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  1. That's awful... Britney wouldn't agree with this behavior. This is going too far.
  2. Britney Army should stop going after literally everyone , a lot of you guys are in your 30s and yet you continue to harass people on instagram and bully them , it isn't really helpful, people will just think we're insane, the only thing we should do is investigate and find proof instead of bullying Britney's relatives. Stop bullying Judge Penny's son too. Focus on the important things which is exposing and investigating. and... why do you guys attack amber lynn, as if that girl had the power to do anything... she doesn't seem very bright. and she is a gold digger. don't except anything from her.
  3. Dreams


    Jamie Lynn deserves more respect.
  4. i don't know, kanye can be quite hit or miss when he works with female popstars :
  5. If she made an album with total artistic freedom it wouldn't be like Lemonade I think it would be similar to songs like Do Somethin/Rockboy/Don't Keep me waiting, kinda like badass pop rock. i'd be cool to see her on some songs like You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
  7. Ugh this. It's kinda starting to annoy me to see how even her own fans try to control the way she should express herself :/ Man, being famous seems awful. The whole world acts like you're their toy.
  8. You guys are so annoying Some of you fans need to stop living in 2003 and just accept the fact that people change. Stop trying to control her
  9. you keep dramatizing the content of her instagram, saying she posts things that are worrying, but let's face it, if people hadn't noticed there was something wrong going on with her instagram, the movement would never have taken off like it did. Let's imagine that Britney had a perfectly polished instagram since the beginning with a fake perfect image like other celebs, people would have never questioned the conservatorship if that was the case. People actually started to question the conservatorship because of the content she posts so in a way it's kinda helping too.
  10. you're saying that it's not her because britney has this sweetheart image and she never disses other celebs or responds to people who diss her but this is a different situation we're not in a Xtina-Britney 2003 rivality kind of thing, this is about her own life, it's about her human rights, she has every right to be angry, britney isn't some robot she has emotions
  11. It's honestly quite surreal when you think about it... he never performed with any other major female popstar i think, it's really insane. Imagine being 19, 3 years into your singing career and you are performing on stage with the most legendary pop star to ever walk the earth. Britney is the love child of Madonna and Michael Jackson. She is the princess of Pop certified by the King and Queen themselves
  12. i don't think of her i forgot about her existence to be honest
  13. how does she even maintain inner peace with all this mess? i wanna know her secret
  14. queen courtney she's always been real af one of my fav ppl
  15. I find you very harsh. You act like you know what their relationship is like behind the scenes. We have no idea what's going on in their private lives/intimacy. We're looking at this from the outside. This way of attacking everyone around Britney and trying to find something sketchy is more counterproductive than anything else, it's because of people like you that the fanbase has a bad reputation and that we are seen as crazy.
  16. Totally, and he doesn't need to be on her dad's payroll, he makes tons of money with his instagram endorsements and he is also a personal trainer , don't forget that it costs money to build a body like that too , he already had money way before he met Britney
  17. RCA have been complicit in the oppression of Britney, they're part of this corrupt system, forcing Britney to release albums she didn't want , forcing her to perform when she was medicated af, so they can go F themselves too, they're incompetent and can't even manage to handle an era without sabotaging it or half-assing, and it's not just about Britney, they always sabotage their artists. Probably the worst record label out there.
  18. He is a very well known person in the field who has always dealt with this kind of business and corruption and he has worked for a lot of celebrities from the entertainment industry so i think she heard of him
  19. Kinda funny to see this since Reddit hates every popstars out there
  20. She's kinda right sorry. Some white gays are truly evil and they are so addicted to drama. There are many times when I have tried to build a friendship with white gays but often it has ended in something very petty and toxic. They're always throwing shade, being catty and sassy for no reason, acting like theyre so above you, criticizing you. Those people want to be accepted, they want equality and yet they treat people awfully.
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