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  1. They do But it's still not kind and very petty to make fun of people's interests and to act like you're so above supporting Britney
  2. Totally, I think more and more about the fact that Michael and Britney have so much in common, they were both exploited by their producers, and surrounded by toxic leeches who tried everything to destroy them. MJ was also extremely controlled, they also forced him to go on tour in 2008-2009 etc... What a rotten environment full of evil sharks this industry is. She reminds me of Michael Jackson in the sense that they both didn't have a normal teen life, they didn't even got to experience it cause they were already famous and touring the world.
  3. Exactly, people have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes in show business, it's a much darker environment than we imagine, just because someone is rich and famous, doesn't mean that they have a perfect life, otherwise celebs wouldn't try to commit suicide, fell into addiction, drugs etc, it's a coping mecanism. Fame is a poison. I'm glad that they finally seen the light <3 I agree, True legends are as much hated as they are loved, they are polarizing figures, look at Marilyn Monroe for example, when she was alive, america was calling her a dumb blond, a bad actress, they said she was a drug addict, insane etc, and now she is seen as one of the most important women of all times, the truth is that, when you're alive, people will hate on you. And when you die, they will act like they always loved you. Humans are weird. Same thing happened to Amy Winehouse, people said the most vile things about her when she was alive and struggling and now they're making a thousands documentaries about her etc
  4. It makes me happy to hear that, i wish my music teachers were as open-minded as you are, i really think it's so unfair and toxic how people just dismiss pop culture and act like it's silly, childish, dumb etc, people are such snobs, they think it makes them smarter to pretend that they're above pop culture... And yes i agree about the Beyoncé thing, sadly people suck. People really suck.
  5. Thank you so much <3 This makes me feel a bit less ridiculous Honestly i think some ppl take themselves so seriously like... Why is it weird to support freedom? Yeah they're not real friends tbh, if you don't like Britney i don't trust you, period
  6. So basically i kinda kept talking/posting about the whole Free Britney thing a bit too much and i think my "friends" got sick of hearing about it lol, they were so rude, they told me that Britney is filthy rich and wouldn't even give me the slightest attention if she met me on the street, which is probably true, but i think it's so rude and kinda hurt my feelings how they acted like i'm delusional and dumb just because i care about the well being of a rich and famous person, that it's not important etc... Ok maybe it's not important but why are people so rude? I feel like a weirdo right now, i didn't even know what to say, Does this also happen to you guys? Do people tease you for talking about Free Britney? How to respond to those people? Honestly i hate people
  7. His music is tacky and corny i don't really care about him
  8. For me, it is complicated nowadays to be able to fascinate and federate an audience in our current time where all the artists expose their life, there is no more mystery or fascination. Real icons have something a bit mysterious about them or like... almost mystical? You wouldn't expect to meet them on the street. Michael Jackson, he is a real icon. I don't know, it's hard to really be able to judge whether someone could be an icon or not. It's impossible to tell. Especially with social medias where everyone's attention span is short and they move on real quick.
  9. She was doing fine in Europe but America didn't seem to really be interested in her
  10. The problem with her is that she worked with RedOne before Gaga, Jlo etc but she wasn't as successful as them so people always associated Redone's sound with Gaga even tho Kat worked with Redone way before Gaga. Which made it seem like Kat had no identity and was hopping on the trend. Also Redone basically took Kat's sound/vibe and identity and gave it to Jlo when he made On The Floor, that song screams Kat Deluna.
  11. trump would have said something if they asked him
  12. Funny thing is that Megan, doja etc literally grew up with Nicki's music they were prob teens back then
  13. Grammys are worthless and a joke Nicki is the blueprint of 2010s female rap whether you want it or not, her whole aesthetic and vibe, it's so clear and her influence is everywhere If Nicki didn't revive female rap these new girls wouldn't even be here to begin with Nicki walked so they could run Everytime there's a new female rapper blowing up shes always compared to Nicki
  14. I thought it'd be interesting to see how the fanbase really feels at this moment. It's been a crazy week. So many news. I think Britney will get her freedom and her life back, i think she will get justice, it will not be easy, but in the end we will succeed.
  15. this is the best song she's released since my future the other tracks didn't really click with me i like the video it's very dark and stuff
  16. A memoir? Just imagine how big her ego is. Even Madonna who has a 30 years old career has never released a memoir.
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