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  1. I have some hope because near the end of the trailer there is a fellow Britney stan, @LeanneSimmons, "why is her dad making all of her decisions?" part. She has been heavily involved in the movement + @FreeBritneyLA for quite some time and also attended the court hearings. This gives me hope only because I remember we DM'd briefly about a topic and then I saw her at the latest hearing FBritneyLA online rally and she came on after the court hearing and reported her notes (they couldn't have their phones inside). She is a great person/fan (with credibility) and I am just hoping they don't plug her as the "Crazy Britney Fan" if it is team-con
  2. omg could you imagine if one of her kids like found an old iPod of deep cuts "untitled" and becoming a fan without even realizing its his mom
  3. I truly wonder like when was the last time she saw them. I did see on Lynne's facebook the pic of them recently with her - but it looked like at her house not Britneys. Who knows, very sad :/
  4. soooooo underrated- one of my favs. I always felt if one of the pop stars did it now it would be a bop - but not sure how why this one wasn't held up too - the music was so fresh for that time and lyrics so controversial. Literally about a threesome.. lol
  5. Sooo. I was reading another thread and thought about how we haven't seen her kids lately. The timeline is.. ironic (dontcha think?) *Britney announces Vegas Residency 2 (that's when we had that awkward "announcement event" where she popped out of the stage and her team wouldn't let her stop to sign autographs.. *Britney posts Psalm 23 *Britney posts this video with SP on Instagram saying Merry Christmas (103weeks ago) *Britney's next post is about her cancelling her show *We don't hear from her again with actual content until the infamous "Me Time" post (goes to facility) *Few weeks later she posts that video where she is saying she is "alive and well" ... *Year later Jamie had the altercation and got restraining order - Then: w e n e v e r s e e JJ o r SJ. a g a i n . . . . . . . . . This very odd to me.. and concerning.. thoughts?
  6. I wanna know more about this "weekly source".... especially if her dad hasn't spoken to her in months.. ......Sam?
  7. When I saw her in Greensboro, she sang this it was amazing. I will never forget this night.. She randomly just came on, it was odd- like middle of her show did like intermission video thing then it was dark and we waited for a sec then you could see the stage floor door open and she came up - but if you watch the one in Greensboro her mic messes up - #neverforget <3
  8. Finally, the day has come - we celebrate our queen!!! She has been such an inspiration to us all and so iconic over the years. May we continue to support and celebrate her on this day SPREAD THE LOVE!! How has Britney changed your life? When did you discover you were part of the Britney Army? First concert? Tell it alllll
  9. Team B is really thirsty for the $ - this is ridiculous, recycling a T-shirt with an old picture? I bought my Glory copy through my local record store, wanted to support local at least :p
  10. I stan this - tbh what's the point of loving an artist if you don't even support their work, no matter what format. I work in the industry but yes, as sad as the cship and all is, at the end of the day its work and life- and this is her work. She was so proud of Glory and she even said they recorded so many songs and its always hard choosing the final cuts, so I imagine these are possibly songs she wanted on/almost made it. I admit, I collect her vinyls- but have been before the boycott. Y'all need to chill with your conspiratorial microscope lol. ...She's a recording artist and you gon' tell me to not listen to her music?!
  11. Post says "RED COMING SOON" - then mentions she found her green pin
  12. Not sure if I just discovered, but I've been living off crappy Youtube leaks of this... who knew it's full HQ audio has been sitting on Spotify this whole time.. on the Chaotic soundtrack.. HA
  13. I'm so glad there is a place where like we "get" her you know? Like so many of my friends saw this and sent it to me - like was I suppose to be upset? Who cares, I love the outfit totally genuine Brit. Love it, she looks great as always. <3
  14. I honestly feel like one day Britney called him up or had a meeting and was like "listen *****r, this is MY LIFE - your are my line" lmfao but no honestly I really feel like she must of had a talk with him for sure. If you realize that she never had any interest that we know of in the past few years in the matter like this until recently. I feel like quarantine did something for her and she saw an outing with #FreeBritney
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