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  1. i don't have a fav i'm not 14 anymore and MPGs is a fictional concept invented by gays who only listen to mainstream corporate cookie-cutter pop music. Most people who use these pop forums are pop music stans that listen to nothing else and live in their own tiny bubble , they care so much about charts, "critical acclaim" (lol), certifications, statistics, pop cultural impact, whether someone is a flop or not, they talk more about the success, marketing side of things , rather than THE SOUND or THE MUSIC. They reduce the value of an artist to the amount of #1s hits they had, or the amount of Grammys they won. It's just part of stan culture you know? I rarely see discussion purely about music on here. It's always a popularity contest. So like... It's weird when u guys pretend that these pop girls will be remembered for their music
  2. they don't lmao only limited gays who only listen to pop music and know nothing else about music actually care about this fictional MPGs concept let's be real, most people don't care about pop culture that much
  3. It's just a very ephemeral and shallow concept, if "main pop girls" were a real thing it would change all the time depending on norms, cultures, decades etc, like... who were the MPGs of the 80s? Madonna, Paula Abdul, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson ? It's not something that stays glued in time forever. Sounds, mentalities and cultures evolve way too fast and in 100-200 years people will probably listen to something else they wont be listening to Dua Lipa or Ariana Grande anymore. Beethoven is an artist from 200 years ago but you can't compare Beethoven to Dua Lipa lol Beethoven was a visionary pioneer and literally invented a music genre which isn't the case for 2010s popstars who just follow the trends and are clones of previous 2000s popstars. Yes, i don't like how some people undervalue artists and reduce them to their amount of sales or #1s
  4. i wouldn't i'd live her alone not my business how would u guys react if strangers came to you and asked very intrusive questions about ur struggles, private life etc? That's just a gross thing to do. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated yourself.
  5. I've never heard anyone outside of pop forums and stan twitter mention this term , i've never seen anyone irl using this expression it doesn't exist it's just non-sense and also if it existed, do u really think that in 200 years people will still be listening to dua lipa, ariana, rihanna, and keisha or whatever?
  6. ok "gayseuz " as if u never acted catty, sassy or obnoxious in ur whole life , lol why don't u go make a twitter thread about it and cancel her ? that was 12 YEARS AGO , i know u guys are stuck in the early 00s but come on ...
  7. You're the one crying a river in the first place because artists are problematic or whatever, twitter really brainwashed you lol the entertainment industry is exploitative, evil, vile and abusive in nature, just look at what they did to britney, michael jackson etc, even if people choose to cancel someone's career because they're problematic or whatever they will still support a pop industry and an entertainment system that is very harmful to the artists who are part of it, there is a lot of weird stuff going on in Hollywood with all these cults, rings, human trafficking etc, If you spend money on entertainment, you're supporting the machine and everything around it, so it's not like you're an angel either. Also cancelling never works, people tried to cancel xxxtentacion a thousands times yet he still has 40 millions monthly listeners on spotify, twitter isn't the real world.
  8. LOL as if you guys were any better as human beings Talking **** and gossiping about people all day on here you think you are better as a human being? you're vile you don't even care that artists are problematic or whatever that's just an excuse to talk **** about people you don't like
  9. awwwww she was so cute i can't 90s ney was literal living barbie i fkn love the fashion also she kinda looks like how sarah michelle gellar looked in season 1 of Buffy lol
  10. I know people always say that Brit has no fashion sense but i think she's had some iconic moments tbh Also i love this version of the schoolgirl outfit :
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