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  1. ohmiGaw. How in the living coronavirus did I miss this?! I wanna listen to the covers!! :'( Can we do this again?!
  2. hahaha so you bought all the toilet paper?! lollll jaykay. No i totally get that fear, it's valid. Awww i know, a call is not the same Hopefully soon! (ish)
  3. Good to hear that! And good planning ahead...haha you have food for the next two months?! #wow I should get pandemic life skill tips from you because I go out ~once a week for that lol. But other than that, same- I'm home all week and i kind of don't want the lockdown to end either...it's peaceful...calm...we're more mindful as a whole i feel. Alsooo it kind of forces you to learn about self-care if you're not used to it, so i think we needed this pause....just not for the reason why lol
  4. haha no i have adult e-learning (aka work) but i totally understand....you're in 8th grade?! OmG can we trade lol...exactly, talking about the different perspective and having to go back :/ but school is almost up right?
  5. Aw thank you, Roxxy! Hope you're all safe and healthy Haha "doll" concept ! Good one. Cue the nostalgia of stepping into Claire's to check if they were in stock!
  6. Haha i'm SURE there are posts on this already! But since it's Thursday (#tbt)...and i remembered I did a Britneyfied version of "It's Gonna Be Me" 2 years ago in honor of *NSYNC receiving their Hollywood Star.. I thought it would be funny to share! For your quaran-tainment and my off-key embarrassment lol. Not promoting i promise! Just purely some humor...really, it's off key OKAY. And it's like 30% Britney in there haha. Hope this puts a smile on someone's face if it's needed
  7. Yes, that one! I'm so sorry for the delayed response... and...<3 omGsh, I'm so sorry to hear of all you're going through. I'm going to personally message you if that's ok after this, but i...totally understand and hope that you are taking some time you need for yourself, even if it's little things here and there.
  8. So sorry for the delayed response! Haha that makes two of us...I love this calmness and sense of peace...#introvertsarelovingthis. E-learning sounds annoying tbh lol...because it cuts into the feeling of freedom haha! Hopefully it's been better
  9. hi y'allll...wowee it's been one pandemic since I've been here lol. How are you all doing? Did you see (of course you did) the Britney meme of BOMT with a coronavirus PSA?
  10. I'm seeing some speculation around her posting saying it's not her...but, why wouldn't it be her? Her captions are concerning my heart❤, but I'm curious as to what is going on lol..can somebody shed light? Thank you!
  11. (I could have sworn I posted a response but it disappeared)Take 2: Lol you are too funny! (And also come off like an empath on here, which is appreciated!❤) Good one. Mine would prob be Channing Tatum😂 A gaming forum?! That's pretty cool...do you still play games/game?(if that's how it's phrased) Hahaha I had queschons that needed answers! Cue "Break the Ice" when you wrote "we're all here now" ❤aww the HoNoR! Thank you...and thank y'all for caring...it's just a little hobby for fun as an outlet sometimes (that my fam thought was ridiculous growing up lol), so it was def the highlight of my life😂🙈 Wait what---I thought you've been here on BreatheHeavy for years?! (istilldontknowthedifferencebetweenexhaleandbreatheheavy🙈)💖
  12. Britney and Demi should duet "Anyone"❤ ; feel like Britney could feel this song too...
  13. ❤Thank you for making this topic, because I *almost* messaged you and Roxxy to thank you for being so welcoming (under such a fun-ny/weird circumstance that brought me here recently lol). As a teen, I would talk about 90s pop culture a lot...but life/reality can hit one...and you forget what "exhaling" feels like in a way. Thanks for creating/ having a place that feels like emotional candy😊. Thank you for being so kind and warm on here❤ And to all users here, the same...Britney seems so sweet and I feel like this forum reflects that. (But also, the only other forum I joined was a health-related one years ago lol, so I forget how they work/feel😂) *steps off podium*❤
  14. No lol...I cant tell if that's panic or excitement😂 Should i?
  15. Haha oooops🙈.Guess you can say I've been living under a rock Sometimes. But now I'm Out from Under
  16. I just looked through his IG and can't find it lol! He keeps her in fitness check I'm sure.
  17. BSB and NSYNC would be nice with Britney and Christina singing the chorus...it'd be like a double date. Then Mandy Moore and 98 Degrees can sing the bridge like 3rd wheeling. And Aqua?! OmG wait...Aqua and Britney collab But seriously (idk if I ever am hahaha), I think actually...a Britney and JLO or Britney and Shakira would be heeellllaaa interesting.
  18. Did y'all know Out From Under was originally recorded for Bratz?! Just found out tonight listening to this version...holy cow. Idk which version I like better. Thoughts!
  19. You know what would be really cute...JT had an album called "20/20"...she should do a sequel to that. This year👏
  20. Do you think he lives with her now? So isn't he's always around...? But her videos/photos on trying on outfits, I agree about the tripod.
  21. I miss that Britney...I'm sure we all do. But she remains down to earth still❤
  22. I've been noticing (maybe a little too closely), her teeth look different (Lawd what have we come to🤦‍♀️ lol), but almost like she doesn't have veneers anymore maybe? She had a MILLION DOLLAR smile y'all...now you can see some gaps..just a curious observation. I really wish I could hug her❤
  23. Her voice is😍 She seems really nice and polite too!❤
  24. @Dirk totally agree with what you're saying...I don't actually know the whole story behind her getting diagnosed as bipolar (but i remember she referred to it herself in an interview and made light of it); but the way she talks now is a 180 from the person (persona?) we witnessed on camera...her father's health decline probably contributed to the already traumatized brain she's felt❤ I'm surrounded by mental health pros in the fam so it's always a topic lol...I know :( I wish I could hang out with her. I really think her first "bump" started after JT broke up with her, but pressure off scene probably was felt waaaaay before that❤
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