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  1. Hey ain't nothing luxurious about Myrtle Beach let me tell you that lmfaoo (North Carolinian here)
  2. I met JL when she was doing her music thing/tour few years back. I can say the whole event was very down to earth, just a little local venue where literally some of my friend's bands have played lol. I did the meet and greet, a whole $25, and even got to talk to her dad. Basically I walked in and she was like "Hi I am Jamie Lynn" and we shook hands/hugged then I thought it would be all rushed but it wasn't and I just told her thanks for stopping by my hometown and I told her how I saw Britney a few years ago during her Circus tour which came to my city and thanked her for coming by and turns out their family likes making stops here bc it's "so down to earth and southern comfort" as JL said (it's in North Carolina). I told her some restaurants to try lol and we honestly just had like a normal, chill interaction. We then posed for the picture and then I turned to her and told her how I want a fun picture and if we could do prom pose and she wasn't even sure what that was LOL.. Then the camera guy had to tell her and she was like "OHH dang sorry didn't really get to do the prom thing much" she then made sure I liked the pictures (sweet) and I was legit in there for like 5-7min and her dad just was sitting in the other side of the room (small green room) on his phone with a dip bottle (spitting tobacco). When I was leaving I passed him and said "Thank you sir!" and he said "for wha--" and then I like waved my hand at JL and was like "uh your daughters" and he was laughed and was like "ha, if you only knew".. That was about it, and so based on my interaction, she was very nice (I get you have to be during meet and greet) but even on stage you could tell she was nervous and was so personable. She is SO southern, like her accent is THICK, and I think sure she comes off little dry, but I think she has something with us, which I get too. But she was super sweet. Meet and Greet photo: https://ibb.co/hHPZQxC
  3. "Suck my toe" is a southern saying for like "kiss my ***" .. Southerner here... also what a weird topic..
  4. Yeah the one you posted with her mom is actually the old G-Wagon, she got a newer model few years ago - love that she sticks to the G-Wagon though, iconic
  5. We could always look into buying ads on facebook, etc? Not sure how that works though, thoughts?
  6. Riiiight thats what I'm saying like - I love us- but what if Jamie is actually trying or something, idk. After seeing the interview today we at least know he basically confirmed the #FreeBritney movement and said she wants out of the cship
  7. I agree I think it helped at least some, I mean def gave #FreeBritney more legitimacy from just having her brother go on and talk about it and acknowledging it.
  8. I realized that too.. I don't think he lives there fulltime though.. however I feel like theyre going to try to spin this and be like "oh we are pro free britney now bc we realized the system did this to her" but they kinda had a part of it but still idk what to think
  9. Right, from what I hear it's just a normal kind of "check in" I think, but then again anything could happen. I don't expect anything to get out, but then again sometimes you have to read between the lines.. like Andrew Gallery just so happened to put those videos on tiktok while Lynne just happened to file to have visibility into the trust, etc... idk some have said it could've been Lynne who told him to do that or something- butthat's for a diff. thread I think something in the press will cover it...hoping... waiting
  10. Oh hmm a random cryptic message that's suppose to look like Britney's handwriting in the height of another #FreeBritney wave?.... don't fall for it fam.
  11. Long thread, love it- still going through but not sure if anyone noticed that Andrew Galley is also listed on the imbd for Britney: For the Record. Scroll down to the Camera and Electrical Dept. and he is listed as a camera operator. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1306958/fullcredits
  12. hmm *puts on toxic outfit* ....if only it was that easy..
  13. haha me too - I was about to say I guess she has two accounts
  14. Nothing was worse than when they used her name too for that "Dinner at Home" youtube thing with nobody remotely famous except JL - then we get a 5 second video from Brit..
  15. I still think Britney bought his teeth.. Google Sam Asghari teeth before and after. Like good for him but it just came ironically right when they started seeing each other - and we never see his teeth in Slumber Party..
  16. I was a little confused as well.. haha. love her- she also said "..to my friends at the LGBT community"
  17. They can always change the venue.. That's what they did for her at Planet Hollywood- but again Idk I just saw one photo of the draft my friend and I both work in the industry so were respectful to the work of everyone and thats all I can say
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