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  1. Whenever I learn someone is against the vaccine, I I lose a good deal of respect for them. Some of you look like total clowns. Like, stop embarrassing yourself.
  2. I agree. We were also being brainwashed by teamcon’s tight control over information. I think a lot of us began to suspect something wasn’t right back then, but these discussions were considered conspiracy theories. If we did what we were told and dismissed these theories, then the only other explanation for her behaviors was that she was being lazy and aloof.
  3. I'd love to see her have a scorched-earth moment were she tears into the people that wronged her and gives us some of the brash/bragadocious energy that we hadn't seen for many years until her testimony. It's the same bold and firey attitude that made Blackout so special, and it would make such a poetic return to form if she tapped back into that - even if the sound was totally different. We know she hates the prevailing "poor Britney" narrative so it'd be great to see her shoot it down by openly taking aim at teamcon/the media/society. It'd be her freedom album but I don't see her endulging in her trauma or leaning into the pitiful victim vibes a la' Kesha or Kelly Clarkson; I'd much rather see her confident and coming for blood akin to what Taylor did with Look What You Made Me Do or Miley's Mother's Daughter. It would be such a slap to the face to teamcon if she actually delivered on their contrived "domination" or "femme fatale" concepts but in a genuine way.
  4. You’re gonna see him in your dreams tonight, his face is gonna haunt you all the time
  5. This is the possibility I'm the most worried about. I don't doubt her sanity but they have her so set her up to fail it's beyond unfair. A failed evaluation is kind of the last hope teamcon and the court have at exonerating themselves from wrongdoing so there's a lot riding on it. We have every reason to believe they'll take extrordinary measures to tip the results in their favor as they always have. On top of that, the years of abuse and isolation they've subjected her to have clearly reached a boiling point and she has a lot of pent up anger and frustration, justifiably. She basically lives in a weird twilight zone were she's constantly being shuffled to different doctors and lawyers so she may not have a good grasp of when/to whom it is appropriate to air her grievances. It'd be so easy for them to characterize her as being a bit nutty by pushing the right buttons. I pray that Rosengart is prepping her to face these snakes.
  6. Hot take but I think a lot of the criticism back then was justified given what we knew at the time. The only acceptable explanation for how checked out she was, was that she was being drugged and enslaved; And though there was some discussion about that possibility, I think many of us figured that was too far down conspiracy road to be real. Surely, there was some major piece of information that made the cship make sense because surely the courts would allow that huge of an injustice to occur. It seems like such an innocent time to think we were nit picking choreo and having meltdowns over body doubles. It must have been awful for Brit to see us acting like proper clowns.
  7. Remorse is worthless. In fact, I hope he continues to see himself as a righteous savior. If he perceives his crumbling grip on power as a great injustice against him, then I hope it hurts because it's nothing compared to what he's putting Brit thorugh. If he and JL live out the rest of their miserable bitter lives on the wrong side of history with their names in the dirt, they should consider themselves lucky. Remorse implies redemption and that's the last thing he deserves. He's not sorry and if he ever claimed to be it'd be just another pathetic PR move. What we need is for him to be held accountable and face justice, he can shove his remorse (or lack therof) cause it's irrelevant at this point.
  8. Ah, are they affiliated with Tri-Star Celebrity Conspiratorship Nightmare LLC?
  9. Thank you for saying this, I feel so heard. I get that they’re smart and majestic and all but good lord, the “animal in the sack” horse muscle zoom moment in radar sets off my gag reflex like nothing else.
  10. I’m a dude but I still can’t shake the suspicion that he’s trying to impregnate me with a goofy looking child. There are some genetic red flags here I can neither explain nor ignore.
  11. I see what you mean. I'm generally against real fan vs. fake fan type discussions so I suppose my word choice was pretty bad considering that's exactly what it sounds like I'm saying. I guess what I meant is that Toxic is generally known (even with GP) as a quintessential gem in her legacy, it's basically perfect so it's kind of hard not to like it. The same cannot be said for many other great moments in her discography for various factors (i.e. changes in public opinion, a more messy/grittier vibe, etc) - even as these moments are generally underappreciated, fans that actually delve into her work know them well and hold them in high regard. Gimme more is an example of one of these undervalued moments imo. That's not to say that you can't be a "real fan" and love Toxic, it's just to say that many fans could point to other, less obvious songs because her discography is packed with highlights, and some inevitably rival Toxic musically. If anything, I'd say "real fans" would be hesitant to name any of her songs as "the best" since there's so much great stuff to chose from, whereas someone who just knows Baby, Slave, and Toxic would have a much easier time taking a stance. Sorry for the rant, I don't even know if I'm making any sense or just digging myself a deeper hole lol.
  12. Toxic is special because it represents Britney at the top of her game in the eyes of the GP. It's iconic for that same reason, and we value mainstream success to a certain extent. Ask any basic local normie what their favorite Brit song is and they will say Toxic exactly 94.687% of the time. That said, any real fan should agree it's not her best song (by far) and it' very overplayed. Gimme more on the other hand takes a huge step back from the perfect polished pop product version of Britney and presents the darker, more gritty, no f-s given side of her narrative - which was a huge turn off for some people at the time. For others however (most real fans imo), it's the introduction of this darkness and mystery that actually makes Brit's story incredibly compelling and in a sense, elevates the rest of her discography.
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