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  1. I did this artwork of Britney being silenced by Jamie! Until Britney herself is allowed to use her own voice and speak up regarding this situation, we are her voice. Hope you like it.
  2. In the latest video which she deleted after a few seconds she pointed out some numbers with her fingers: 1 1 5 6 5 10 Does someone know what it could be?
  3. Britney’s cousin Alli Sims commented on my latest Instagram post with the shooting for the "Believe" fragrance, saying this: "She came up with the concept to let everyone know she was caged then as well as now and had no freedom! Her only freedom was to believe in herself." See the post and her comment:
  4. This person is someone wanting attention and faking things. I’ve texted with her in the past and sometimes she spilled "super secret information" she’s not allowed to talk about on her stories. So if you’re not allowed to talk about something then you don’t do it. Especially when you’re really someone close to Britney. I know from someone close to Lynne Spears, that she’s not very comfortable with this person posting all those photos. If you look into the accounts history how often it changed it’s name in the last few weeks, then you can imagine how much backlash this account got in the past, because they exposed it as fake account. Every time this girl which names herself Jessica, got exposed she changed the accounts name. I also exposed her once in faking text messages by Jamie Lynn. She uploaded one, deleted after a few seconds, made some small changes and uploaded it again. I confronted her with this and blocked her insta since she’s also stealing some of my posts without even naming my account.
  5. I don’t buy it! I’m pretty sure Britney isn’t posting on Instagram or somewhere else because she doesn’t have access to the internet. Imagine if she had, what she might have done already. So I don’t believe any of her recent posts are from her. I actually think it was a smart choice by her team to make a post which would stir controversy and guarantees a lot of media coverage exactly on the first anniversary of the #freebritney movement. Her team was scared for stories and new facts coming up. And her teeth... hm isn’t it obvious? You see those teeth, her weird behavior bouncing from one foot to the other, looking nervous and uncomfortable all the time, being confused and having loss of memory ... to me, these are all signs of drug abuse. We all know Britney had a past with drugs. It’s also confirmed by court documents. We also know her dad forced her to take medication she didn’t want to take. I love Britney and adore her so much. But honestly I have a very dark theory on my own about her unique situation. I think Britney’s still taking drugs/ medication. I’m convinced Britney is getting her daily doses right from her team. That’s why she can be easily controlled by them. Britney’s doing whatever they want to get the drugs/ medication because she‘s already addicted to them. I think she’s the victim in this whole situation, because they forced her to take it and now she’s addicted to whatever they gave her. I know some of you will hate me now, but I won’t close my eyes for the things happening right in front of my eyes...
  6. One year ago the #FREEBRITNEY movement started with the voicemail the girls from Britney’s Gram received. To celebrate the One Year Anniversary I created a 25 minute long video reminder of what happened during this last year. You can watch it here on my Instagram TV (it’s in two parts). Watch it! Hope you guys like it 🙂
  7. Hey guys, I openend up a new instagram fan account for Britney. I would love if you give it a follow ❤️ Fixing the Fates: Britney Thank you so much 😘
  8. I don’t believe it because Britney is at Jamie Lynn’s house right now at has been a couple days before too.
  9. Of course she’s alive. She is with Jamie Lynn right now: https://instagram.com/stories/fixingfates/2278910545109801012?igshid=wrwmjvhsapgs
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