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  1. The last time I remember enjoying this awards show was when Miley Cyrus hosted….but that’s also when I smoked multiple times a day
  2. I feel like if you’re truly supportive of her, you wouldn’t be “predicting” what most people would see as a downfall in her life. They’re happy now. People always speculate that Britney reads these posts. If she does, why would she want to read something like this from a “fan”?
  3. I don’t think it’s about not being able to compete. I think she suffers from the same ageism that has also stunted Katy Perry’s success. She also has this reputation of being self-righteous and mean. Neither of those things help her at all. But she is just as, if not more talented than the other rap girls. I really think most of her issues are due her personality. She also never has to chart again. She has enough money to retire
  4. Her voice is the best out of all of them. I feel like she does most if not all of the belting notes
  5. Planning the long awaited performance of Raining Men, I see
  6. I’m at the point where I really enjoy her music after a good buzz. I go off after a few beers lol. I still enjoy her music, but I definitely don’t play it on repeat like I did back in high school. She’s still my all time favorite though
  8. I’ll be going in order of each album, with the exception of the first song. It’s just the cream of the crop. Lace and Leather would have been at number one for 8 consecutive weeks, ijs I Will Be There was deserving. I think people would recognize it as a classic. Don’t Go Knockin On My Door and Can’t Make You Love Me’s potential were clearly overlooked Britney’s Lonely for sure would have been up there with Akon’s (I Got That) Boom Boom would have been perfect for it’s time. (The yin yang twins verses haven’t aged well imo. They’re basic) Heaven on Earth, Toy Soldier and Freakshow would have blown the gp’s minds. I honestly think they would have taken her artistry a lot more seriously. (Also, Radar deserved the single treatment with this album. I know a few people who aren’t Britney stans and they love this song. It deserved a better video too) I think the confidence Britney exudes on Kill The Lights would have had the whole music industry shook Inside Out, Seal It With A Kiss and Gasoline would have been cool. I think they would have done pretty well at that time Alien deserved better. I loved it when I first heard it. I think with its flaws worked out, people would have appreciated its message Man On The Moon, Do You Wanna Come Over? And Love Me Down. Periodt. also Apple Pie
  9. My grandma is full Mexican, but I’m like primarily white and feel like I can’t say I’m Mexican out of fear of people reacting in a negative way. Race is such a sensitive subject. It’s sad
  10. Just now getting into her music. I’ve been waiting for her music to be released on streaming. I see why she is so loved. I didn’t listen to the radio much as a kid. I just had my favorite cds and that’s all I would listen to. I wish I would have listened sooner. She’s so good
  11. When I first read the title, I thought it said lesbian just like earlier I thought the article about SG said Camila Cabello instead of Camilo I need sleep.
  12. Her vocals would drown his out, so unfortunately, this can’t happen
  13. Who told her that I love the song….. it’s a bop….. but no….. havana ooh nana was more impactful… and that’s not saying much
  14. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen DRAAAAAG ME IF YOU MUST
  15. Exactly! I guess she’s just not comfortable being herself yet? And that would’ve been cool! I feel like she definitely doesn’t act like that anymore
  16. It’s not what I expected, tbh. And I was excited for it. I just feel like ever since she admitted to playing the “dumb girl” role, she should have just stuck to being herself. It just seems really forced now that it’s been confirmed that it is an act. I didn’t like it. she can be entertaining without being over the top dumb. I think that she really doesn’t know how to cook. I think that much is true. I would tune in to her genuinely learning how to cook and be way more entertained. I just feel like she doesn’t have the confidence yet to be her true self.
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