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  1. I've never noticed Sam's accent very cute btw loves it
  2. queen of having thicker legs than sam make that bish work
  3. + it's not like she hasn't sold 100 million albums + her ad deals + her 6 WT + her merch + x factor she's on the same range as Beyoncé lmao for 10+ years she made more than her 2020 net worth in a year in 2010 she made more money than Gaga, in 2012 she was the highest paid musician, her years-off I don't believe that figure, it's not like she's organising expensive parties or traveling to Paris for eating a cake she still use clothes from 2002 something (very) fishy is going on tbh about her money
  4. ofc let them get their money at least it brings attention on britney win-win situation, who cares about Kant's moral doxa
  5. 1 million viewers is quite huge for a country with 17 million inhabitants Especially since nobody watches TV anymore Netflix drop that documentary quick if you want $$$$$
  6. Well now here they are, using her performances to claw back ppl into their flop channel She's the Marilyn Monroe of the music industry after all, her videography is literally the most iconic one of the 2000s, who cares about some awards that ain't nobody besides stans are caring about
  7. in france we have iconic seb la frite it's reached so many kids-teens-young adult
  8. I don't think so, she was expected to though, and should've been much more popular than Beyoncé nowadays (they started their careers at the same time, and up until 2013 Beyoncé was nowhere near Britney's legacy) Still, kinda crazy how the entire gen-Z (including me) knows about Britney even though she has kinda vanished since 2013
  9. live in France born in turkey bc the yugoslavia wars dad from palestine mom from kosovo mrs worldwide
  10. have you ever heard of foot-phobia well, in fact, feet are cleaner than a mouth, a pvssy, or even hands, soooo technically it's less gross than licking a ******* full of love juice still can't get why so many people are into them well at least girls are taking care of their feet unlike guys they should be banned from wearing flip flops in summer britney has a foot fetish btw
  11. legendary vid btw I remember my 7yo *** being entertained as **** by this ah good ol dayz
  12. You'd think she'd just be another nun, praying all-day-long and preaching love and good vibes, not taking advantage financially and emotionally of a woman
  13. rap jazz and opera my playlists look like my Netflix catalogue when I used to watch tv shows, poor algorithm who didn't know how to deal with my taste "AHS" "Peppa pig" "Narcos"
  14. I didn't expect the Hulu one to blow that much imagine a Netflix documentary that French YouTube hit 4 million views btw, the majority of teenagers in France are now aware of Britney's battle and they're supporting her, she trends often on Twitter
  15. Valentine's Day is about romance & love, not raunchy *** with strangers y'all are too ***** on this website that's the only card who isn't about ***, better than nothing I'd give it to Marlon Brando profile, but can't remember his name or that Aang profile coz he has taste
  16. Expectable for Rihanna coz of political correctness But kinda surprised by Madonna, considering how she never really cared about being politically correct, I mean even Cher spoke up about it, so same for Gaga. Same for Beyoncé, she mixed politics and music, speaks often about women empowerment but didn't address the issue. I'd add floptina, pink and gaga too. Maybe they're still waiting for Britney to say a thing by herself on ig to interfere, I think that it's the only thing that'd make them speak about it. They may be "scared" to interfere in Britney's life, and making her upset, idk
  17. she has 60 million followers on insta though that'd be like saying "Nancy Ajram is not an A-list celebrity" although she the most famous pop singer in the Arab world just bcoz she's unknown in the US how typical of Americans
  18. I don't know her but I do know that song "let's get physical, physical" I thought that she was some one-hit wonder
  19. still wondering how she managed to dance without that hat falling and her pu$$ pu$$ hanging out
  20. idgaf about JT, ain't got enough time to hate on him but waiting for a documentary to blow to do a lazy apology on Notes after his *** got slammed on twitter I'm definitely not gonna praise him for that sorry hun reminds me of lea michele
  21. who cares though it must've hurt him that he launched his solo career only because he's been cheated on and cried like a puss puss after that wonder how he felt when Britney's been ranked among the most powerful women in 2004 guess that's why he focused on JJ
  22. she's been harassed for years + the entire JJ mess that literally destroyed her career and a note written by his team is enough for u? in which he mentions Britney & JJ in like one sentence? btw I didn't know that America was that trashy before, Justin said that he took Britney's virginity and the media blamed britney for... not being a virgin anymore... but not Justin? pu***fied that'd explain his atrocious voice, moves, and lack of charisma
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