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  1. Is this a product at the supermarket? Spice Girls? Were they featured on Shark Tank?
  2. All I want to do is post the receipts of all the people in that initial post saying “she won’t even sell 500k” 😂
  3. I’ve tried stressing this to soooo many people in the past. Every single person is within his or her own right to say no. Doesn’t matter if they are famous, rich, or neither of those. Saying no doesn’t make you racist. We need to stop flinging that word around so carelessly. I have always and will always stand up for justice and equality, but that also means respecting our rights as individuals to have preferences and self-worth, and still be considered a good person or at least be given the benefit of the doubt. She was absolutely right to say no if that was the case.
  4. lmfao. That's all. This will EASILY be a popularity contest for whomever represents the state. I still don't even know if North and South Dakota are a real thing or an extension of Canada. We're about to find out.
  5. I mean, we could all just read the message as her encouraging others to follow their dreams and showcased herself as an example of where perseverance can get you. Or we could just go with her dragging everyone.
  6. Like there musn't be too much to hide if I can't even see a bit of bulge or skin with those shorts. But I'd jump on him still
  7. Again with the insubstantial reply that does nothing to dispel exactly what I mentioned before. The best form of arrogance is replying to facts with stuff like that. I honestly wish I was bothered by dimwitted replies, but since you’ve legit made a fool of no one but yourself...eh 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. What did this comment help you accomplish? 😂 Are you attempting to pretend selling out stadium tours doesn’t play a role in this “do people actually care about Beyoncé” thread or just mad that your argument is mute when looking at the numbers? Sleep on it. 😘
  9. Wait...one day everyone in here is talking about album sales and how that doesn't matter too much. Jump to the next day and suddenly it's all that matters. I mean...same year and all Formation World Tour...49 shows...go ahead and google that amount Anti world tour...3 legs..75 shows...you can google that too.
  10. I think this varies with the artist. It's obvious that those artists who have established themselves within the industry are allowed more time before content release. Still, the industry is flawed in so many ways that are all affected by time...including body image and age. That's why there's a drive for these younger artists to snatch a younger crowd and have their support throughout their career. That's Britney for most of us...Taylor for so many younger crowds out there...Billie...Ariana...etc. Speaking of Ariana, poor girl doesn't rest but has had massive success because of it. Now that she's resting, people want her back. I think it's BS that artists can't release more content sooner. Most of them (prime example being Rihanna) are presented with opportunities that make earning money much easier and they dive into that. It doesn't take 4 years to create an album. We've seen artists that do that and then release trash. We've also seen artists that work on something for 3 months and bam...folklore. Younger artists are plagued with competition. You have to be unique or put out quality content...C O N S T A N T L Y. Why? Well...because it's pretty much all been done before. I can listen to your Motivation song for only so long before I'm bored. If you're not around to release another one, I'm going to move on. If the next one you release in 3 years isn't better...I'm sure I found a replacement by then. So yeah...he's right. I'm sure he sees it all the time.
  11. Can we just post screenshots of all the people on the other thread and their variations of "not gonna reach 500k"?
  12. The only thing winning the album of the year better be Quarantine by Rona with songs such as Its Getting Real (ft. Cardi B) We Matter (featuring Reform) Killer Wasps (ft. Queen B) When Will I Be Free (feat Britney Spears) Gone Too Soon (Kobe) Dust Off (featuring the Sahara desert) Can It End Already (featuring the year 2020) and many, many more...
  13. This is yet another reason why I choose not to discuss these things with the likes of you. First, you describe the subject of her song as not universal and the content of memes and then you pick the lines of the song that go against the reflection of your sentiments as a human. I truly doubt you’ll have anything to gain from this but: The first line made absolutely no sense so I won’t address it. If anything, it’s only exactly what I explain in the end. Then you go on to mention BLM riots “where cities were destroyed and people physically attacked”. Do you truly understand the reason for the riots and what happened? Was it: A) the killings B) the history of killings C) the history of killings and the lack of response D) the years of oppression E) the continued oppression F) slavery (<- this ended 150 years ago btw. Just a fun fact) G) repercussions of slavery H) people like you I) all of the above? You see, the reason I put option H in there is because I wholly expect you to ignore the other options and do exactly what you did above. So I put it in there to give you the freedom to spend an hour online explaining that you are not racist when, in fact, your microagression screams otherwise. Did you see options A-G as “missiles” or did you just roll your eyes because you’re tired of hearing it and it doesn’t fit your definition of “universal”? Let us continue: There is this handy tool called the dictionary! I know…shocker. So, the way it works is that you go to the first letter and then find the second letter and so on. When you arrive at “reparations”, it should read, “the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged”. What does someone like you choose to do? Focus on this part: “amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money” and say something like, “But yet blacks are owed payment now for slavery. Why?”. Comical. If there was even an ounce of unbiased moral intellect in you, it would be simple to understand that blacks are owed reparations simply because of options A through G and most definitely H. But more important is the fact that people who are truly not racist will understand this because they know that we don’t need to give them money! No…we need to make sure they are our equals in every sense of the way. I know you might think otherwise. It can be hard. THEN you go on to magically interpret the verse she dedicated to the Beyhive as a call for aggression because…well…because of option H. I could educate you further. I mean, I could spend HOURS talking about all the black history you have never read or researched about but I know you’re fuming right now because I called you out for the person you are. Just remember that you heard a song that praises a community, their history, and their values and lifts their voices in a time where they need it most and willingly chose to described it as: “disgusting, irresponsible, trash song from a putrid artist who promotes violence, division, and hate”. The song isn’t the problem. The problem, you dimwit, is option H. Please DO respond. I can assure you that I won’t read it, but I’m sure others would love to see you continue to act a fool.
  14. I'm so confused by this... The lyrics are literally about praising the black culture and everything that has been going on right now (e.g. orishas, riots, rubber bullets, fences, etc). It's sad to see that you consider those things not universal and the subject of memes.
  15. I came here to praise the song and saw this turned into a whole racist debate because we can't have nice things.
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