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  1. I didn't say that she was not popular internationally though Just definitely not as much as in the US Her Lover Fest Tour hasn't happened yet. I do hope that she'll be able to sell out arenas considering her status, even Selena Gomez can do so I was more specifically talking about all of her previous tours. It took her a lot of time to go there. Biggest-selling album worldwide doesn't mean that she's a big seller in most markers. She's huge in the US + English-speaking countries and China (3x diamond certification for Lover). I was just saying that TS is overrated regarding how awarded and praised she is (compared to other artists).
  2. Ain't nobody is buying albums on iTunes in France Not even in 2011 And it is for a reason Taylor Swift is almost never touring in non-English speaking countries (Germany twice and the Netherlands once + East Asia)
  3. And the mere fact that 1989 is the most awarded pop album in the US history speaks for itself
  4. It's just that they see Taylor Swift as too 'insipid' or 'bland'. I have a hard time explaining why is Ariana popular in France but not Taylor But yeah I'd go with that bland image, she's just too boring. It's not only about scandals or anything else. I mean, Shakira isn't really into scandals these past few years (she has that latin vibe that's extremely popular there though). Insipid I guess? Most people here are just saying that Taylor Swift isn't good at any element of the 'full package' - her singing isn't that great, better than Britney's but she isn't a powerhouse singer. - does she backup with incredible performing/entertainment skills? no, she's an awful performer - she's extremely praised for her writing 'skills', to the point of having more Grammys than Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey (lol). Her writing isn't that incredible. That'd be like Selena Gomez being praised for her amazing voice. She has a nice voice, but that's pretty much it. I'm only talking about the writing though, not the production or the melody. Saying that Britney isn't good at writing is such a reach Mona Lisa, 'All That She Wants' 'Rebellion' + Original Doll are dealing with issues that she has to deal with, it's almost an autobiography that was written years prior. She just hasn't been given the opportunity to do so. I'm still wondering what that album would've been like. Too bad that she closed herself to writing about something else than s3x and love. Honestly, I'm not even sure that they'd let her, even if she did. I remember reading that 'piece of me' was an exception because 'usually, Britney don't do songs about her life' and they didn't want to accept it at first (French wiki a few years ago, idk how accurate it is)
  5. You said it all, "because I'm French". Taylor Swift is not very popular outside of English-speaking countries in general, her charts are proving it. In 2015, just before her era, my English teacher talked about Taylor Swift, and most people didn't have a clue about who she was. She said 'she's too American for European standards' Some may not understand, especially Americans, but another example is Shakira. She's hugely, hugely, hugely popular here. Anybody would say that Shakira is bigger than Taylor Swift (her songs getting billions of views) in Europe. And honestly I don't understand why she's flopping in the US. So Shakira in Europe is Taylor Swift in the US She is insanely overrated tbh, what the **** has she done to deserve that many Grammys? In which world is Taylor Swift more awarded than Aguilera, Carey & Houston combined? - her songs aren't anything new or innovative/experimental - her performing skills are insanely ****ty, she has no charisma on stage - her singing skills are ok, but she isn't a singing act like Céline or Mariah... - her eras/visuals are nothing new/innovative either And her 'writing skills', like what the actual ****? You have tons of albums dealing with serious social issues, mental heath issues, or have deep meanings and messages, or even experimenting new kind of songs and sonorities making it more about the melody. I just can't believe that she is praised for writing when 90% of her discography is about her exes. *****, if you have a collection of men that disappointed you, don't you think that you're the problem?
  6. Where are you nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooehhehehhehehwayyyy
  7. I've just got some henna in my hands literally 2 days ago, except that it was orange إنها مفاهيمية، رائعة حقا
  8. sehdfqpsjf he got me at the leg-lifting girl the funny thing is that they sing even less than what's displayed in the video they were literally holding mics for an entire performance to sing 'baila baila' at the end
  9. Now she's influenced by herself She said that Selena Gomez's been an influence, but Selena Gomez said that Britney's been an influence, and her 2016 album gave me reallyyyy strong ITZ vibes (The Hook Up). So Britney is influenced by Britney in a way
  10. She did wrong several times actually, no one implied that she was perfect. Just remember that these girls at that time were 12-14 You really think that Britney'd yell at a small girl for nothing? She didn't do that even with extremely rude interviewers/persons around her at that time when she was at the peak of her fame with thousands of people that criticised her on a daily basis? Not even for JT after he humiliated her. Jamie Lynn probably told Britney some fun stories and Britney wanted to defend her little sister, people do that all the time in school lol ('gonna call my big bro/sis').
