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  1. I’m sorry for her but at the same time it feels like she’s only getting bits of info out at a time to maximize capitalization on her story. I guess someone likes attention.
  2. It can be checked, it is on her docket online. However she’s taking advantage of the fact that GP don’t know anything about it, so she can say whatever. Good thing she isn’t fooling anyone with her tabloid press tour. The public can see through.
  3. She’s claiming Britney hasn’t filed for termination (which is not true) but at the same time she has been on strike for two years now because she isn’t capable of bearing it anymore... I mean
  4. STOP LYING VIVIAN. Britney has indeed petitioned for termination multiple times in the past. From 2008 through 2013. She even submitted several medical evaluations to the judge to prove she’s capable of standing on her own. As we all know, it was always denied. Britney only stopped petionning to end it when she signed her first Vegas contract, because one the clauses was that she needed to be in the cship as assurance that she’d perform as agreed.
  5. She’s got so much potential and I’m not even talking about talent. She’s got a HUGE platform that most of the people could only dream of, plus her music has proven to be successful. If she really wants to become this larger than life act she aspires to be, she needs to work for it. She needs to want it real bad, bad enough to be willing to bust her *** for it. Instead, she seems to be expecting it to happen on its own, just by releasing music. Like someone said, that’s only half of it, I’d even say that’s just the beginning. It’s like she’s expecting people to do the work for her, and girl...
  6. After it went bankrupt, the last dollars of the Britney Spears foundation where mysteriously wired to that church, which by the way supports conversion therapy. And guess who’s a Pastor there? Lou Taylor’s godly husband. That’s why it is relevant. It is just another example of Taylor embezzling funds from Britney, just like the one slip she had last year, when it was revealed that she used Britney’s money to pay for her legal expenses.
  7. She should adopt a lot of kids ala Madonna or Angelina and have the big happy family she deserves.
  8. Didn’t she release already a Hawaii music video with long blond hair? Why is she doing it all over again?
  9. Could you provide us with an exemple of insane vocals made out of auto tune, please?
  10. I agree with you, top producers play a big role in a musician’s success. However, there is also the vision, the creativity and the direction of an artist at the root of it. That, together with a producer, can lead to the creation of outstanding material. My comment was a direct response to the notion that JLO needs someone to tell her what kind of songs to pick. That implied she had not good ear to select the right tunes, which many people agree with here. Then, if a so-called artist needs be told exactly what to do, exactly which direction to pick, exactly what kind of music to record, in order to deliver good quality material, then she or he is missing the vision of a true artist.
  11. She’s supposed to be a musician. If she needs someone to tell her which direction to follow or which songs are good, then she ain’t no artist.
  12. I find Liam the hottest, but Maluma gets my vote considering the things he’s likely capable of in bed
  13. For own well being I hope she just goes on to live a normal and peaceful life. It’s what she deserves.
  14. I think we all can agree that anything post 2007 was forced by the cship which explains a lot
  15. Agreed. She was so medicated it was painful to watch. When I went to see her on tour she had this look on her face, she didn’t really want to be there. She just wanted to get it over with.
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