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  1. What do you expect when you want to exploit your mother for views and followers using her fame ? I think the last thing Britney wants is for her children to be attacked and bombarded with extremists fans about HER PRIVACY. and what else do you gather from she banks off of it ? Britney doesn’t see that money , she only gets some of it ! The rest is controlled by her team . If I was Britney I wouldn’t want to perform either given the situation she is in
  2. I’m still not buying it , I never said Britney was disgusting . And nobody knew who he was until until he started dating her . It’s just funny how these men in her life all of a sudden want to be a recording artist when they get with her .
  3. Yea but there are things as teaching your children and values and morals . It’s not always about the money . That’s what destroyed Britney . People using and abusing her for her fame . He should see all the damages it’s done
  4. Doesn’t want her to quit music because it’s Bank , wow . Whatever happened to music meaning something and Britney’s potential to be an artist ? That’s just greedy . All her label ever saw was dollar signs and now her own kids see her as a cash cow . Wow
  5. Ok, so am I the only one who isn’t buying Britney and Sams relationship? I mean to me he is doing the same things Kevin did only trying to pave his way using her fame and status by recording music ect . I mean do you really think he would be with her if she wasn’t famous ? I’m curious to know your opinion.
  6. He is basically a more attractive version of Kevin is why .
  7. Also that’s not correct because I know fantasy has stayed on longer than some of the Chanels too like eau tendre and the chance line is over priced body mists , it’s true Chanel produces their own scents along Dior but it doesn’t always mean it’s better
  8. Actually if you worked in the fragrance industry you would know a lot of high end fragrances are manufactured and distributed under major companies , if you want to pay a higher price tag for marked up juice that’s your business , more power to you but Gucci and all of them are manufactured under a lot of companies that produce “higher end “ scents
  9. I for life of me can’t find prerogative anyway here . It’s really rare to come by
  10. Most higher end fragrances are scams anyways you are just paying for the name , a lot of companies that produce celeb fragrances produce high end too example coty put of jlo but also Calvin Klein and marc Jacobs you are just paying the higher price tag
  11. I love me some midnight fantasy I just wish it stayed on as long as fantasy , fantasy is a power house fragrance . I still have my 2005 bottle of fantasy with the crystals on the neck which is rare to find these days . It’s sad that Arden got so cheap with her bottles but gave white diamonds the vip treatment . I feel bad for Britney in those regards . I remember at Dillard’s where I worked midnight fantasy and believe performed horribly due to Britney’s meltdown customers were so mean about it and I would have to hold my tongue. People are so cruel when it comes to her
  12. What fragrance from her collection inspires you and which do you think is her best and underrated scent ? My favorite is probably curious or fantasy just because of the history behind those and I’ve created a lot of wonderful memories with them . I also miss the curious charms that used to cone on the bottle, now it seems they are just trying to be cheap at all corners making the bottle . Even the sprayer cap is PLASTIC now 😭 I wish I would have saved my vintage bottles .
  13. Yea her marketing team for her fragrances suck big time !
  14. He may have them fooled but I can see past his facade . I think people aren’t as upset over it because he is more attractive than Kevin but in all honesty he is exactly like Kevin just not white trash and with a good body. I mean let’s look at the facts he is what 14 years younger ?an aspiring entertainer and musician? What better way to get famous by dating Britney . I just see a repeat of Kevin situation
  15. Oh gee why didn’t I think of that when I had no idea or clue when I bought a recent giftset from kohl’s saying Arden was the distributor for her fragrances silly me , I saw she had a new scent coming out but couldn’t find it and they just up right told me her line is history and not even mention revlon . How dare me as a consumer of a product that have purchased many years from their company be ever so confused. You are being condescending like I was supposed to just know that.
  16. Well according to some research I did no thanks to Elizabeth Arden that revlon is apparently producing them now
  17. No again I do get it , if revelon owned Arden she should have said that in the first place . And as for the curious bottles go I launched that fragrance back in the day and that is true BUT when Arden aquired they still produced the charms Arden tried to be cheap and cheapened the bottle eventually after it was in the market for awhile and how I know this I was working at Dillard’s at the time and we got training in the fragrances and bottles from Arden and at that time Arden was still putting the bling charmed hearts on them in fact when Arden took over they did a big charge back because our bottles were turning green and going bad quickly and they fixed that . My point is I’ve been doing this for years and I don’t follow ever aspect of Britney’s life so I had no idea revlon bought Arden . As I stated Before they could have just said they switched distributors instead of just abruptly being rude to me and saying her scents are going away
  18. They will probably extend it again , they don’t want her to get better . They want to keep using this poor woman as their meal ticket and continue to try and work her to death without her getting any benefit out of it . Britney right now is basically a work mule to them all
  19. They trust San until he drains her dry and uses her to further his own career and agenda in the entertainment industry . I just don’t trust this guy , think about it an aspiring entertainer sees an chance to latch on to Britney now all of a sudden he is getting attention also recording music I’m telling you he is just a more attractive Kevin with his own motives
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