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  1. She's not the only one who has distanced herself from her fans, remember the whole Lady Gaga "mother monster" thing in the early 2010s? This whole "mommy" thing got out of hand and is a bit creepy. Gaga probably realized how toxic fanbases can be with their unsatisfied criticism and endless expectations.
  2. she should do an interview with a serious and independant media company I don't trust these talk shows, they're all about ratings, shock value, sensationalism
  3. not everything has meaning it's just a cute little post about a movie she enjoys watching
  4. but that's never going to happen. she's not coming back on stage anytime soon. and the lipsyncing and the baby voice is part of her legacy if you don't like it then go stan adele or something
  5. I think that the studio versions of her songs are quite complicated to do live for a few reasons : 1. Her original voice is deep , she has a deep vocal range but her producers/music label made her to do this iconic nasal, throaty, "baby" voice, it's not a natural way to sing, it's a damaging vocal technique and it would be destructive/stressful for the vocal cords to sing in this way during a whole concert let alone a whole tour. 2. her songs are very overproduced and fast-paced, there's a lot going on , lot of FXs, lot of autotune, pitch correction, comping etc, it's pure entertaining pop candy and it's quite complicated to do it live unless they rework/re-adapt the songs to make them work live. 3. she dances a lot and you need a great cardio/breath control in order to sing live + it's not a healthy vocal technique.
  6. Cher is the empress/goddess of pop then considering her career is longer than Madonna and MJ. She debuted in the 1960s. And what about Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Prince, Freddy Mercury etc? Her list is a bit limited.
  7. idk, personally i don't really pay attention to charts or stats, i just want good music, i don't care if she flops or not, of course it would be fun to see her in another huge and epic pop era but at the same time i'm like "been there, done that", she's already released so many good pop tracks, it would be way more fun to see her release something different and unexcepted but honestly i really doubt shes releasing any music anytime soon. it will prob take a decade before we get something new.
  8. i don't know if it's true but i read somewhere that when Anna Nicole Smith died back in february 2007, Britney apparently became kind of fascinated with her lifestory and she read a lot of books, biographies etc about Anna. I'm pretty sure i read this somewhere.
  9. maybe it was a statement, but i personally think that even Britney doesn't know why she did it , she never really talked about it very clearly, even in for the records, her response was rather vague. I think she couldn't handle the pressure/stress anymore and decided to shave her head instead of overdosing on drugz or something even worse.
  10. people just made a big deal out of it cause : 1. she was a woman 2. she was extremely famous and popular i sometimes shave my head too cause my hair get very dry because of bleaching all the time, i like the feeling of fresh air on my bald head it's so good
  11. i always got good vibes from this gurl u can tell that britney genuinely felt comfortable around her
  12. that was such a beauriful and kind messahe thank you for sending your message it's really nice for you and i hop ur life will be filled with love, angels; gratitude be prouf of who you are never let anybody say that you're not cool stop thinking about what people think you're an angel and you are beautiful like the sunsets that illuminate the ocean at the dawn of a day that starts well and ends well with the twilight moon
  13. shhe looks so beauriful i hope she is in good hands and that sam takes good care of her love u britney
  14. I really hope she doesn't read the comments on the internet, sometimes I have quite harsh words towards the whole conservatorship situation or towards certain songs/albums, i don't always think before posting, sometimes i come on here just to vent and cope with my life so i'm like rude stuff... sometimes i say **** just to get attention/reaction i know it's quite sad anyway i hope britney doesn't read what i post
  15. she seems more relaxed in the slowed down version, glad to see that she's doing okay i hope that she isn't lonely
  16. It's a great album thanks to Jamie Lynn for saving the album with Chillin With U
  17. No. That guy besides Gaga is Mark Ronson and he was very close to Amy Winehouse, he worked with Amy for years, they composed a lot of songs together. Gaga was talking about Amy. Gaga is kinda funny ngl. The way she pretends to be sad about other famous women getting destroyed by fame etc ... when she's always had an absolutely morbid fascination with fame, she's done everything she could to be famous. She loves the toxicity of fame. Just a desperate attention seeker. She lives to be famous, she lives for the drama, show-business and entertainment.
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