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  1. Hopefully it’s the ACTUALLY music video for hallucinate! I need it do be something like this Please keep rosie o’donald aka the blessed Madonna away!
  2. I feel like this main pop girl thing has its ebbs and flows. Yes I do believe it in and billboard can attest to this. We have had some great eras of main pop girls. - Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Toni, Madonna - Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah - Britney, Christina…. Can’t think of anyone else - Beyonce, Shakira, Fergie, Nelly Furtado and Gwen - Rihanna, Ke$ha (Ke dollar sign ha) Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and lady Gaga. - Ariana, Dua, Taylor, Doja When there isn’t a high of main pop girls you have someone like P!nk that gets to have a number 1 hit. Aka strike while no one is hot!
  3. Other comments are saying obsessed but I see it as until J.Lo admits/being accountable of what she did to Mariah (Loverboy/I’m real Sample) and being Tommy’s puppet, Mariah will continue to shade her. Yes J.Lo and at small part Jessica simpson were brought up to go against Mariah and failed! Both artists maybe didn’t know they were being pitted against Mariah but over time it should be seen as obvious!
  4. I discovered the sugababes around the get **** era. I personally would’ve liked a comeback from 3.0 or 4.0. 4.0 had so much potential but people don’t buy their music!
  5. I’m kind of confused about it being a number one!? Maybe this could help me understand. The official top 40 is the equivalent to the top 40 count down Ryan secrest would do on the weekends!? (Idk if he still does it, I haven’t learn the radio in forever). I know it’s not the OCC which is the British version of the billboard 100… right!? Sorry a little confused
  6. With him posting this picture, now it confirms that Stevie wonder even saw he was gay. Why can I see (his future BF) Gus Kenworthy saying while filming the Netflix show. “Now that you mastered the art of Grindr, you have to post a thrist trap on IG.” Colton would be shy and say “no” and gus gets his phone and let’s him post the picture. Idk I’m still indifferent for him getting the show with all he has done in the past.
  7. I take this with a grain of salt because we want her to say “yes take my father off the conservatorship or I want to be a free” whatever the case. I really hope this meeting is done in person because if it’s done on zoom/video, I can see one of her handers standing by to stop her from talking…. Might make the wifi go down or the computer magically turn off if she say the wrong thing! praying for the best!!
  8. Last.... like doesn’t matter what pop star it is or whatever the number... last!! poor man’s version of rihanna!
  9. I’m going to say this for everyone..... WHERE IS THE ALBUM! First her dolls and now make up!?? girl is your having issues with Atlantic let us know because then we will understand
  10. Damn saweetie be everywhere! Excited for this remix! IMO: I would assume the track would be something like this... when they removed camila from the song. btw where is the official release of the song they did with David Guetta!?
  11. idk why this is shocking.. Mariah tweeted about this back in December. that artist do not make as much as you think from streaming. Go buy albums, help the artist make money!
  12. I’m shocked this is single number 11 right? For her almost 2 year album cycle!? NRO was released back in may 2019. If glory’s re release was released 4 years after the original album and that is counted as 4 year album cycle. smile should be counted as 2 years. Anyways looking forward to what she releases....
  13. as a huge britney fan I’ve never really gotten into her unreleased material. My hope is one day when Britney is free she will release a “the rarities” type of album like Mariah did. Track 1 would be rebellion. It would have to be 2 disc because we need all she can give us! here are few of my favorites. janet - heartbeat love: one of her best recent collabs brandy - list: one of my faves from her Victoria Beckham - my love is for real: anything from Victoria is a gem! Could’ve changed the music Industry if record label didn’t go under Beyonce - standing in the sun (original version): like this version better! Could’ve been a number 1! Monica - taxi: very take a bow/irreplaceable era Eve - me n my (up in the club): this song was ahead of its time!! Chili - straight Jack: recently realized this song was about usher!!
  14. I’m not shocked because the virginity thing was something not right to me. Not saying everyone can’t save it for marriage but something was off about that. Wendy Williams was first to allude about his orientation. Good for him being able to accept himself for who he his. I’m sure when clubs opens in West Hollywood chromatica won’t be the only thing popular there!!
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