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  1. the cover has somewhat different faces that go also with the theme of limitations. they look somewhat different, but different only to some extent interesting!
  2. how lovely, here's to new era/new things/new milestones for Drake the cover makes me confused but i guess one of our limited choices, no the only choice, is to listen now and forever :D :D i haven't listened to it yet, but the song titles are amazing and later in the evening when im listening to it id be singing praises cause its guaranteed Drake magic. yes, we really have only one choice in this world, the unconditional love towards Drake.. so as said feistily eat it up its Drake magic! GOD BLESS!
  3. no im not high. just thought its a great example how news go awry it is an example how the most serious attempt can not be to taken seriously
  4. first of all, there is no ugliness in making this thread. all is allowed in the limits of being laving to Brit-Brit! Second, my fav color of Britney's hair is blue. But i don't know if she ever had it
  5. I have this: curiosity is not a sin its a main slogan of one of Estonian gossip magazines hell yeah y'all show me your extreme hearted curiosity in this forum and its just so inspiring and how you guys massively agree on some major points (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) you are one kind hearted family
  6. i think when i went to school the total sum was yet a little below 100 euros
  7. https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2016/05/27/479462825/taylor-swift-aryan-goddess?t=1630389579598
  8. i used to really like Pretty Girls video i loved the whole thing but for me this song is just dated in my personal life it accompanied a phase in my life and now i have moved on from it
  9. i don't know yet but i must confess you a little another detail. in lots of casinos it seems to me like an unknown portrays decorating the machines seem like Britney
  10. i believe there are always , for artists, at least 2 directions, making a niche album or going for really making that popular album. but that doesn't concern Taylor Swift. whatever she publishes will be top 1 album
  11. bubblegum pop sounds good because i like an artist called Kerli who does bubblegum goth she is such a sweet and extremely hard working woman. but she is also a bright woman. life is also about being alive and really feeling that snazzy+sassy and fierce. not some constant improvement bullsh .. and she has taught me just that: to embrace my heart intelligent and taking the side of the fierce women and also fierce men (like Sam Smith who has diamonds and money.. Sam and Kerli some of my favorites.. Cause they have extended their arms and heart to really know people.. and their fans and be inspired forr people doing their work so that people could finally UNITE) †♥♥††,,◴○○-- as Madonna says life is a circle and people must unite , have a gooooood time
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