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  1. 1. I'm A Slave 4 U (Me Against The Music is a close second for that epic pre-chorus choreo) 2. Rock With U - Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation is terrific too) 3. Can't Get You Outta My Head - Kylie All three (five) perfectly capture the feel of the song in their videos. I grew up with dancing in music videos something I'm sad to see disappear with less relevance of MVs and awards shows. Pop stars are entertainers - it's a rare breed to have the whole package these days.
  2. This but with her Star Search vocals **** Jive for c**k blocking her career choices! However, Xtina did kill this! (And I like to think helped inspire her greatest era: Back to Basics)
  3. Time for a history lesson. She is probably the top 70s (to early 80s) female artist, only Diana Ross really was on par with her global success. The Britney of her era - guys worshipped her, girls wanted to be her. Before Taylor went Country to Pop, there was Olivia. This woman has beaten cancer TWICE and is currently battling her third bout. Like Britney, she's had difficult personal issues thrown into the public (health, relationships) but is always gracious and sweet. She is an Aussie Queen and treasure before we got Kylie. This woman was that icon that even ABBA were her support act on her TV special. (RIP Andy Gibb, younger brother to the Bee Gees)
  4. I haven't been using IG for quite a while now and I don't usually open these posts cause it's just too much to see/read. But like some people have said, to the GP her social media presence is not a positive thing. I always get asked what's up with her posts from non-fans, people who can't name a song since Womanizer. At first, her IG was cute and Buzzfeed would write about her teacups etc. but now it's just like a slow car crash - 2007 in social media form. I wish she wouldn't focus so much on her body, but she was a child when she began in the industry so what do we expect? I'm more concerned about her hair and teeth - she must be either grinding her teeth a lot (not a good sign) or she's had retainers removed & now her teeth are shifting but child/teen photos don't make it seem like she had braces... and since 07 her hair really tells us a lot about her state of mind. I honestly just want the woman to retire and live her own life at this point away from everything. As a stan, I really can't see her career going anywhere now. I hate what her team have done to her.
  5. I get why the original chant chorus but this is even better tbh! Ugh it's things like this that just make me think what more her career could've achieved under different management, especially earlier in the shaping of her career. So many odd things and choices over the years, even small, that could've had different impacts for her.
  6. I'm with you. I could've sworn it came out the same time that Gaga just started to get big in the states because of the talk of her stealing Gaga's look - but this is after Fame Monster too! What was she thinking? Must be confusing it with her greatest hits promo. Honestly that entire era is just odd but then again, without her vocal talent, her style or eras aren't that original or memorable: Brit-clone; brownface; pin up girl; Gaga clone; talent judge
  7. Yeah, I swear it was a Breathe On Me or Touch Of My Hand remix. Do you remember when you'd play a song through Windows Media Player (!!!) and if someone added eg: album name to the file, it would scroll across like a news headline if it was too long to fit? I distinctly remember it being some long, jumbled description and it had BreatheHeavy.com in it. Must've been a song that went around the forums back then perhaps? I remember you also had affiliate sites on the side bar to other popular blogs back then. Was HollywoodTuna one of them? I remember stumbling upon that site back in the 00s days. I think even Lainey was an affiliate back then, no? She definitely used to link to your site, I swear it's how I came across hers too.
  8. I don't recall the first but the second onwards are all still very fresh - always loved the **** in training one; I recall messaging you about it, I think about how you did some effects as I was trying to learn Photoshop back then and Forum signatures of your faves were the 'in' thing to have, I used to make them for ppl on other forums (miss that time of the internet). I think I actually stumbled upon BH through a Limewire download of a Brit remix - I'm almost certain I saw BH in a file name or description and it led me here... been here since, but gave up Exhale long ago. Checked in daily throughout the Chaotic years as I define them. I remember the adrenaline getting home to get online but also the anxiety of what to expect from the latest headlines, especially with a 16hr time difference to LA. The site has changed dramatically since then (I hated almost every change along the way but that's human nature to most people and I got used to them eventually) but good for you for sticking with it and persevering through some of the **** thrown at you from the fandom. BH is actually the only site from the early 00s internet days that I've stuck with after the many cosmetic/content changes, so (even if those annoying af Oops error pages nearly made me walk away). (Also saw your lowkey mention of that JT blog you had. Thank gosh that ended - pity that poseur's career didn't end as quick as that blog )
  9. We've known the real Holy Trinity (But if getting technical mine would be ITZ, Blackout, Britney) then: Oops (it's a perfect pop record, probably her most polished and cohesive) Glory (There's no argument to this being in her trinity. Horrible vocal production; messy; so much missed potential with hooks/bridges; so many production let downs) Femme Fatale (Second to Oops in polished material, suffers uninterested vocals autotune can't hide. I'd probably listen to FF over Glory any day) Circus Baby BJ
  10. My first listen was: bad like Joanne. Further time to listen to it: I really don't understand the critical or fan reaction, more so the fan reaction. I think she sounds bored on most songs, some parts have great vocal moments (this is how I wish she sang on The Fame), but the production is VERY bad and basic. I could understand the blandness of Joanne but with the theme/style she's going with this album, the music just doesn't match everything else. There's some typical Gaga fashion here: "copying" from Madonna (very smart this time tho) and the intro to Replay is basically The Who's Baba O'Riley. But she's a student of music, so. Personally, I think it probably suffers too many writers and producers. I can't believe some songs have so many co-writing credits when a lot of the lyrics aren't that complex or deep when she isn't singing about mental health. It feels like someone came in towards the end to make the sound more cohesive, which I never expect or want from Gaga. None of her albums have been unskippable LPs, let's be real, but the erratic sound she made across Fame-Artpop was part of her appeal, imo. This just feels very copy and paste production on most songs.
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