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  1. Well, my nickname‘s actually Johnny. All my friends call me that. Johnsons goes way back to my teenage years when my friends and I were playing around with our names. Always putting a „snsn“ at the end. So Stefanie would become „Stefsnsnsn“ and Johnny would become „Johnsnsns“. It produced a funny phonetic noise...
  2. You never know what to expect from this girl. She is a surprise box I hope it includes several collabs. Maybe some portuguese songs. All in all it’s gonna be catchy and fresh tunes. Yay!
  3. @Jordan MillerI like that you’re being honest and not leaving out on the uncomfortable questions people are asking. I‘m on the same page on how opinions should be expressed. There‘s always a way to „say it right, say it all“ (to cite Nelly)
  4. Finally, she breaks the silence. Have been waiting for years now. Hope to hear more from her in the future. She’s just a true artist committed to music! Surprise us, like you used to, Nelly!
  5. I’d like to give it a try. Sadly, I missed Glory!
  6. It always depends on my mood (ring) though: - Piece of Me - Break the Ice - Unusual you
  7. Oh, well! That’s a hard one. my first and all-time favorite: - Nelly Furtado: you never know what to expect. Her music always is a surprise box. - OneRepublic: almost every song is catchy and goes right into my ears. - Britney: Though I like her music I have to admit I’m even more fascinated by the mystery surrounding her person. She’s truly got the xfactor - Parra for Cuva: electronic chill-out music. The best music to listen to while lying on the beach - P!nk: her music might sound similar sometimes but still it’s fresh and moving my body and emotions. You gotta stan a power woman.
  8. Don’t know if this has already been posted somewhere. Just stumbled across this old video. It shows Britney teaching some dance moves to Oliver Pocher - a german tv host. She seems so cute and positive. Love it! https://youtu.be/mA30VeVMJmg
  9. Thanks man! that’s actually mine ... https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1EpyCcDe13RZxE?si=6zH_NDjZREmv-SfqEJzNag
  10. I forget! React I‘m also playing in a loop right now!
  11. Alrighty guys and gays, tryin‘ to start my very own first topic on Exhale I‘m actually curious about your song preferences at the moment. I bumped into Alicia Keys "Underdog" and it got stuck in my head all day. I was never that into her but this one really got me.
  12. I think mine was actually „Swing when you’re winning“ by Robbie Williams. But the time I started to absorb music I bought myself „Loose“ by Nelly Furtado. Still a gem until this day 2006-2008 were my years music-wise . I remember listening to Piece of Me on repeat and trying to dance to it.
  13. The Ride is simply a masterpiece. What’s your favorite track? Mine’s probably „Magic“. I think it did poorly due to lack of promo. There wasn’t even a proper lead single. I think a successful way to become relevant again would be, like you said, a collab with a famous singer like Justin Imo she’s the queen of features. We should open a Nelly thread
  14. It’s heart-warming to see some more Nelly stans on here. I thought I was the only one left . Of course it was a huge mistake to take that many breaks inbetween. But she had talked about mental health issues in the past. So I think it was the right thing for her to do and get off that hamster wheel. I love every single track of hers and how she’s going in a completely different direction with each album. But I wish she was still relevant to GP. Do you think she will be able to make a comeback?
  15. That’s so sad to hear. I was always wondering where she disappeared. She was super successful here in Europe and I still love listening to her songs. Really hope her wounds may heal one day.
  16. Thanks my dear! love reading exhale and watch people play with words
  17. Haha...well, it is crazy and really crowded. I love that almost everyone’s wearing Lederhos‘n and Dirndl . There’s also a gay night two times. Can be quite an eye candy Other than that it’s just really expensive. But if you come to MUC once feel (so) free (with you) to connect 😉.
  18. There are plenty of options. I’m also really fascinated by this topic. Trying to get into the Master’s program this upcoming fall. what are you teaching?
  19. Currently working as a speech therapist in Germany. Love it how we’re all coming from all different kinds of professional backgrounds
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