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  1. Yeah, my main point is that after years of hearing her autotuned voice and all, and to have this come on shuffle and just hear her true voice - was awesome
  2. That's what I love about it, it's her TRUE voice - but it's like that style of voice would not have worked mainstream :/
  3. only other thing I will say is it looked like intimate light up square stage, possibly "in the round"
  4. well that rumor may have traction.. Unfortunately, I also work in production, so can not disclose anything else, it's in the rulebook :p <3
  5. Yes! You have done amazing keeping it up and I appreciate it. I still remember the old site with banner and all... and before you were a twunk
  6. I was listening to my Britney playlist tonight and Soda Pop came on, and at first I was like wait no way- then I listened to it for the first time in a while and can we just say, WOW! I def think this is a classic, as I am sure many of you do too- but if you know her voice this is her true and born style. It almost sounds like she could've recorded it yesterday.. too bad they took over her voice with the autotune and total pop drive, which don't get me wrong- I love, just wonder what if she would've kept truly singing if she could do more songs like this. Thoughts?
  7. Show is cancelled I can confirm that. Promise on this and not lying bc I love this community: As I have mentioned once, my friend worked on the set design of this show ( as a freelance assistant) .. Update since last time I wrote about this on here bc I saw her recently and she showed me a pic of the set design -- not all of it obvi, just the entrance (yes I tried to see all lol she wouldn't)-- but Brit was suppose to come out of like a diamond, it was different. But yeah it's funny it was def well into the works, so something had to happen that was pretty tragic to pull the show. Not sure if Domination will go on again, but as they say (ironically), the show must go on, so hopefully Brit will give us at least a farewell tour..
  8. I remember I was probably about 17 (I am now 25), and it was amazing. Every outing. Every rumor. Every everything, but in a good respectful way - def led me to the Britney Army. This place has had a special spot in my heart! I remember when it was all Britney then it turned into a bigger site, but still love that it is an amazing home for us Britney stans. <3
  9. If walls could talk... I've always been fascinated with her real estate, the style always seems similar. She's def not a fan of modern, but as someone in interior design, I feel like she could benefit from hiring an interior designer haha. Thoughts on your fav house of hers?
  10. Yeah this video shows it, it's sad and something is up- it's obvi. she's emotional that this is the last show
  11. Here's a load of pics from that day: https://www.angelfire.com/pop2/britpictures44/churchcrying.html
  12. Does anyone think Britney still smokes? 

  13. right!! It's weird, I went back to see if I had screen capped it too but I didn't. But I swearrr it changed - so crazy. Before she was talking about all of the black diamonds and it sounded like she had just bought them or put them on or something bc "!!!!" and I thought it was so random but again on the red background, which we've talked about.. but I went on here to see if anyone was talking about it, then realized the caption changed, and nobody was talking about it lol. Someone else plz validate this so I don't feel crazy lol. Someone or she, is either going back and changing the captions. Guess I need to start documenting posts lmfao
  14. Yeah I am concerned too because when she posted wearing the black diamonds at first the caption was like "blah blah blah when I found these black diamonds I just had to put them on !!!! They are so strong blah blah blah" and then today it just says "Eyes are the window to the soul... protect your window !!!!!!" Now I was skeptical at first that it's Lou posting but I mean this was the first actual change of something that I personally saw and thought was odd given she typically has never changed a caption.. Thoughts?
  15. Not trying to be a ****, but can we also talk about how her teeth/veneers have like shifted, especially in the past few years. It almost looks like she has gaps now Thoughts?
  16. Sam for sure... SIDE NOTE: I wonder how Britney feels now about having a video w/ Jason Trawick.. thoughts?
  17. Literally changes every week/day-- currently, Born To Make You Happy and Out From Under <3
  18. I was getting ready to say, this is def the four seasons in Santa Barbara .. love her- stays at amazing hotel, takes picture of tree lol
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