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  1. I know people always say that Brit has no fashion sense but i think she's had some iconic moments tbh Also i love this version of the schoolgirl outfit :
  2. They really make anyone famous these days huh between this and olivia rodriguez i don't know what's worse
  3. she looks gorgeous but idk... i feel like she kinda got rid of what made her distinctive/unique, now she basically looks like everyone else..i think she should have kept the green hair and go for a bdsm goth look instead of the usual blonde bombshell look that everyone does...i feel like i've seen this a thousands times already.
  4. this girlgroup has no charisma this girl looks like any girl on the street boring
  5. Sometimes i think about this I always wish she performed that night idk why I think a performance of I Wanna Go could have been cute IMAGINE if she performed this version omg : With a cute choreo on the bridge
  6. Yeah, it's kinda weird how she started off with this whole "pop music will never be low brow" thing and then became the exact opposite with Cheek To Cheek/Joanne/A Star is born , i mean good for her, people change, but Gaga never really feels genuine, even when she does Jazz it feels like she's playing another alter-ego/character, am i the only one who feels this way?
  7. i don't post any picture of myself anymore, i feel like it comes come across as corny or silly, it feels very narcissic. and it's not really interesting tbh , selfies are corny, i prefer to just post art, music or things i like. i feel like it's cute to post pictures of yourself that when ur 17-24 , but once u reach a certain age it just feels kinda silly. I don't judge people who do but honestly i feel so silly posting selfies. i don't follow any celebrity / influencers either, i don't understand what's so interesting about them. Most of them are boring. i mostly follow art accounts, drawing , illustrators, designers, memes etc instagram has some cool art accounts, and it's sad that people mostly focus on the influencer landscape.
  8. Ohhh, now this is an interesting question. Lady Gaga's biggest strength is that she is able to master several musical styles with ease. Like she went from dancepop to jazz, to country, she also covered some metal and rock songs several times. I think she should make a multigenre/post-genre album when she mixes all her different influences, i don't know if you're familiar with artists like Poppy or Babymetal ? Their concept is that they go from pop, to trap/hip-hop to metal in the same song, I wish Gaga would do that too.
  9. Personally i really don't understand why people care so much about reviews, metacritic and stuff like that It's like some people don't have free will and rely on that to say whether they like an album or not. What makes the opinion of a journalist who is being paid to create reactions and bring traffic to a website more important than your own opinion? There are so many albums that have been demolished by critics and then praised years later (Blackout for example) And record labels can totally alter the narrative with payola. Taylor Swift and Gaga have been exposed for paying money to pitchfork and music reviewers in the past
  10. Ohhhh, i didn't even remember she was nominated Katy Perry then? They were peers
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