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  1. the Grammys aren't about dancing JJ dances better than Beyoncé Pink basically does acrobatics while singing live crazy lyrics not written by her though Beyoncé's music have been impactful on American society only since 2016 not in 2009 in which she had like 3 Grammys only for single ladies you do realise the bridge between madonna and Beyoncé in terms of influence? Beyoncé'll probably never be able to top that I'm not hating on Beyoncé, and yeah she is insanely talented, but I've just noticed how overrated she was in the US, I mean, she's definitely not more talented than Whitney Houston, not more of a performer than Pink (who outsold Beyoncé btw for her last world tour), definitely not more influential than Madonna, not more popular than MJ. and she still is awarded - in the Grammys - 4 to 5 times more than these artists, so... the same goes for Britney & the VMAs bomt & toxic, probably one of the most "signature" MVs of all time not getting a single vma and photoshop-of-me getting 3 awards lol
  2. where have you seen the hate? she is talented, but I definitely don't believe that she worths 24 Grammys yeah she's influenced a lot, but more than Whitney-Celine-Mariah-Madonna combined? she is twice as awarded as MJ same for JT: 10 Grammys twice as much as Aguilera or Billie Eilish she has as many Grammys as MC, Shania Twain, Aguilera and Elton John The Black Eye Pears or idk what their name is have more Grammys than Whitney sorry I can't just take the Grammys seriously
  3. Beyoncé has more Grammys than Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Céline Dion combined why would you be surprised by BJ being nominated for a grammy?
  4. religion isn't a nationality though "there's a cross on England's flag therefore yes, English are Christians" he doesn't fast, so he might be an irreligious person, or a non-practising Muslim, or an ex-Muslim, or a devout Muslim, idk so far he's never talked about religion, has he? it wouldn't surprise me though since the Iranian diaspora isn't the most religious one "A significant number of Iranians abroad are irreligious, Agnostic and Atheist.[79][80][81] While reliable statistics are difficult to come by, it is safe to say that the percentage of irreligious Iranians is significantly higher in the diaspora than in Iran, particularly with regard to Iranian-Americans and those living in Europe and Canada"
  5. America baffles me tbh smh the world capital of ****ography is harassing a 20yo girl about her virginity
  6. I'm new there well not so new it's been a year I haven't logged in something like 6 months though back there because I need to practise my English for my competitive exams occurring in 2 months I'm basically lurking there while working on Lagrange, Tchebychev, Legendre, Gregory and Bernstein polynomials so when a break is needed I'm just checking some fun news over there 'bout to break down because of 12 hours of work a day but I'm fine
  7. I don't stan any artist though, not even Britney my fav artist would probably be trashtina before the 2010s cause after that she's wrecked her legacy & been lazy, or retiredhanna among new artists the Albanian queen dua lipa would be my choice ariana is meh, hate her bubblegum-whimpering-gibberish-singing style, and she needs to evolve as an artist, can't tell any difference between 2015 and 2021. she better take some notes from her rival tbh
  8. I've always thought that she was some drag-queen meme
  9. not really unless it's scary movies including blood then I'm puking tf out on a more serious note though, knowing all the mess surrounding her lately, I don't know, it's like watching a Black Mirror episode, it gives me the exact same feeling, if not more, since it's basically reality occurring about her. she's trapped in her house, the rumours are getting more and more insane (being grounded for 3 weeks during summer for a walk on a beach? In your late 30s????????). I just feel sad when I watch these videos, and they do seem creepy, this is not "cute", it is tragic
  10. I'm sure that she considers herself as more moral than britney reminds me nickelodeon & the legend of Korra, they'd censor a lesbian kiss cause "it's a kids show" yet they had displayed a suicide (very kids-friendly tbh), human torture, PTSD trauma, multiple murders, anarchism-communism-fascism-genocide-war American puritanism smh JJ's **** is more shocking than guns on the streets
  11. y'all have been criticising us, genZ yet we're exposing that ******* of JT although we were babies when it happened
  12. thanks but I don't believe in love a lover is just someone you trust, a friend with benefits, isn't it how it works?
  13. nah not my taste sorry but he's still hotter than any trash she's been dating (except 4 Sam Asghari) (still can't believe that they posted her humping the ******* ground that's Aguilera's speciality not Britney's ) I'm more into body-shaved muscular college guys not JT's insipid, dull, unexciting, jejune and wishy-washy physique still waiting for my Prince Charming to come cause I ain't got enough energy to date a guy if he's not marriage material
  14. in spain negro means "black", they don't have that problem tbh idgaf about what black people are using in their songs i understand where the controversy is coming from, I'm always laughing at white people singing rap songs and suddenly shutting their mouth when that word is coming reading some comments like 'glad that he didn't say that word!!!!' like c'mon guys, when ur singing ur not even paying attention to the lyrics most of the time, that doesn't make u a racist white people in the US********************* 'cause eastern europe doesn't have anything to do with it, btw we've been colonised by the turks for some centuries lol just reminding that outside the US, it's not a White vs Black issue, it's much more complex than that dichotomy There's been three major slave trades in history: 1. the African slave trade, from the VIIth to the XIXth century (it all started with African rulers, during ethnic fights the winning group would enslave the other and sell them to the rest of the tribe as slaves). Estimation: 14 million slaves. 2. the Arab slave trade, from the VIIth to the XIXth century (North Africa, which includes Berber populations + Libyans and Mauritanians and the Arabic peninsula). African rulers would sell slaves to Arabs. Estimation: 13 to 17 million slaves. 3. The Western slave trade, from the XVth to the XIXth century (Europeans would buy them for industrial purpose, and Americans for them to work in plantations). Estimation: 11 million slaves. Eastern Europe (= half of Europe) is out of the equation. Therefore, outside of the US, it is no longer a White vs Black issue, when it comes to colonisation and slavery.
  15. this is so ******* disrespectful from her team to not allow Britney's workers to talk with her ew I can already imagine jucitryn loo trying to legitimate it by saying "it's for her safety we care about her"
  16. marlon brando waiting 4 a real man to catch me and bring me to his castle
  17. i've lasted 8 seconds to be precise still less cringe than Noah beck
  18. I'd rather watch Sharknado than a movie with JT
  19. Britney never had taste in men since day 1 I'd rather turn lesbian than dating JT lol
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