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  1. Appreciation post!? Anyone when you listen to this album!
  2. She can easily do a song like “Titanium” where she sings it like a ballad and had a great dance Beat or Experiment with a dance remix of one of her songs just work with the right DJ. Avoid the blessed Madonna!
  3. 1st single - do you wanna come over 2nd - just luv me 3rd - Mood Ring 4th - Make Me… 5th - hard to forget ya bonus video for her fans Man on the moon (by demand)
  4. To rely to your message… their is a difference when artists sample other artists music. White artist have sample black artist and black artist have samples white artist. But when a WHITE British girl is doing cultural appropriation right in front that’s different story. Cause I remember her being a little chubby and white not having this tan and blacent all of sudden
  5. I don’t understand how nicki can defend Jesy!? Plus idk how jesy is trying to play victim when she’s stealing from another culture. Leigh has a reason to say something. That why it me, I feel like this jesy leaving the group has more issues than stated!
  6. Release strategy aka release a provocative first single, a ballad as the second single and let the album bomb on arrival. Same strategy she did for bionic, lotus and liberation! what Christina did after he last 3 albums Imagine four years of hard work goes to waste because you want to follow the stripped approach!
  7. Mary’s performing!? We about to get down “Don't need no hateration Holleration in this dancery”
  8. “It a loss for britney” aka it a lose for Jamie because he isn’t going to have access to her money
  9. Jessica only had 3 top 20 hits… she can’t fill the majority of the show with album cuts.
  10. can’t choose one so here is my top 5 in no particular order. - If I ain’t got you - trying to sleep with a broken heart - Empire State of mind II - diary - unbreakable
  11. I used to like Alicia’s music but now her songs seems like they get longer and more boring!
  12. First this week I found her burger from Burger King is an impossible burger and now she does this!? Smh!
  13. I’m not a fan of his music or his antics. as a gay man I understand we are moving towards a place of being Accepted for who we are. But his antics come comedic that are not taken seriously, like he’s just looking for publicity. the performance, the outfits. Plus the most disrespectful thing is his song went to number 1 for 20 weeks!? While Mariah had her song for 16 weeks pre streaming. That’s a slap in everyone’s face! The music isn’t the greatest either, it seems like he relies on autotune and other studio tricks, the way J.Lo does. I wish him the best but absolutely not, not me, certainly not I will be buying his music.
  14. Hawaii… being serious I’m happy for her and hopeful for the both of them
  15. Rock me in, Phonography, quicksand and radar are the best bonus tracks off Circus
  16. I get where your coming from, I don’t see melody coming back. But in my fantasy she does. Yes I would like all the girls to get solos on songs. It would be a great idea of not having a lead singer. Like Fifth harmony, Little Mix or Girls Aloud, each girl has solo verse and it feels like you get to know them more. That makes the group a stronger unit has everyone is bring something and no relying on one person. Im not a fan of the rest of the girls singing the ooh’s, the ahh’s and the Ha Ha Ha’s on the song. If Carmen was to join the group, that will be more in their down fall. Mainly in the past she talk trash about her singing career (I believe she was on tyra banks show). Plus the majority of people would be like “I didn’t know she sang” or “what is this D-List celebrity doing with PCD”
  17. I blame both of them. Nicole because she thinks PCD can’t move forward without her. Her ego is bigger than her solo career in the states. Speaking of that Mama your career in the states flopped even before the Rachel Crow incident. I believe she wanted more control of the group because she wanted to make herself the main point Robin Antin is to blame as well for not standing up for Ashley, Carmit, Jessica, Kimberly and Melody for them not to sing! This is basically what nicole wants to do We need melody to come back and be the lead singer to save this mess
  18. It’s going to be her most personal record to date. The album will be called “Onika”
  19. Great!! all the Sour candy Stans are going to start saying again “sour candy is the next single” Prediction: remix album will come out and gaga will not promote it/acknowledge it. Btw I wouldn't be surprised if gaga didn’t re-recorded any voices
  20. Lmao 🤣 Beyoncé and her “I was inspired by” aka I stole from another artist
  21. IMO if she wants to go back to music she will have a successful comeback! But if she decides to retire and be done, as a fan I would support that! if she does make another album I want her to call the album daddy’s little girl or conservatorship basically go in on Jaime but one can dream!
  22. Robin comes out as bi Me: wanting to one up Robin Favorite Samantha quote!!
  23. I watched the series, I thought it was a cool concept I would like to see a 2nd season with male R&b singer, a season with men and women singers in on group and a men vs women on a duo album. Anyways I appreciate the cherish girls going hard for their crafts while the other girls were just there because they wanted to get out the house (Aubrey, 702 girls). Looking forward to this EP.
  24. really normani!? If this song was as big as it was it wouldn’t have peaked at number #33z Ariana would’ve kept it for herself instead of passing a reject song to you. Plus the video was not original I understand paying homage to the artist before you but not on YOUR FIRST SINGLE!!! Plus if the momentum was there you would’ve follow up with a new song 3 to 6 month after motivation was released. I’m trying to stan but her single/album rollout/marketing plan is a mess!!
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