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  1. I always thought Break the Ice could've had some pretty iconic choreography ..
  2. It's literally been my background of my computer since 2015, please - I get it but .. has diff meaning to me
  3. I doubt it's as easy as that- even when I was their age with divorced parents it was flexible, but there was still technically 70/30 custody in place so I had to visit my dad still often, not "had" to, but you know what I mean. Given Britney is a conservatee, I imagine this makes this process even more difficult as in the past it has been reported she has to have some sort of court supervisor present/around. I also imagine they could have added her security or anyone close to her to this, so it may not be as black and white, if you will. Nonetheless, I don't think it's really Kevin keeping them from seeing them, that's just been the narrative. Remember the article a few weeks ago when a source said Britney was "grounded" for 3 weeks for taking a walk on the beach with her friend? Yeah, I am tending to think along the same terms, maybe not in such a blatantly way though, rather in more of a casual mind-game/manipulative way. Who knows, none of my biz lol
  4. Is it me or is it ironic we get what appears to be a somehow leaked cryptic photo of Britney with her kids before the GMA interview with Vivian Thoreen...... For the record- I literally texted my friend who I thought still worked at GMA and told him to not let them air this, even though he's only a producer for the audience, but still, tried! Unfortunately he lost his job due to COVID :/
  5. All of the SNL episodes are available on Peacock - I don't have it tho :p
  6. The company Alli works for (I think she owns it?) did the set up for a wedding I was a guest at (my friends cousin) - I didn’t talk to her but saw her around and she seemed really nice and chill af .. poor thing can’t believe Jamie did this to family
  7. India and beyond... America is not the only country with celebrities.. some of ours aren't even famous in other countries lol
  8. So ready for tomorrow! I think its unique we hear that they reached out to her family for interviews multiple times. They obviously know this is about to come out and Britney most likely knows as well...hope it helps <3 What's the hashtag for tomorrow?
  9. not a fan of these unreleased - they always give B great beats, but generic lyrics..
  10. My friend's Dad worked for Pepsi when we were younger, so my friend had one of B- I was always so jealous <3
  11. I was just thinking about this last night - I wish she would dance to her own music, but I have a feeling there is something legal there
  12. "You better use my code JL40, for 40% off your order!"
  13. Yes ma'am you got it - but also, the album she had to put something out to fulfill her contract she signed too, but I agree - I think it was perfectly promoted in the way as (especially looking back at it), you could tell she was genuinely excited/interested in putting it out, yet they didn't send her along the promo trail across the world because I also think she was trying to keep it chill. Everyone always expects so much from artists these days.. SHE SANG A WHOLE SONG IN FRENCH FOR GOD'S SAKE! I love Coupre Electrique , great article about that here LINK Also this:
  14. Amazing!! That's some werrrkkkk - good job girl. Maybe you could make a playlist on Soundcloud and share or something?
  15. No, they typically put her releases on backorder. So funny, I did too! I got two copies, but I have to call UO because they put a huge fat barcode sticker on both of the fronts of the vinyls, like the plastic - was yours like this?
  16. *** It's on backorder until 2/5, not sold out! I literally just bought it and I do this all the time with UO, as I have collected all of her vinyls. UO lets you purchase it now, then upon release they will ship it. PS- I am kind of pissed because I bought one of the original vinyl Femme Fatale releases back in June. After looking all over, I only found 4 on Ebay, then some abroad but too expensive. $80 later I had the Femme Fatale vinyl - and now it's out for $26 lol. However I will say, out of all the albums, that one was the most difficult to find, I ultimately went with the Ebay option, but I would order it now if you're interested. PSS- Don't kill me, I know buying all her vinyls (some I have multiple) is discourage, however, I started collecting back in 2017 before we new all the details :P <
  17. I agree - yet I also think that they may not have cared as well as may have had less opportunity to promo/events so much because she was in the middle of the residency in Vegas - they also knew she was planned to do ANOTHER re$idency right after that
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