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  1. For Britney

    When everything's wrong
    When I can't find my song
    When darkness is all I see
    There is a remedy

    It's all the little things that make the world go round
    It's all the little things that are most powerful
    There's no politician, no sky too dark
    No one, no one can take the love from my heart

    The sun gonna shine
    And in this heart of mine
    The sun gonna shine
    And in this heart of mine
    The sun gonna shine, ooh ooh, it's true
    'Cause I can always be grateful

    When the loudest sound
    Is your own life crashing down
    And when your friends, when your friends, they don't come around
    There's one true thing I've found

    It's all the little things, the bells that ring
    The green green grass and the birds that sing
    I'm gonna choose the bright side to see
    And no one, no one, no one can take that from me

    'Cause the sun gonna shine
    And in this heart of mine
    The sun gonna shine
    And in this heart of mine
    The sun's gonna shine, ooh ooh, it's true
    But I can always be grateful


  2. I whole-heartedly agree. I can’t imagine how it’s weighed on her to hold all this inside for over a decade. It probably feels incredible for her to finally express herself and receive validation (from basically the whole world) that what happened to her was WRONG. Not to mention after all the gaslighting she’s certainly endured, I’m sure it continues to take a lot of courage and faith on her part to be able to open up and say her piece. The last thing she deserves now is to be judged because of it. I’m so proud of her.
  3. If anyone has an invite to spare, I’d love to join you over there! Their concept is so intriguing
  4. So so stunning. And I swear there’s a bit of a different look in her eyes in these recent ones- a spark of empowerment, perhaps? ✨ Love to see it
  5. Between the song and the caption I immediately had to run and listen to Love 2 Love U after seeing this post😂
  6. Idk, I never watched the live stream where Billy talked about the phone call so I can’t speak to whether I think he was telling the truth or not. But I did think he had some valid points at the rally that were mostly overlooked perhaps because of the way he worded himself. When he said the fans need to allow Britney to be Britney no matter what that looks like and to love her no matter the choices she makes, I FELT that. Everyone has been telling this woman who to be for a majority of her life, and for decades now seemingly everything she‘s done or said has been picked apart to shreds. As much as I know the members of BH love Britney and want to see her treated fairly, I think sometimes our concern for her can easily run into the territory of thinking we, as fans, know better for her than she does. And that in itself isn’t fair. Britney should be able to dress how she wants, wear her makeup how she wants, post how she wants, talk to whoever she wants(yes, even Jason Alexander if that’s who she chooses,) and we should trust that she knows what’s best for herself. Both because we truly don’t know her personally, and because she’s a grown woman who deserves that benefit of the doubt from her fans who are supposed to love her unconditionally. It hurt my soul seeing people on here make comments like “well maybe something really IS wrong if she’s actually wanting to be with Jason again.” How would anyone here know what their relationship is truly like? Like that’s such a harsh judgement. Regardless of what we think of him he’s a part of her childhood. Imagine if she really was talking to him AND really was reading Exhale seeing those kind of suggestions? We don’t really know the truth of Britney’s every day life. We piece together bits and pieces of what we’re told about her current situation and then from there all we can do is pretty much project our own emotions/experiences onto her in trying to imagine how she actually feels. (For the record, I think that the Free Britney movement as a whole is incredible, I support it 100%, and I believe the fans here on BH have Britney’s best interest at heart. I just think there’s a fine line between helping and being overbearing, and we need to keep in mind that fighting for Britney’s freedom means fighting for her to choose her own path no matter what it may look like. It’s not our place to judge her.) With all that being said, my question now is why is everyone so quick to think Billy was lying about her being on here? Why are so many people bypassing the idea that the rules of the conservatorship could’ve changed in the months since Jodi took over? I’ve seen so many comments about how Britney would be contacting a lawyer or making public pleas for help if she had access to a phone. Why would we know anything about what she’s doing in her private time? Idk, I really do trust that the reason she’s not speaking is because she does have a plan, she trusts God, and she trusts that the courts are finally going to do right by her. And I don’t think she owes us an explanation no matter how worried we may be, because at the end of the day it’s HER life. I know that if everything I said was scrutinized by millions, I wouldn’t want to speak out during such a challenging time in my life either. Yet at the same time it’s not hard for me to believe that she would call up an old friend who she saw out on the streets advocating for her humanity. Or that she would be curious as to what her fans are saying about everything going on with her rn. And it makes me so sad to imagine her genuinely asking him to send out that message to us and then to see a majority of people shrugging off her words and calling it all a lie. Again I don’t know what’s true or what’s not, and I’m sorry that this is a LOT- I usually refrain from sharing my thoughts on the internet tbh. But this has just been haunting me for a couple days now and I needed to let it out 😩
  7. The article states she wants to keep Jodi as her conservator. Not Lou. Jeez this title almost gave me a heart attack lol
  8. Even IF (and that’s a big IF) this allegation were true, what if the only way he could keep the site running is if he signed the agreement? And maybe he‘s doing the best he can to both respect the terms of the agreement he was forced into signing AND to support the movement? Idk. I’m not with you on this one. Regardless of his intentions, telling people to boycott one of the best places on the internet to get info about the Free Britney movement is not the look. There’s a 2000+ page thread full of support for the movement on here that was running for over a YEAR before all this finally went viral recently. Without all the fans being able to work together to compile credible evidence on Exhale- would the movement have even made it this far? This platform is SO important.
  9. UPDATE: I just finished reading all the entries in this blog down to the first post and it seems it was just a fan who wrote all of it. I wish I’d seen that before sharing here because it’s merely speculation from an outsider and very upsetting. If I could remove the link from my last post I would, but for some reason I’m unable to edit 🙃
  10. https://loveandaffection01.wordpress.com This Wordpress from 2008 was just posted on another site and the more the read the more sick I feel.....
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