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  1. The filmmakers decided to use the roses because, ever since Britney mentioned Project Rose, she's been associated with roses. People wear roses at the rallies. Britney stan accounts on Twitter have roses in their display names. It doesn't mean Britney was referring to this doc or any other doc. In fact, I don't even believe Britney was posting to begin with, so Project Rose could be anything, or nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if Britney herself has never heard of Project Rose. Maybe she'll prove me wrong and mention it in court.
  2. I'm not sure, actually! I was using the term "deactivated" loosely. If someone can only take the name of a perma-deleted account, then I guess it's possible that she perma-deleted the account and someone else took it. Still unlikely, though. I think it's probably Jamie Lynn. Seems too coincidental that the account is following Free Britney accounts. JL grew up in her sister's shadow, so it's not a stretch to assume she's at least somewhat jealous of her. Jealous people are known to sneakily stalk profiles of people they're jealous of
  3. That struck me as odd, too. Maybe they wanted an experienced tech to do it so it would be permanently erased? Because, even after deleting something, it can still be recovered. But then why wouldn't they just destroy the device? I can't wait to hear the full story.
  4. Some people on Twitter were wondering if maybe JL changed her username from the old one to her new one, then someone else took the old one, but apparently her current username has 0 former usernames. I suppose she could've deactivated the old one and someone else could've taken it, though.
  5. It's insane how unqualified he is for the job. Not only because of the restraining order, but also because: He has no experience in financial management and has actually GONE BANKRUPT, proving he's not just inexperienced, but actually BAD at managing money. He's an alcoholic who went to rehab in 2004, but was filmed drinking and driving in 2014. Now, I understand addiction is a disease, and I would never speak disparagingly about someone struggling with addiction. I will say, however, that it's probably not good for Britney, who has said she's now sober, to be under the control of an alcoholic. I'll also leave you with a few quotes from a reporter who spoke with Jamie back in 2001 (source):
  6. I thought it was Fe, too! But then we see some other woman with a different hair color? It could be Fe, honestly. Especially because she was in the first one, and she'll be in the Netflix doc.
  7. Does anyone know if this will be available online anywhere? I don't have regular TV, just Netflix, Hulu, etc. I suppose I could pirate it, but I wanna watch it live if I can!
  8. "Sources" say Britney doesn't care for the doc. We don't know for sure whether that's true. I think Fe has always had Britney's best interest at heart, and if Britney didn't condone these docs, Fe wouldn't participate in them. Of course, that's assuming Fe and Britney are still in touch, which is a great question. I wouldn't be surprised if Fe is kept away from Britney by her team. In fact, didn't Fe speak a little about why she's no longer Britney's assistant (or whatever her official role was)? I feel like she alluded to being pushed out, but I may be wrong...
  9. The docs talk about replacing Jamie with a temporary conservator of the estate. I wonder if Rosengart has someone lined up for that? And I wonder if that person will have to sign off on the pre-nup? It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out. Really hoping some good people come into Britney's life for a change.
  10. I don't think they've been released by anyone yet. I've been watching Twitter. I'm sure someone will post them here when they're out, though!
  11. "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane" was so heartbreaking and riveting. It feels weird to say, but it's one of my favorite documentaries. I can't even explain why.
  12. I did listen to a little bit of the song, though, and it does kinda sound like BNG in the chorus.
  13. Thanks for breaking it down. My guess is that BG is seemingly against the doc for the reason you mentioned. LFB have been sus for a while (hiring actors to pretend they're lawyers, stanning their "Kingham", etc). If they were involved with the doc, that could be a red flag. I like the Gram Girls, and I really hope they're not mad at Netflix for not including them. That seems silly. And it sounds like they WERE included but dropped out because they didn't like the direction the doc was taking. I'm definitely gonna watch it and draw my own conclusions, but I'm hoping for the best. Brit needs people fighting for her, not MORE people fighting against her!
  14. I wonder if anyone from the #FreeBritney movement will be allowed inside the courtroom. Last hearing, Leanne and TSW's recap of their notes was like my bible until we got the transcript. I even used their recap to make an outline of the hearing that I filled in with direct quotes from articles and people who were there. If we can't get audio for this hearing, I'll probably make another outline.
  15. Is this it? Looks like the trailer dropped in July, but I can't find a release date for the doc itself, or where people can watch it. There's a website and IMDB page for it, though.
  16. This Twitter thread seems like it's spilling some tea, but I had a hard time following it about halfway through. Maybe someone here can make some sense out of it?
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