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  1. I really don't get what they were trying to do here , i'm scared
  2. Remember Anna Nicole Smith? She died a few days prior to the whole Britney's bald accident (Feb 2007) She was kinda a thing in the early 00s. I miss her. She was so messy but i always had a soft spot for Anna Nicole. . I think Anna and Britney had lots of similarities. Even in their most vulnerable moments, they had a strong desire for rebellion and freedom...they seem vulnerable but in fact they are strong for being this way, It takes a very strong person to be that honest, open & real.
  3. I get you but it's not based on a tattoo, it's the tattoo that is based on MK ULTRA, which isn't a fictional thing, it truly existed, you can look it up There are plenty of testimonies about it , lot of people tried to expose it , look up Cathy O'Brien Also Ricky Garcia's mom recently talked about the messed-up disney entertainment industry : https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/01/06/ricky-garcias-mother-details-alleged-******-abuse-suffered-while-working-at-disney/ https://eu.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/09/11/disney-boy-band-star-ricky-garcia-alleges-manager-*****-him/2288553001/ There are far too many cases like this and no one cares about it
  4. I wish we'd some Blackout stems , Get Naked or something Its weird that we have stems for almost all her albums except Blackout (i think gimme more and break the ice leaked but that's it)
  5. Also there are celebs who exposed the whole mk ultra culture in hollywood : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYIPtTd2tM8
  6. The monarch butterflies represent monarch programming you can google it for more infos. She's been giving hints a few times.
  7. Have you guys heard about the Mk ultra/Monarch project? It's a CIA funded project in the 1950's and 60's, that specialized in mind control and brain washing as a mean of putting hookers/bums And POW's under the influnce of LSD or the use of any ohter sick mind control experiments the CIA was using. They put one man under the influnce of LSD(acid), For 77 days straight. The word brain washing was coined by a former CIA leader when he was trying to explain the meaning of the word to the public. its actually natural for Hollywwod celebrities to go to the mental "clinic" It happened with Kanye West and Amanda Bynes too....when celebrities start to act "crazy" they are sent there, what you guys don't get is that when the celebs get interned, it means they're getting reprogrammed with mk ultra mind control behind the scenes. I mean, this is the same facility where they send all celebs for, er, adjustments. And many feel here current boyfriend is her handler which is sure looks like in pics. For those uninitiated, the elite music industry and Hollywood are layers upon layers of puppets and handlers. Anyhow, Spears is really messed up and the official word form here camp is it was an adjustment to med cocktail. The mouse days for these kids has been interesting to say the least in where they've all ended up. It is so obvious, yet the average fanboy misses what has been shoddily hidden. Her dads just the face to the outside world, those who are really in control you dont wanna know of. Pure EVIL. I take it you guys heard of Dr. mengele? Its guys like him who are behind this. Sadistic psychopaths who are bringing in the new world order. Hope you guys understand. These are the people working on britney at the moment and noones even protesting outside. If this world was normal, people would be bashing in the doors and putting an end to it all but in todays society noone cares about anyone. She is a victim of highly abusive parents. Just like Michael Jackson she is a money making prop for all kinds of people and does not get to live her own life right in the public spotlight. I don't understand how there is no public outrage at how she is treated. She deserved much more from those people who call themselves ''fans''. I am very sorry for her and wish something would be done. She tried to break free of her parents grip by the help of Sam and instead they slanedered him to pieces, what she said in the documentary is whats shes forced to say and is probably why she's crying. I'll never udnerstand why people dont form a mob and get her out of this? You MUST understand that these people have sold their child to a satanic cult for money. They care for nothing but money and status. They will sacrifice her when needed. They care enough for money to sell their own offspring. They will never care about her as normal parents because theyre not normal, theyre evil.
  8. Well if thats the case they seem very incompetent. It's not about wanting her to become a kardashian, it's more about maintaining a cohesive instagram aesthetic , you don't need to be a kardashian for that. i think posting random quotes and pictures of teacups is very unprofessional, i mean who does that? Some of her posts are so off-topic/random af. I think she still handles her own page sometimes, but there are also people behind her.
  9. It's doing more harm to her legacy than anything else, if you compare her insta to other popstars, it looks like an amateurish mess, when people want some news about a celebrity, the first thing they do is searching for their instagram to see whats going. i'm not saying that she should stop being spontaneous, it's refreshing to see that it's like the only place left where she can express herself freely, but there is seriously something wrong going on with her insta Why doesn't she hire a professional account manager/advertising Expert? Most celebrities outsource to agencies and managers to assist them in what can be a full time job. I mean even Sam has a PR team managing his account in a more specialized way. Most celebs have a team for their social medias. Having a good instagram page is very important these days
  10. This is pretty spot on! This fashion style has a name actually, it's called the Y2K aesthetic, it's getting bigger and bigger these days with the early 00s nostalgia. Tight leather trousers, silver eyeshadow, shiny clothing, Oakleys, gradients, blobby electronics… For a brief moment at the end of the 1990s and the start of the 2000s, it appears popular culture really did catch the millennium bug if the y2k aesthetic is anything to go by. theres a whole blog dedicated to it on tumblr : https://y2kaestheticinstitute.tumblr.com/ https://www.instagram.com/y2kaesthetic/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/y2kaesthetic/ i vaguely remember that time, the angsty 1990s were behind us, the dotcom bubble was swelling and yet to come was the market bust and “war on terror”. y2k – the supposed turn-of-the-century bug that would bring our infrastructure to a terrifying halt – had failed to materialise and for a brief moment there was nothing but glittering utopian futurism and faith in a new age of boundless possibility. this brief moment was characterised by a distinct aesthetic period, encapsulating fashion, hardware design, music and furnishings shiny with tech optimism – sometimes literally.
  11. Dreams


    It's f**ked up that nobody cares about this
  12. I don't have the right material to rip off an old cassette tape in good quality for now sorry This is analog, and i need to convert it to digital
  13. I'm not sure if i should sell it or just leak it for the fanbase, i can post a few short snippets if you want But i'm actually very scared of getting in trouble. Basically it's from an old cassette tape that an audio engineer close to Michelle Bell gave me circa 2006 when i was dating him, he knew i was a huge Britney fan but he died recently in tragic circumstances [...] and i promised to him that i would never leak it in his lifetime... snippet 1 : https://clyp.it/pmnpmxqp snippet 2 : https://clyp.it/eiotbdtt
  14. I'm sorry but i don't recognize her tone at all, in that snippet. Even some tracks from Myah Marie would sound more convincing It just sounds like Trisha Paytas trying to impersonate Britney.
  15. Lmao that's not Britney, it's just a random singer doing covers on YouTube
  16. Dayum that note at 3:26, i was kinda shook People often say that she lacks versatility or range, but it's actually a vocal gimmick that she uses on purpose , her music doesn't really reflect her vocal abilities, it wouldn't make any sense for her to do vocal acrobatics with the laid-back/chill style of music she makes, you need to have a certain control and a good technique to be able to sing without sounding flat/strained with this vocal stylization, she sings almost entirely with her breath on her last album, and most of the time she doesn't use her diaphragm, it's very difficult to sing using this technique, people need to stop confusing tone and vocal abilities. Her vocal technique is nuanced and dynamic (she goes from a head voice to a chest voice in a fluid and intentional way). Billie totally deserves her success and acclaim .
  17. This is a good one dayum!! Well done. yeah sadly the app makes the pictures more blurry than the original, i'm not sure why, maybe because i'm using the free version
  18. There is an app that can swap faces, or morph two faces together , i tried to swap her 2011 face with her 2019 face to see what she would look like without any work on nose/lips, eyelids etc :
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