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  1. Idk it just doesn't seem like she will comeback, she seems over it
  2. Do you guys know any Britney interview/performance that you watched at some point and then just vanished from the web? I saw a Britney era Overprotected performance back then in like 2006 on YouTube and i never found it again it's so sad
  3. Wow i love those, thanks It's in france if you want to come xD
  4. I'm having a small pop themed halloween party on october 31 and i plan on playing some Britney hits but i was looking for suggestions and which megamix i should play? There are so many megamixes out there and i don't know which one is the best , looking for something short , like 10-20min max
  5. Who cares There's nothing a instagram filter can't fix
  6. Gaga wasn't heavily involved in the remix album, Bloodpop personally curated most of the collaborators. Gaga doesn't seem to care anymore about pop music. I think Bloodpop did a good job. Do you really think Britney would personally choose the people who will remix her album? It's just not realistic. It would end up being like B in the mix 2.
  7. I don't think she chooses to speak with a baby voice, it's just anxiety, it comes out when she is shy or stressed. It happens to everyone. When i feel uncomfortable my voice tends to be more high-pitched
  8. Don't listen to Twitter, all these people are bored and braindead. They have no self-awareness and don't know how stupid they sound. Just a waste of time. I wish social media would disintegrate into the void.
  9. how do you manage to listen to the same thing for years
  10. I don't listen to a lot of pop music in general, apart from a few artists like Brit or Lana I'm more into shoegaze and DnB/Breakbeat
  11. I feel like I've overplayed her songs to the point of ruining them and being sick of hearing them, except for a few unreleased songs and B-sides, I know all of her albums by heart, it's kind of sad when you think about it, we'll probably never get new music from her, at least not for a decade.
  12. new music please i'm tired of her old hits ive already heard them 1233435343465546 times and i'm pretty sure Brit is sick of it too
  13. it's only sad if you care about charts , there's plenty of great independent/indie music out there it's only sad if the only music knowledge you have is billboard top 40 manufactured mainstream corporate pop music and nothing else if you keep living off spotify today's top hits to find new artists then it's your own fault people need to expand your music horizons and stop living off gay stan twitter to find new artists
  14. You focus too much on aspects of her personal life that have nothing to do with the music to judge the album Femme Fatale. If you just forget about what's been going on behind the scenes it's a better album than Glory. Glory isn't that memorable either, i don't get all the praise for this album, musically it's so underwhelming and forgettable, it has no replay value, there's way too much mid-tempo songs, the vocal production is weird, her voice sounds worse than on her previous albums, it's so thin and nasal, and i hated the whole selena gomez/kygo tropical house trend back in 2016 and i still hate it now.. her last great album is blackout
  15. They could easily make a 6-episode docuseries instead of a documentary, why does it have to be a documentary? season 1 would be about exposing the truth and once she's free they could work with her on another season. Not sure how many people would have the patience to sit through a whole docuseries tho, but it would probably be better than a documentary cause there's so much content and information to unfold. This whole thing is complex.
  16. who cares about what you want or think lol wow she's losing one listener how dangerous is that for her career the album isn't even out yet + you probably don't even know what you're talking about, the artists they choose to remix the album are actually good, this will be nothing like her previous remix albums keep listening to mariah carey
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