they're extremely different and I don't remember any kind of similarity, unlike Lady Gaga. In terms of performing, style & MV I don't remember a significant resemblance. Oh, on ITZ when the songs were about s3x. The controversy is probably Madonna's main influence on Britney. Still, she had a very, veryyy different kind of one.
  7. just reminded it I just can't at how she gave 0 f that day and just wanted to ride a kids' car
  8. 'He's a kid' that needs to be educated. I've said it a lot here, but K-Fed is paid 20,000$ a month for nothing since he isn't fulfilling his job as a parent. And btw, he's old enough to go to jail for his own actions. The age isn't an excuse. Seeing your own mother as a cash cow isn't right. Being concerned about how much she makes rather than her well-being and the reasons of her career-break says a lot about his values, let alone his language, or his main concerns. Don't infantilise everything. I just hope that her kids don't become trashy jet-setters at this point. She has to fight for her conservatorship but also for her kids, they need to be more with Britney. Imagine how tragic is it to see K-Trash as a role model That's easy when you're jobless & mommy's paying all the fun you have with him The cherry on the top would be if they turn out to be misogynists
  9. She did try in 2005 even though she wasn't in a c-ship back then. Didn't work 'All that she wants' 'Little me' 'Mona Lisa' 'Rebellion' Only 4 songs and she was already exposing a ton of stuff about the industry Ergh, Original Doll
  10. True, I'd also add that during FF something was definitely not right at all. After that, I've noticed that until 2016 she's actually kept doing several different stuff: - album, WW promo, hugely successful WT, clothing line: didn't work to get out of the c-ship - X factor and television deal including several live-time: didn't work either - Vegas residency: didn't work It seems that she didn't put any effort into FF & BJ. Then, for Glory something changed because she seemed to have more 'freedom' and was way more outspoken during these two years and it seems like Jamie wasn't ruling the c-ship around that time + she had creative control over Glory.
  11. I'm not sure about it but I've read that it was extended until Britney's apt to take care of herself, it was supposed to expire in 2009 I guess, and then it got renewed several times. They can do it again though
  12. Listening to this trash for the first time I'm glad it hasn't been released. Last solo Britney song was 7 years ago. Imagine Britney only doing collabs from BOMT to MP I'm done with it. About the song: - very forgettable, and considering the style, it would've flopped hard. - her vocals are among the worst ones that she's ever done in a song. She sounds like a frail chipmunk that is about to break down, do the producers even have ears? They should've made her sing in an other way, wtf is that helium intonation? It would've been all the more ridiculous, she's not known for her singing skills but there are limits. You can't go from 'something to talk about' vocals to this trashy mess - cheap production, already heard 200 times - Pitbull & Marc Anthony, who's next? Carly Rae Jepsen? Jessie J? - ridiculous ad-libs, it's not as if she wasn't able to do some ('Liar', hello?)
  13. French medias outlets have spoken about Bryan Spears & they're defending her a lot, saying that she wants to get out of it They're even underlining how ridiculous some of his statements are 'making a reservation' & 'bad driver' vs 'extremely restrictive conservatorship' It's getting a lot of attention & media coverage, they've finally understood what FreeBritney is (last year they thought that it was a conspiracy about Britney being held against her will in a facility without talking about the c-ship).
  14. Do they even realise that this video is only adding fuel to the fire? Like her comments are flooded with 'Britney are you ok' and ain't nobody ever asked that question, and the fact that she says 'the most asked one is Disney' Oh and taking this opportunity to end Juanita Lunatic & Broccoliyan in a row I mean the timing is extremely convenient, in 2 questions she ends her 2 brother & sister
  15. Wow. The movement really gained insane momentum. I remember last year the coverage was meh, as people thought that the FreeBritney movement was a conspiracy about Britney being held against her will in a facility. Now they've understood that it was about the whole conservatorship. Finally. They don't have many cards left. Britney, you have to take this opportunity to fight for yourself.
  16. What's kinda crazy is how her charts from 1998 to 2005 were way lower than 2007-2013 for her in the US She focused more on the albums and the strategy paid off. Rihanna had another risky strategy: 7 albums in a row every year, 5 to 7 singles per albums without counting 2 or more collabs per year. She literally had for almost a decade one single per month
  17. Britney wants it to be ended, it's been confirmed by Bryan. Too late ****ers, he gave the confirmation (even though the mere lack of information from Britney herself has already proved it)
  18. Bryan said that Britney doesn't want to be in the c-ship anymore. It confirms the entire movement. I expected him to say more. At the very least: she supports the FreeBritney movement & why isn't she speaking up about her situation. Her instagram is going wild, look at the comments, some are even wondering is she's dead at this point.
  19. It wasn't deleted, the same occurred with many other videos, idk why though it was very successful (30 million views) Nope comments were disabled for the majority of 2016 videos on Ellen, and considering the amount of dislikes, the comments wouldn't have been that negative lol. That's my favorite video from her! Just re-watched it, and that moment at 3:40 with Britney's face made me sad: "if you wanna be taken care of by your children, start auditioning them now". Britney felt that line
  20. it was supposed to be a joke, basically reading 'Facebook does x' has as much effect for me as 'MSN does y"
  21. 'MSN' you can keep the article for yourself 'cause ain't nobody's gonna read it And she hasn't sold 160 million albums Wtf is that lie Beyoncé can have more Grammys than Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aguilera combined. Sure, from this specific point, I know that Grammys don't worth a **** Beyoncé isn't more famous than Britney. They're both equally famous. Even though in some parts of the world, Britney's more famous. Musically, their last hits were in 2013 (yes, the international gp cares about the singles, not the albums). Her cause is also too 'local'.
  22. In 2016-2017 Bryan was her conservator wasn’t he? She seemed to have more liberties and was more glowing/happy in general during that era. I just hope that he doesn’t say futilities that everybody knows and support her sister.
  23. I knew that their incompetence was beyond comprehension, but at this point? They control her instagram, yet they can't even use it at their advantage to pretend that everything's okay It's very concerning that on her court date she had internet issues, yet her instagram is filled with two new posts including one selfie from more than a week ago, without any caption (the 3 emojis as it's been pointed out here, they're really reading exhale) Where is Britney?
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