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  1. exactly, this isn't part of Project Rose, it's when she's in the top, with the roses in her hair, hence Project Rose
  2. Saw this topic- had to drop in and just, THE BRIDGE OF THIS SONG THOOO. love it, so underrated as well as Soda Pop (BOMT) xo
  3. britney this whole time "who's this girl" like they say, "never meet your idols" - Miley always talks about how she loves Britney, but never speaks about the moment they met???
  4. To be honest, as much as I wanted to dislike Sam- and I did in the beginning- he kinda proved me wrong. Like he is pretty "normal" and basic guy, silly too like Brit and remember he's also young, and I feel like he walked into this and is just watching from the sidelines. I am literally his age- why would I want to have anything to do with the courts, etc. I am starting my life, etc. as he is too with his acting/modeling. Sam even has liked #FreeBritney stuff and commented nice things, etc. He still takes pics of his protein shakes in his little apartment lol - don't think he's "in" on anything. But think about it- all of the guys that were older that she dated that kinda got involved with her conservatorship, do you see them now? If anything they didn't even last as long as Sam (current) has. Also- I can only imagine if he got involved like Jason Trawick did (literally came on as co-conservator) everyone would freak out..
  5. What if Project Rose is keyword for essentially her making moves on the conservatorship...
  6. I agree - if you think about it either one of them could've done Me Against the Music, but looks like it worked out with Madonna
  7. Yes they do... so sad.. this didn't need to happen- she wasn't ready. Like, as in, I am pretty sure a few months before this it was ruled overnight she had dementia and put into the cship -- now she is on stage? Even if she was partying the night before - she shouldn't have even been there in the first place, then she wouldn't have had these mix reviews on the performance, then get the backlash.. I work in the industry and it's sad because you know there are so many people in production behind this and they just go along with it bc Brit's "team". Then later everyone picks it up and her team acts "surprised" it got bad reviews or something. The girl needed something called A BREAK. Sure she came out with Blackout then (praise), but that doesn't mean the promo needs be on the VMA stage (and if you notice only real "promo" for Blackout) .. Media def owes Brit a HUGE apology..
  8. Update: Jamie Lynn took a screencap of Fe's post and put it on her story https://www.instagram.com/stories/jamielynnspears/2382506655867919362/
  9. .. hard decisions .. soo many classic/iconic videos in the first round
  10. Don't mean to be a "Karen" - but we have to stop just throwing things out there without receipts. Even if it is about Lou, Jamie, etc. "Allegedly this, allegedly that" - we need to maintain our credibility within the #FreeBritney movement!!
  11. Oh my god you guys are reading WAAAYYYYY too much into this stuff.. After further review of Lou's profile (not blocked bc I don't want to bother her) but her friend owns a pet adoption clinic... If you actually click on the posts you will see they are posted throughout 2019, etc. Please, don't let this foolishness make us loose our credibility in the #FreeBritney movement. Do you research before posting. Here is a post from Lou's IG that explains. She obviously a partner is some degree as she is a business woman.... let me guess you guys are going to say she is trafficking animals now... GEEZ.
  12. Well yeah the custody changed and now corona etc - but also my parents were divorced and I remember having to always go to my dads house and stuff then around their age now I just got kinda lazy about it and you have more say about,. You also start having a social life at their age, etc. I am sure the restraining order with her dad and the boys from the incident as well as how he is her conservator of estate may also have something to do with it..
  13. Must listen to Soda Pop - it's her true voice, sounds like she could sing it today
  14. honestly tho, like someone realllly had to think this one out and they thought it was a good idea..
  15. yep $25 - & right back then I had a feeling.. wanted to ask what was going on, but what am I suppose to be like "So JL like what's up w. Brit?" with her dad in the room.... should've slipped a note and been like
  16. hah well really explains him and sets the scene; Yes, thanks lol wanted something fun and different
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