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  1. Yeah ur right i forgot about that I wonder if she could release some kind of compilation instead, like a remix album or greatest hits, technically it could work to fulfill her contract? i hope we will get another album one day tho
  2. i dont think she will make anything more music wise she will prob retire soon after she's free
  3. She deserves total freedom and control over and life, you know i stanned Britney since i was 6, i think she deserves everything she wants, but at the same time i'm questioning whether she wants total control or not? She did say that she wanted her father out of the picture, but even if her father steps down and even if she gets out of the conservatorship , there will still be some kind of control over her estate, all celebs have some kind of accountants and financial advisors who help them with their estate, i bet it's really stressful to have such a huge fortune like that. Other celebs aren't as free as you think either. It's very hard to hell what Britney really wants considering how cryptic and vague she is in her communication, to be quite honest we don't even know if she really controls her instagram and stuff.
  4. It's weird how some fans act like Britney is broke or struggling with money It's also weird how some fans act like they personnally know Britney And Its ridiculous how some fans act like psychic mediums who are in Britney's mind and know she feels etc She's literally worth millions of dollars , she dated the hottest men on the planet, she experienced things that none of us ever will , she went to the most beautiful places on earth, lived in the most beautiful houses and hotels, she's still richer than all of us combined even in a conservatorship, and i bet Britney doesn't even care that much about money, even when she wasn't in a conservatorship she was never the type of person to buy expensive designer clothes or expensive cars and stuff, she always recycled and re-used old clothes etc even in her prime, Britney may be rich af but she seems like someone who loves the simple things and i bet she would rather be middle-class and unknown than rich and famous if she had a magic wand. Yes Britney deserves freedom and total control over her estate and yes it's unfair because she's worked hard her whole life but come on stop acting like she's broke or something lol, it's just indecent and disgusting how u guys pretend that britney is broke, when there are homeless people out there who can't even buy a piece of bread. you guys are so over dramatic over everything and this isn't helping her case at all.
  5. it's just capitalism you know? if i had a hot body i would totally make an onlyfans and people who talk **** about onlyfans are prob jealous that they can't do the same. Also, i think onlyfans is a good thing because it sort of "protects" s** workers from physical violence and other risks of abuse, they can do their job without being assaulted in real life, they can make money without people touching their body and stuff. that's why a lot of people use it. it's virtual and you can choose to expose only your body and not your face, this would be hardly possible irl. sometimes i'm kinda jealous of the people there who make tons of money not gonna lie but at the same time, people also make tons of money via crypto currency, NFTs, dropshipping, money laundering, bitcoins etc so i don't see how onlyfans is any worse .
  6. Maybe in the USA But in my country (france) there's still lot of puritans If a french artist released WAP they would get ripped apart by all the conservatives in other countries there's still a lot of boundaries to push There's a french female rapper that tried to make very explicit rap songs and she got blacklisted from the french hip-hop industry I wish french people would be more open minded
  7. Maybe it's cause only Gen Z talks about it then Gen Z is mostly on the internet and doesn't go out? No idea To be quite honest i dont go out very often these days because of quarantine so i can't really tell Sometimes the internet makes it seem like certain things are very well known when in fact most people who talk about it are...on the internet. Twitter isn't really representative of the real world and society Yes, that's what bothers me. Those new popstars are like disney versions of the previous ones who were far more groundbreaking and provocative, new popstars are way too safe , they're scared of expressing themselves freely because they will called problematic or whatever so they just don't take any risks If Madonna debuted in the 2020s she would prob get cancelled
  8. Sorry i don't wanna be rude But i felt like WAP and Montero were far more talked about than Rain on Me and anything Dua Lipa has ever released, some conservatives and politicians literally protested to delete those songs from streaming services etc, FOX news is still talking about it every other day, i personally think hip-hop is ruling pop culture at the moment, it's the music of gen z and the youth. Mainstream pop music has been boring since like the mid 2010s, there are some independant artists that are making good stuff but they're not charting so stans act like their music has no value.
  9. LOL pleaaaaaaaaaaaase The problem is that you guys think that POP CULTURE is only limited to POP MUSIC. A song doesn't have to be within the pop music genre to be considered part of pop culture or iconic, there are some rap and hip-hop songs lately that were far more interesting to witness than Rain On Me.... U guys are insane. Please expand ur musical horizons just a tiny bit.
  10. If this is the best thing, i don't wanna know what is the worst... Kids today have no idea what pop culture is, they never experienced the golden age of the late 90s and early 00s, they're just consuming data and then moving on to the next big thing , they have a very short attention span. When I see people raving about stuff like Dua Lipa or Rain On Me and acting like it's the most incredible masterpiece etc I think that standards have fallen sooooooo low. It's saddening. People are so used to flavorless, generic, insipid and mediocre entertainers that as soon as there is something a little less lame they find it incredible. Dua Lipa is mcdonalds in music form, i really don't understand why some people act like Future Nostalgia is some groundbreaking pop record. Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis Bextor already did everything Dua is doing right now more than 15 years ago and way better. Dua Lipa is like the boring version of them.
  11. I think what bothers me on Make Me is the vocal delivery and the way she laids her voice on the beat, there's something off but i don't really know what. I think it could have been better if she sang it in her deeper / natural range. A snoop dog collab could have been dope, he really likes Britney from what he's said in interviews. I kinda agree about Me Against The Music, Britney and Madonna deserved a better song, imagine if they sang Breathe On Me instead lol... but i still think MATM is catchier than Make Me. It's just my music taste tho, we all have our own perception etc. I'm more into uptempo and fast BPMs. As for Glory's lead single, i think back then pop music was just starting to get into the tropical house trend so Change Your Mind could have been a good choice, it was the perfect timing for a single like Change Your Mind, that sound was very trendy at that time. Or maybe Slumber Party? The Make Me video kinda ruined Glory's momentum so it's hard to tell if Slumber Party would have flopped as a lead single. But to be quite honest i never cared that much about Glory, it's probably my least listened Britney album, i stopped listening to it like 2 months later. i'm just not into that whole tropical thing.
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