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  1. The power of Britney voice. But please, don't buy anything. It's going to her father not Britney
  2. I swear to God she is just trolling now. Clearly she knows what kind of reaction it will cause. If she didn't want attention, she wouldn't post anything, it's that simple. Got money now she wants attention.
  3. Ahahaha... Sorry honey, but with everything is going on in your family, it's looks like you are the last one on the list for everything.
  4. Wow. I understood that by stadium not being in America, she is panning to leave US after cship? Also, what do she mean by her real living room? It is sure different to her usual place of dancing, but where is it? God, all this time we where wandering if she leaves clues in her videos, and now she actually do leave them haha
  5. I know what you mean. I can easily dig myself a hole in everything that's going on and get lost in it. So i have to keep myself at the distance. I follow only 3 pages on Instagram, Britney "herself", breaveheavy and freebritneyla. And only other thing is this website. Also as I have full time job it don't leave me a lot of time to dig around. Only time that I get very actually involved is when there's a hearing. There's no reason to ruin your life and health for someone else. That's surely won't help Britney or anyone.💗
  6. By how fast her "life" appears to change, I wonder if all this restrictions (no drive, no phone) where actually legal. Feels like she was told that she "cant" do that stuff, but actually she could. And now, when her new attorney sniffing around with the pack of "greyhounds" they are passing scared and cant control her as much...
  7. Well, not really Britney but Britney money. Oopsy. I guess they had to move back to Kenwood after Britney is free, with everything SHE owes
  8. Only if proceeds will go toward Britney or her attorney fee. Otherwise it's making money and her pain. But I like the idea calling out brands that she worked with instead of people she may knew. Let's call out Elizabeth Arden, they made millions on Britney perfumes
  9. I do understand Britney frustration. For 13 years everyone was quiet and now magicaly everyone have a story to tell. Oh shut up. Where have you been all this time? Oh, it wasn't profitable to be on Britney side, wasn't it? I couldn't care less for those so called friends. Get your head out of her ***
  10. God I'm sure Britney can write 3 part autobiography about everything that she had to say. Honestly, I wish she had youtube channel, turn on camera and just talk. Like Chaotic 💗
  11. 2022 - 2023. There's just too much to unravel to do it in 5 months. But, I do belive there will be changes starting now.
  12. With snapping millions of photos in seconds they always choose the worst one. Also, this paparazzi is so bad as his job, so shaky is he hangover or something? Also also, what's up with second part of video? They haven't explained it at all... Also also also, it's just a ring, she may had picked it up in TJMax or something.
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