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  1. I don't know who that *** is don't lose your asking asking her for an apology it'd just bring some fame for that irrelevant bish
  2. isn't he? he looks gay af tbh she's never been a 'insert whatever movement' activist, and let's not forget that she never had the right to do so from 1998 to 2001, after that she only had ITZ & BO (still, her control was limited) and then she's been under a c-ship.
  3. vegas she looked like a drag version of herself remember the lady gaga meltdown still can't believe that it was her, I'm sure that & and Stefani were just trollin us
  4. Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe: 0 oscars Beyoncé: more Grammys than Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey & Céline Dion combined Imagine living in a world where Rihanna is more awarded than Whitney in... singing how can you take these award shows seriously connexions/money and there u got it
  5. never understood why people wants a BO 2.0 or an ITZ 2.0 wouldn't you prefer B10 to be so good that you'd want B11 to be B10 2.0 ? gives me the same effects as someone asking "Sony music, can we have a Britney 2.0?". spoiler alert: the result is Jessica Simpson. or asking for a "pizza 2.0" and ending up with pineapples over tomato sauce I low-key hate Canada for that culinary crime Hollywood is really facing a deep creativity crisis, can't believe that the majority if not all blockbusters these past few years are sequels/prequels and... ******* live actions to come back to the thread, he can keep it to himself not shaming his physique though, beauty is in the eye of his beholder (thanks word reference for that amazing translation, gotta put in on Anki to learn it asap) except for Hawaii pizzas maybe that's why Britney likes Hawaii so much there may be a correlation with her sense of fashion, taste in men & her eyeliner addiction still, never found JT that attractive even in 2007 I'd find kinda cringe an album about s3x coming from JT but why not, I'm not planning to listen to it anyway
  6. lately she's been giving me strong bomt/oops era vibes honestly I don't pay much attention to ppl when I'm in a room maybe it's because I'm hardly impressed by ppl in general lol
  7. I've learnt to do backflips, gaps and this kinda stuff in kindergarden That's why I never wore a skirt without leggings. Well, after Hannah Montana I started to substitute leggings with jeans I thought that I was a fashionistah My shirts had so many glitter, my teacher'd go crazy about it because my bag, papers, tests, we full of glitter Even when I was grounded and had to copy 100 times 'I shall not discuss when my teacher speaks' during the 30-minutes break (yeah that ***** didn't want me to do these at home) she told me to do it again because it was too shiny and glittery for her *** She thought that I was doing that on purpose Regarding the choreographies, I think that's because when I was younger (including today) I'd dance a lot to MVs shown on TV, & since I'm half-Arab of course I'd put them Arab moves in the middle of a rap song, even ads So the moves including moving your hips/fluidity seem easier to me I guess? And summers can get pretty long in Kosovo so I'd try learn choreographies from MVs that were on TV It all started with hoedown downtown in Hannah Montana
  8. Exactly, I didn't expect Boys or MATM to be so complex! Each move is easy, but when you mix everything and make up a routine, it becomes insanely technical, especially since you have to be sharp & fluid at the same time. It gives the impression of easiness, it is pleasant to watch, because you feel that you can do it except that... you can't. They even took the 'girl next door' stuff to stage Just like Jackson tbh, his dancing seems so easy until you try it In 2001-2004 she took a very different road for her choreographies, they became more complex in general, because she played with sharpness, fluidity and sensuality, which is extremely hard. The boys routine shows it. The breakdown is less robotic than 1998-2000 kinda dancing, and she completely overshadowed her dancers which didn't really understand the sense of 'dancing' (why trying sooooooo hard?). Nowadays, in dancing YT videos, a loot of dancers just... they're just doing too much. And they fail, because you don't feel the emotion, and it becomes cringe. A great example in music is Screamtina at the 2010 Super Bowl. She miserably failed because it was more 'hey look how huge my voice can be'. And that's also why 'Say Something' topped the charts. It was simple, yet you can feel the emotion. Brian videos are soooo cringe to watch. Especially when his/her dancers are having *** with the floor, even if you put a lady in the desert for 20 years without *** and bring her Brad Pitt to break this abstinence wouldn't have such an *rgasm like what's so **** about it? The movements are too robotic, too sharp, too inhumane. It lacks fluidity.
