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  1. Idc about any of these people, I was just happy to see Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The OG queens of the VMAs
  2. I know it's odd, but I'm choosing Femme Fatale I totally agree with people when they say it is generic, or hasn't aged well, plus she's so out of it during the era it is sad. HOWEVER, I can't help it, I stan so many songs from it and it also comes down to personal taste. I love dubstep/electronic music so I'm naturally more akin to it. Ngl, I love Glory but I PERSONALLY find it a tad overrated, just me tho. I also don't hate Britney Jean, like everyone else does. I really love some songs from it too!
  3. Wait a minute... Blue Bird in 2007, White Dove? Are you?
  4. SAME. So glad I'm not the only one. She's just another basic sad girl like Billie or Lana. She seems nice so I'll give her that. Sad thing is I'm part of this generation (I think) and I don't get the hype either
  5. Have you not seen that 2007 interview where Britney says she's more inspired by Shania Twain and she's pretty "meh" on Madonna. Maybe I'm wrong but always got the impression Brit just said she liked Madge cuz she was compared to her a lot, when in reality they have nothing in common in terms of their image/music. Just how I felt I guess
  6. Gonna sound like a crazy person..let's go So part of me has always wondered if Madonna was somehow benefited by it or something. The way they brought Madonnna to Britbey in For the Record, and Britney has always seemed not very interested in her (I.e. "She's a cool lady, but I'm not inspired by her") yet Team B has always pushed the "she's like a mother to her" and "Britney loves Madonna" narrative. Also, listen I'm a Madonna Stan, but we all know she can be kind of a self-serving ***** NOT saying this is the truth obviously, I could be dead a-ss wrong lmao. Not normally one to push conspiracy theories, but a thought I've had I dunno
  7. I think Kylie is the ONLY person that could make me listen to Ed Sheeran
  8. Not a Shakira stan but remember liking a track I heard from Peligro, I'm thinking of giving her music a listen, I'm not normally a fan of Latin-pop per se but have a feeling I should check it out. Also the cover art for her first album is honestly so cute
  9. https://youtu.be/flKa-aUDnWs On the Wendy Williams Show she states was fooled by Jamie and Lynne. And then says "Death to them all!" Lmao it is so funny. I'm glad Wendy is finally siding with Britney
  10. CDs are iconic Period. I personally adore collecting my favorite artists on physical editions like CD, vinyl, cassette AND MD/MiniDisc (you guys probably haven't even heard of that ) Anyways, not a Lorde fan at all so it doesn't effect me. But still had to show my support for physical collecting cuz I'm a nerd
  11. Wow. What A ****. "Tee hee know my sister is being abused BUT look at my selfies! Nothing shady here xoxo 💗✨"
  12. Music is the last thing on my mind at the moment. She needs to take a break to reflect on everything. And SPEND 👏 HER 👏 MONEY 👏👏👏. Keep in mind, she hasn't had total freedom in 13 YEARS. If I was her I would be going on vacation, relaxing, and probably some good therapy to get over the whole mess that happened. Also she said she would work 10 hours, 7 days a week. She needs rest, and to start that family she wants. If she genuinely wants to make music again great, but I don't put it past her if she straight up retires.
  13. Meghan McCain said the FBI should remove her from this situation immediately. I know, yeah she's problematic but I'm glad she said this! We need more pressure put to get her removed. Also sorry if this got posted already. Am at work so can't stay on-top this discussion
  14. Can we take a moment to thank that guy who anonymously told the shady stuff to Britney's Gram podcast? And thank Gram for starting this movement. Such A rush of emotions, it is kind of scary in a way, pretty much all our theories were TRUE and WORSE than we expected. To be honest I always hoped Britney would someday debunk them and maybe we were exaggerating, just for peace of mind for her 😭 But the fact it was true is so heartbreaking, but I wasn't surprised, we all felt something corrupt was happening. I loved hearing her real voice, she's such a strong woman and is so much more well-spoken than people give her credit for. Which proves her Insta is instigated by her team with her doing the 1999 baby voice and all. I seriously hate her evil team and f-ucking nasty a-ss family. I pray this awful cship ends and she can live her life how she wants. And I hope she gets to start a new family 😭 bless this sweet girl
  15. Been thinking this for years. I posted about the Janet thing on here before and ppl were like "It's not Justin's fault" 😑 glad ppl are caught up now he is a sleaze! And is fake sympathy for Britney is pathetic. The only good thing is it gets more word out about Britney's hearing
  16. Ugh I hate that my thread was merged with this cuz then it looks weird why there is this overly-long post
  17. It wasn't available on YouTube yet when I made this topic so couldn't do it earlier lol
  18. https://youtu.be/adIl-dIaiEc Kylie just released the second single from her upcoming 15th album, Disco, called "Magic"! Personally, I love this much more than "Say Something", the production is very upbeat and bouncy and the chorus is so damn catchy! The music video will premiere in 10 hours (here in the U.S.) but by the thumbnail it looks incredible! What are your thoughts on "Magic"? Do you like it more than "Say Something", feel the same, or think it's worse?
  19. I'm so sorry that happened. There are so many people who choose not to see what is going on and say George Floyd's murder was a "one-time-thing", when it's been going on in America for hundreds of years now.
  20. It's sad it has taken not only the life of Geoege Floyd, but countless innocent black lives for this to happen. I agree with the riots, they have been peaceful for too long, and no changes have been made in our law system. It's time to make an impact. I just hope not too many more lives are lost in these riots before things get better
  21. Smh at all the fake fans not knowing of "Kylie" 88 or "Kylie Minogue" 94 😌😂 lol Anyways, I do hope "Kylie" is just a placeholder name or something, cuz yeah I agree there's been two main albums (3 if you count IP's brief name change) that are self-titled, and with another it would just be too much lol. We'll see......
  22. Although. I'm not too knowledgeable on Dua, her style would definitely fit perfect with Kylie! Super excited to see if they do anything
  23. So proud of my queen for pulling through these difficult times! The fact she is producing her own stuff (with help ofc) is so exciting to me! Reminds me of the 'ol creatice days back at DeConstruction with "Impossible Princess". I hope this album is a mix of disco Kylie and indie Kylie (with a smidge of 80s Kylie sprinkled in lol) Either way, I'm so happy cuz she seems to be really happy and excited with her music lately 💗
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