  11. Wait... Didn't 'she' write just a few days ago that no makeup is better?
  12. not gonna lie I've never managed to watch this video until the end same for the song, I've only listened fully to it without paying attention by accident because I was listening to BOMT album too boring for my taste, I really don't understand this single choice E-Mail my heart would've been so iconic and tacky Btw amazing job, it was really satisfying to watch 1998ney in high quality, you have some talent
  13. I don't know, it may've been due to other circumstances that year. Sometimes you just look completely off. I wouldn't be surprised if she had one, who wouldn't after the WW humiliation that she got in 2007? Still, she hasn't really shown the signs of it, she looked really great and comfortable in 2016. Britney's a shy & anxious person. In the very first years of her career, it got overshadowed by the fact that she was dealing directly with the medias almost everyday. There are so much signs of an anxiety attack her lol.
  14. I think that she's the girl the blonde guy cheated Britney with?
  15. I find it less gross than r!mjobs & sodomy tbh If you want to be grossed out even more, Robert Pattinson enjoyed licking the pits of that Twilight girl I hope that she took a shower before that okay going to sleep rn xx
  16. Same The profile picture of that YouTuber I've been reading an article poorly-written about celebrities fetishes So naturally I thought about Britney
  17. - I remember seeing an interview when she said that her favorite kinda seduction is when a guy is kissing her feet - 'BOM': a dancer licks her shoe - TOMH 'From the small of my back and the arch of my feet ' - and that line This 'fetish' is very widespread, I don't know what people find hot about feet? Still cleaner than doing a r*mjob or licking a p*ssy I guess Which other ones do you think that she has? I'd go with leather, it all started with Oops after all (I've been wondering why people would were these when they have s3x, I didn't know that it was a 'fetish', just a... style? ) Sorry I'm kinda bored and I can't sleep
  18. She was already writing stuff about how lonely she felt at times before the c-ship, I can't even imagine her state right now, they're so extreme when it comes to getting close to Britney, let alone befriending with her... It's very unhealthy psychologically, she barely has access to the internet, her interactions with the outside world/people are so low that I expect them to affect her greatly. Not surprised, as if they cared about her well-being
  19. I'm not convinced that her chords are that damaged tbh, the same goes for her deep voice. She proved it when she sang live (only twice in a decade, but that's not the subject), she used the same technique as she did pre-BOMT. If it was an audio, I would've thought that it was a recording from 1998. And she can still do some decent ad-libs, as she proved it in Liar (which explained at the same time why the producers that have worked with her were so excited about the album, and blew away by Britney, since they didn't expect her to sing that way)
  20. Applied or not, they have her kids to hold her. That's why she had to stay in California. And she loves way too much her kids to not see them until they're 18
  21. I don't necessarily agree with the appellation of 'real voice' or 'fake voice' as her baby voice is just a vocal technique. I don't think that it's enough to ruin your voice. We heard it on Something To Talk About. After all, if you put together all the times she sang live with her baby voice since 2001... it might be just a couple of hours. Same for the studio recording sessions, she took several breaks between them to take care of her voice. The only times I can think of are her first two eras. Still, during BOMT she often switched between her baby-voice & real-voice willingly or not, and during the Oops Tour she started lip-syncing. Honestly it's very unlikely that she's lost her voice, I mean I'm convinced with the leaked Liar vocal sessions & of course her last two live performances (Happy Birthday witnessed it amazingly, her way of singing it screamed 1997ney tbh). I don't really mind her baby voice, but I'd prefer sometimes her other one. Like a mix between the two. She could've done it on Glory: songs like MM & CYM with her baby voice worked amazingly vocal-wise. On the other hand, WYN & PS were complete garbage because of the baby voice, and she would've rocked these songs if she sang them like she sang something to talk about, in the studio, prepared, with vocal coaches, and not being completely sweaty because of dancing before singing.
  22. Vegetarianism is too much for me to handle, let alone veganism Still, I'm wondering how did you manage to be that muscular while being vegan? It must be extreeeeeeeeeemely difficult to keep providing your body what nutriments it needs with such a regime. Just wondering, how much do you train per week & how 'strict'/'harsh' is your diet? (not trying to be muscular, I wouldn't fit for a girl anyway) Congrats
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