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  1. I meant to say I don’t believe they ever filmed a music video, because it would’ve been released now for sure. And music videos are very pricey to film and almost never get scrapped, especially after filming the entire thing
  2. I don’t believe that they ever did film a music video for WYESI. It was only a rumour (and yes it is technically registered as a music video - most likely was planned to have a video as it was meant to be the last single) but I highly doubt they’d hide it, or would’ve released it by now, the only thing I can think of is that they’re saving it for when Britney passes but in that case I never want to see the video hahaha
  3. We’ve been waiting. It’s about time lol, only semi studio version of some sort is the DWAD Rehersal video, which is a similar remix but is longer and has different vocals. The day the whole performance studio version is leaked, it will be a day that will go down in history.
  4. Me too, I would’ve thought like Blackout or something to be sad if anything (not that I personally find it sad) as we fans know what she was going through at the time (still produced a ****ing smash record though) To me Oops was the classic Britney where she now made it clear that BOMT wasn’t gonna be her only hit, and she quite literally did it again! I find the era emotional but in a good way, she was on top of the world and everyone loved Britney Spears
  5. She is one lucky girl, but if there’s nothing missing in her life... then why do these tears come at night?
  6. Good edit but I’m glad they went with the photoshoot we have, this one looks a bit dated in 2020 whereas the Oops cover is timeless
  7. And we now know the names of some songs that never made the cut for Oops but we’re recorded (not sure if you’ve seen my previous threads) the whole oops (which was then Sunflower) original tracklist is on there
  8. An edit I’ve made with the ‘new’ outtake from the Oops photoshoot with Mark Seliger. Happy 20th Birthday Oops! My favourite album of all time Hope you guys like the edit hehe
  9. No I think it was meant to always be “Ooh, I did it again” and even if it was meant to be Oops, the Ooh was still kept on DWAD so it obviously worked for them either way This remix is also so fire I can’t wait for the day the Studio Version is released
  10. Happy birthday 20th Birthday, Oops!...I Did It Again - my forever favourite album and the only album I could happily listen to everyday for the rest of my life. Every song could’ve been a single, every song has its own special meaning and every song is just good I swear to god. Where Are You Now, WUSIWUG, Lucky, DLMBTLTK and of course OIDIA are the soundtrack to my life. This whole album is the soundtrack to my life to be honest with you!! A song for every emotion. I’ll continue to listen to the album everyday, and won’t stop researching this whole era. Oops you truly are my favourite... Thank you Britney for creating such a magical album that lives on 20 years later ’Aww, you shouldn’t have.’
  11. Without a doubt. The. Best. The world was shook when she ripped off that suit
  12. Anyone noticed the new visuals on Spotify on the Oops album? I like how the background moves tbh it looks kinda nice
  13. I hoped at least the Oops remixes&b-sides vinyl was gonna be released digitally and then on Spotify, then we’d have them
  14. I literally adore Oopsney and have spent god knows how long researching the whole album (including this photo shoot) and don’t think I’ve ever seen it. I say it’s a new unseen outtake.
  15. Also guys (correct me if I’m wrong!) but this looks like a new oops photo?! Looks very similar to once attached but is slightly different (Bottom is maybe the new one)
  16. Ooo link it! Balancing the tempos is so hard so the Megamix has like little parts, it goes a bit like Uptempto-ballads-then back to uptempo Only stems of some sort are from that flash website where you could make your own remix of Oops but they’re all really crappy quality and have a brick ton of reverb on
  17. Hope you’ll enjoy it Oops is so hard to remix though because literally all we have is a few official instrumentals and that’s it I swear the day a few acapellas from the album leak I’ll be able to die happy
  18. Hey guys, as we’re approaching the Oops anniversary very soon, I saw this as a perfect chance to release the Oops Megamix I’ve been working on for a while! See preview clips attached The Megamix includes all songs from Oops, including the b-sides You Got It All, Walk On By, Girl In The Mirror & Heart CLIP 1: https://streamable.com/5ivlr9 CLIP 2: https://streamable.com/walc35 Would love to hear your guys opinions! Full Megamix will be up May 16th
  19. Sorry but when it cuts back to the 1998 version (is killing me NOWWWWWWW) Died of laughter
  20. Hi Brian! Sorry I’m late but I hope you’ll get round to answering my question! @BrianFriedman Would you ever release the full Oops VMA 2000 rehearsal video as shown on your YouTube channel?? And would you ever release the full remix? Us fans have been dying for it for YEARS
  21. That’s just the Oops version with a lowered pitch. Someone was gonna leak it as they had the version but they didn’t unfortunately. The original version had a different orchestral arrangement and was re-worked by Max in 2000
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