  9. - Boys breakdown, I've added some bellydancing parts for other parts (last year, I did it with a blower ) - Satisfaction Oops Tour (last year) - Oops choreo (6 years ago) i had that kinda dress that was the closest outfit that resembles to the catsuit that I had though - full BOMT lately (lockdown, during a day-break, it was much harder than I expected it to be especially the backflips, I messed up the double-backflip, and I decided to water-down it: from 2 to 1) I've also scrapped the part when the dancer lifts her true britney vibes when I did that
  10. Really sorry, I should've been clearer. I hope that I didn't offend any of you It's just a thread about my friend, he's really confused and since I don't know any gay guy (only one bi friend but can't talk about this with him, since the one in this thread doesn't want to 'come out' loudly). I'm kinda full of stereotypes and my references regarding them are TV shows & movies Okay, so let me reformulate, because the title of the thread is kinda messy Is he just too picky/posh? How can he find a guy without dating apps & bars/clubs? By 'how are gays in your country in general' I meant are guys like him kinda numerous or extremely rare? Because I know (or maybe not?) that for example gays in the US are kinda different than Western European ones which are very different from Eastern European ones
  11. wuuuut? i didn’t like it that much either way anyway i found the main character to be reaaaally annoying
  12. in France it's not the case, she's pretty popular esp. with the young gen that has tiktok & the press is siding with her despite being insanely trash-worthy
  13. i hate shows with pre-recorded laughs in general that's why the only one that I'd like was Hannah Montana when I was a kid
  14. Thread full of stereotypes incoming Before answering, please read. ***** To make it short: I have a male friend, and he was a closeted bi with a significant preference for guys (80%). I would've never guessed even though he enjoys pop culture with me He also shaves his legs & wears an anklet he got it when he went to idk which island in Oceania what a tourist but I know a straight guy also doing it so I didn't take it as a sign he isn't gay he's European Aside from that he's muscular & handsome *** He told me that a few days ago, I was preparing some tea, didn't know that he was going to spill tea hotter than mine I'm the only person to know Here comes the reason why I made this thread: throughout the discussion, I learnt the reason why he's never dated anybody. I mean, me too, but that's because I'm a romantic girl looking for the Prince Charming He told me that he was also waiting for the Prince Charming or the Princess Charming He doesn't like that much 'gay culture'. He's freaked out by saunas, backrooms and stuff like that. He hates bars & nightclubs because it's full of drugged/drunk people that only wants to have s3x according to him, and he doesn't want to meet his lover there. He tried a dating app once, and... 2 hours after and 50 harassing texts + more than 10 **** picks he closed his account. Some old guys proposed him money to s*ck his **** and a young one wanted to dominated by him in a very humiliating way (dog) As if it wasn't complicated enough for him, he has a list of requirements nah jk, his 'requirements' ain't that hard, he just wants a muscular/sporty guy around his age (20) because he wants to train with him & that is studying. Personality-wise, he just wants a nice guy with some sensibility (not scared to share his feelings) yet masculine. He doesn't like effeminate guys, and he hates shallow guys (let's say, Emma Roberts) or guys that are hooking-up 50 times a month. Oh and he doesn't want to have s3x immediately. He doesn't like s3x without feelings. Here's the problem according to him: he can't find any guy. I mean, it's pretty normal, since most of them would be unrecognisable just like him, I told him that he probably popped into a gay guy that enhances his requirements yet none of them realised that the other one is gay/bi and he's also an introvert He feels kinda lonely regarding that & told me that he expected more gays to be like in movies and TV shows he's veeeery romantic yes So I'd like to know, how are gays in general in your country? And is there anybody like him? How do you deal with that? I eventually told him to find a girl, I expect it to be easier He's not really looking after anybody, he's just there strolling around & preventing people from approaching him in a romantic way, even slightly, unless he takes for granted a mutual attraction Guess what? He's not even the most complicated one among my friends
  15. I agree! I'd hate another album about s3x, it'd be so expectable & cringe. I mean it's not like she doesn't have anything to talk about, even before 2005 she managed to write interesting stuff in Original Doll, that indeed, was original Mona Lisa, Dramatic, Money Love & Happiness, Little me, etc etc etc Madonna's song gives strong mysterious vibes, and I love it.
  16. Oh, that'd explain why Eminem & Britney are so low on this list.
  17. she was kinda useless tbh but I don’t remember ppl really hating her she just turned into a meme lol she was more hated in 2011 for idk which reason with Justin Bieber
  18. she just literally throw the whole ‘emoji’ keyboard in one post i—
  19. Beyoncé 20 places higher than Britney? lol wanna know what they take into consideration to make this list then I guess it's just for the US? That's what I don't like about this list, they should've added 'in America' in the title
  20. A 'small' update on the situation: 300,000 are declared homeless (Beirut counts 360,000 inhabitants without its suburbs). Once again disappointed by Shakira who didn't use properly her platform for Lebanon, despite being half Lebanese & using its culture massively throughout her career. Sad. Just a poor little RT, she should take several notes from Dua Lipa who explained the situation & promoted many ways of helping in Twitter and Instagram (c'mon Shakira, u have so much more followers on insta ) Low-key disappointed by some celebs also, esp. the ones who twitted for Notre-Dame & shared donations websites
  21. I wouldn’t be able to answer that question, as the circumstances are different for each case (Lebanon isn’t a war zone & it occurred in a very dense place: the capital city & such a thing doesn’t occur that often). In terms of structure, it’s a mix between Switzerland & Miami. Considering that it is a small country (4-5 million inhabitants), the damage is pretty huge and the consequences are probably going to be quite disastrous (there’s 1 million Syrian war refugees in the country rn, 20-25% of the population) economically-speaking, as the cost to rebuild a capital is high expensive. Glad that your friend is ok! Did he stay in Beirut? I’ve heard that the authorities advised the citizens to move to another city because of chemical products... I hope that they’ll be fine!
  22. Some new information y'all, the situation is very critical: - hundreds of people are still under the rabble, a UN vessel has been damaged & several soldiers are wounded, thousands of people injured, dozens of buildings are destroyed - Lebanese authorities are advising the people in Beirut to leave the city if they can because of toxic substances in the air due to the explosion. An orange cloud is up in the air, and it is reportedly due to more than 2,700 tons of nitrate of ammonium that have caused the explosion. - The explosion has been heard in Cyprus (230 kilometres from Beirut). - The seaport is completely destroyed (reminder: 90% of world trades are exchanged by the sea...) & several stocks are destroyed: billions of dollars of commodities destroyed - Hospitals are damaged & saturated, many victims are transferred in other hospitals of the country (not adding graphic content, some may not appreciate the view of blood) This explosion is really happening in a bad time in Lebanon, in the midst of a political, health & economical crisis. The damage seems incredibly huge (a seaport costs billions of dollars, hospital material is hugely expansive, and it occurred in an expensive place in the city) and Lebanon is probably going to face an even worse crisis... The high buildings didn't fall, the second picture is a close-up compared to the first one, however, most of them have shattered windows and others damaged foundations & pillars
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